prices of gas cooker in south africa

Prices of Gas Cooker in South Africa

If you are in the market for a gas cooker in South Africa, then this post is for you. The prices of gas cookers have been rising each month and…

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cost of living in south africa

Detailed Cost of Living in South Africa (2021)

When you think of South Africa, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is the country’s rich and varied culture. South…

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sonnys menu prices

Sonny’s BBQ Menu Prices (Updated 2021)

This article contains the updated Sonny’s BBQ menu with prices including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Finding a correct price menu…

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how much is ps5 in nigeria

How Much is PS5 in Nigeria?

Are you a game freak who is very interested in Play station 5 but don’t know the exact price of the game console. You do not have to search further…

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cost of ps5 in usa

Cost of PS5 in USA (2021)

Literally, everyone has heard about the new PlayStation version: PS5 or the “next-generation console” according to Sony. If there is still someone in the world that hasn’t, they probably need…

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Top 10 Richest Actors In Ghana 2021 (Ghanaian Movie Industry)

The Ghana movie industry popularly called Ghallywood came into existence in the year 1980 after succeeding the European cinema which at the time was the only producer of movies in…

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PlayStation 4 Prices in Ghana (2019)

PlayStation 4 Prices in Ghana (2021)

Since Sony’s PlayStation launch in 2013, it has continued to gather followers in thousands, and almost 100 million units have been bought by avid fans. Moreover, the reduction in price…

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5 Best Makeup Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

5 Best Makeup Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: Top Makeup Institutes

Lagos state is the center of excellence, and it has the best of the best in all industries. Entertainment, business, tourism, education, and other sectors in the state are topnotch….

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Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria-2019

Sewing Machine Prices in Kenya (2021) – New & Used

As a fashion designer exploring the world of creative designing and making exotic garments, getting an excellent electric sewing machine is imperative. It won’t only smoothen your dress-making process, but…

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Video Cameras in Nigeria

Video Camera Prices in Nigeria 2021 (Different Brands)

For advanced and quality video recordings, a professional or semi-professional video recorder also known as a camera is the right tool. Here’s our selection of quality professional and semi-professional video…

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Petroleum Engineer Salaries in Nigeria

Petroleum Engineer Salaries in Nigeria 2021 (Things to Know)

Are you looking for info on petroleum engineer salaries in Nigeria? You are at the right place. Here we give to you petroleum engineer salaries and other things to know…

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Nissan Tiida Price in Kenya (2019) – New and Used

Nissan Tiida Price in Kenya (2021) – New and Used

The introduction of car technology into humanity has made man’s movement so blissful. Since its inception, there has been a continuous evolvement of this technology to become better; reliable and…

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KLM airways booking in Nigeria

KLM Flight Booking in Nigeria(How to Book KLM Flights online and Offline)

Are you searching for the right information on KLM flight booking? Look no more as here is all you need to know about KLM bookings in Nigeria. As we all…

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Technical Schools in Ghana 2019

Technical Schools in Ghana 2021 ( Gold Coast Top Ten Technical Schools)

Remember the West African country with the Queen’s English? Yes- Ghana. She is one of the countries with a decent educational system in Africa. The technical schools in Ghana gain…

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glo-Glo Customer Care Number, Live Chat, WhatsApp Number

Glo Customer Care Number, Live Chat and WhatsApp Number

Do you know you can actually contact Glo customer service agent directly on WhatsApp, live chat, and via email too? In fact, you can get the Glo customer care number…

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Best Fashion Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Top 5

Best Fashion Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Top 5

A whole lot surrounds fashion schools than the regular ‘cut and join’ that is associated with tailors in Nigeria today. Being a tailor entails specific possessing skills and techniques that…

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Prices and Review of PSP in Nigeria

PSP Game Player Prices and Specs in Nigeria (2021)

Relaxation in Nigeria is no more what it used to be. Time has gone past playing old games during leisure time or listen to stories. Nigerians now spend their leisure…

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Review & Prices of Honda Crosstour in Nigeria (2019)

Review & Prices of Honda Crosstour in Nigeria (2021)

Since its introduction in 2009, Honda has made a tremendous improvement in the car design to satisfy its customer’s specifications. The Honda Accord Crosstour is perhaps the most classy and…

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