Important Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mobile Phone in 2023

Which Mobile Should I Buy In 2022?

Are you planning to get a new mobile phone? I recommend you read this article before hitting the market. There are essential things you have to put into consideration before buying a new phone. It is not about buying the priciest phone. You can mobile phones with good qualities at reasonable prices.

There are numerous phone manufacturers, and with the influx of phones in the market today, so many people are confused about the best mobile phone to buy. I bet you are also in confusion if not, you won’t be here reading this post. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry.  I will be taking you through the critical things to consider before buying a new mobile phone. So, read on.

Essential Things to Look out for Before Buying a Phone

There are one thousand one things you have to look out for before purchasing a new phone. These considerations will aid you in making the right choice. It is one thing to buy a phone, and it is another to get a good phone. So, let me guide you on the crucial things to assess in a phone before purchasing it.

1) Durability

Obviously, who wants to get a device that won’t last for him or her? Therefore, you have to put the quality of the phone build into significant consideration before going ahead to pay for the phone.

Today, Phones build materials comes in three types-Glass, Plastic and Metal. I recommend you to buy a phone that won’t crack or damage easily. To decide on the best phone, you have to check if the build material of the phone you want to purchase is suitable for your environment. You can as well search if the phone model is water resistance or can fall without breaking.

2) Storage

If you are in the market to get a new phone, it is crucial to consider the internal and external storage of the phone.

For the internal storage, it is advisable to get a mobile phone with internal storage up to 16gb or 32 Gb, maybe more. Everything from your photos, music and apps will be on this space, and if you are a heavy user, I bet you will not get to enjoy the phone. The phone space will get full quicker than you might expect and can, however, affect the performance of the phone. Devices with higher internal storage tend to operate better, efficiently and effectively.

Aside from the internal storage, you have to take note of the external storage. Find out if the phone supports additional storage for SD card. Don’t just assume that your phone does because it is a flagship device. If your phone does not have any memory card slot, then your internal storage is all you got, which is not the best.

3) Operating System

The operating system is the backbone of any device. Therefore, it pertinent you to consider it before getting your new phone. The OS helps in managing the phone’s hardware and software resources. Also,  It helps to ensure that the device operates effectively.

There are three top operating systems- iOS, Android, and Windows.  These different OS all have their pros and cons. Therefore, you should be careful when making your decision.

In Nigeria, Android is very popular among smartphone users. The reason is that Android offers limitless customizable possibilities. But if you need a  more sophisticated device with a unique design, then go for iOS and maybe you want a striking camera feature, then Windows can be a great option.

4) Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is another essential aspect you have to take note. It is suitable for you to have a phone that has a durable battery life. If you want to enjoy your device, it should be able to function up to 24 hours after a single charge.

Although, the longevity of your battery mainly depends on several factors; the processor, size of the screen, usage etc. However, you should not go for a phone less than a 3000mAH battery to minimize the chances of plugging your phone every time.

5) Processor

If you want a regular phone that can text messages, make calls etc., you don’t need to bother about the phone’s processor. But if you will play games, watch videos or have a smooth experience with your phone, then you need to consider the processor.

Having a good processor on your mobile phone makes a massive difference. You can perform any task effortlessly without issues or setbacks. Presently, the best smartphone processor is at Qualcomm 855.

Among the phones that run this processor is Samsung S10 Series, Xiaomi Mi 9, LG G8 ThinQ and ZTE Axon 10 Pro. Other great processors are Qualcomm 845, Samsung Exynos 9810. iPhone X series features A12 processor.

6) Camera

If you are a photography enthusiast, I advise you to go for a phone that possesses excellent camera quality. For emphasis, phones with TFT(Thin Film Transistor), UFB (Ultra Fine and Bright), OLED (organic light emitting diode). Best phones with good camera quality are Nokia 9 PureView, Samsung Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, S10 series, iPhone X series etc.

7) Sound Quality

The Sound Quality of a phone is very crucial. Therefore you have to consider it before buying a phone. If you are a music lover, I recommend you get phones with high enhanced volume control and DSP enabled system. You also find out if your phone has External speakers, Bluetooth audio and a  Headphone jack.

8) Display Size

The display size of your mobile phone matters a lot, especially in terms of battery consumption. Some phone screens are large and consume a lot of power, while others drain lower battery power may not even give the expected result.

However, if you want to buy a phone that you will enjoy, then it’d better you go for screen resolutions like LED. The LED has super bright screens and better views. Moreover, they consume less power.

9) Connectivity

In this digital age, it is tough for us not to surf the web. If you want to access the internet smoothly or enjoy a better browsing experience, then you should instead go for phones with better network connectivity. Phones that are 3G/4G/5G should be a great choice. They are faster and better when it comes to browsing. Besides, you should find out the data speed and its reliability before purchasing the phone.

10) Company’s Reputation

The reputation of a company is essential. If you can, do a little background check on the smartphone you are about purchasing. Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, among other brands, are sure bets.

11) Availability of Phone Parts

Before buying your new phone, it is crucial you find out if that phone’s spare parts are available in the market. Some phone parts are scarce in the market and are annoyingly expensive, and I bet you will not like to get those kinds of phones. Even though it is a flagship phone, I advise you to get a phone that can easily be repaired after damage.

12) Budget

It is also essential to consider your pocket before selecting a new mobile phone. Whether you are a buying a low grade, middle range or high-grade mobile phone, Always look out for your spending power.

Now you know the crucial things you need to look out for before buying a phone, you can go ahead to purchase your dream phone.

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