Best Golf Rangefinder under 100 – Best 2023 Buying Guide

What Is The Best Rangefinder For The Money?

As the 2022 golf season approaches, chances are you have gotten everything in place, from getting a new set of clubs to a practice net and even a golf GPS watch. Everything you need to become better during the new golf season is in place.

Alas, you remember you have not bought a golf rangefinder. You know you would be missing out on essential insights when playing golf without a rangefinder. There is no gainsaying that rangefinders are a vital piece of equipment providing accurate shot distance measurements to help you hit the target.

Now, you want to get one. But you have spent so much on getting other golfing equipment, and there is pretty much nothing left in your budget to get a golf rangefinder. Well, that is why you are here. I have provided a concise list of the best golf rangefinders under $100 in 2022. My extensive research on the subject helped me to identify six of the best golf rangefinders under 100 that you could lay hands on and still enjoy the shot distance measurements golf rangefinders are known to provide.

If you are on a shoestring budget but need to get a good golf rangefinder under 100, I will show you some of my favourite options.

Six of the Best Golf Rangefinders under $100 in 2022

The following are some of the best options for a decent golf rangefinder if you are looking for something between $50 and $100: 

  • Gogogo Sport VPro Laser Rangefinder
  • THGOLF Golf Rangefinder with Slope 
  • AnYork Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope 
  • TIDEWE Golf Rangefinder with Slope
  • Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope
  • REVASRI Golf Rangefinder with Slope
Top Pick

Gogogo Sport VPro Laser Rangefinder


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Best New Release

THGOLF Golf Rangefinder with Slope


1100 Yards Distance & High Accuracy
Precise Slope & Flag Lock
Clear & Wide Field of View
Rechargeable & USB-C charging port
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Best Budget

Anyork Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope


Stabilizing Feature and Slope Adjustment
Pin Sensor Technology and Rechargeable Battery
ACCURATE with Flag-Lock Vibrate
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Best For Shaky Hands

TIDEWE Golf Rangefinder with Slope


Fast Accurate Reading
Easy to Use
Portable & Lightweight
Full Charge-Use 20000 Times
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Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope


High-Precision Technology
Superior Optics for Clearer View
Slope Measurement
Ergonomic Design Fast Focusing
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Multifunctional Laser Rangefinder with Memory
Factory Direct/Measure in Feet Yard and Meter
Easy to Carry
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Gogogo Sport VPro Laser Rangefinder 

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

Gogogo is a renowned name among golf rangefinders in the world. One glimpse at the VPro laser rangefinder, you would agree that it is a beautiful work of art. It gets more interesting when you start to use it. This rangefinder comes with functionalities that make it suited for golfing, hunting, bowhunting, and a wide variety of professional applications.

Distance Measurement 

The rangefinder is reckoned for its high-precision distance measurement, which is possible as it integrates continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration, and Speed Measuring. The pin-seeking and flagpole-locking vibration feature will make the rangefinder produce vibrations whenever you lock a target.


This VPro laser rangefinder has an accurate +/- 1-yard measurement. It comes with a 6X magnification and a measuring range of 5 to 650 yards.


Slope adds an extra dose of accurate measurements when integrated into a rangefinder. When the slope function is activated, it automatically calculates the distance to the target so you can select the right club to use. The slope function is not tournament legal, but with this Gogogo VPro laser rangefinder, with a button switch, you can leave the slope mode and use your rangefinder legally.


Gogogo made this rangefinder with fully multi-coated optics lenses, which effectively reduce reflected light and increase light transmission, giving you a brighter, clear image. You can adjust the rangefinder’s diopter for a more precise focus on display.


  • The magnification is very clear and can be adjusted by turning the eyepiece.
  • Focus adjustment is pretty easy
  • Great performance for a reasonable price
  • Fast pin-locking even with shaky hands


  • After 100 yards, the distance measuring could be off by a yard or more
  • Trying to get pin readings can be tricky

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THGOLF Golf Rangefinder with Slope 

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

The THGOLF rangefinder is way better than the Gogogo product earlier reviewed in terms of distance measuring. It features a 6X magnification with a yardage accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Unlike the Gogogo VPro, THGOLF can measure up to 1100 yards and guarantees the right number on every shot, whether you are lasering a tree, bunker or flag.

I like this rangefinder because of its ergonomic design. It is very lightweight, and you would not find it burdensome to carry it about. After all, golf is not a game you play sitting or standing at a spot, and you would not want to add to the burden of moving your golf equipment from one point to another. A handful of features make this THGOLF rangefinder a worthy addition to this list of best golf rangefinders under 100.

Flagpole Locking 

The flagpole locking function is a vibration alert that signifies a locked flagpole. It is a matter of efficiency, and you enjoy this function with the THGOLF rangefinder. The flagpole closing on this rangefinder ranges up to 300 yards, giving you preciseness even over long distances.


The slope function adds to the accuracy you are afforded with a rangefinder. For the THGOLF rangefinder, you get one of the best slope measurements from rangefinders under 100. After successfully measuring the distance to a target, the slope function updates the measurement regarding whether your target is uphill or downhill. That’s more accurate.


Most rangefinders today come with non-rechargeable, built-in batteries. I prefer rechargeable batteries because they provide more productivity, in my opinion. If the Gogogo VPro and the THGOLF were placed side-by-side, the battery feature in the latter will be why I’d choose the THGOLF. The rangefinder comes with 750mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery which can measure up to 20,000 times after a full charge.

Diopter Adjustment 

This feature comes in handy for persons with an eye challenge. The rangefinder’s display can be clearer by turning the eyepiece to adjust the diopter. Persons with mild myopia or presbyopia can see the show on the rangefinder even without glasses.


  • The vibration strength during flagpole locking is nearly perfect
  • There are different tracking modes
  • It comes with a strong magnetic feature to attach to any metallic surface
  • Overall, it is very easy to use


  • Slope measurement may be difficult to read.
  • Refocusing is needed to get accurate measurements over 250 yards.

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Anyork Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

The Anyork Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder is completely budget-friendly in every sense of the word. It comes with features that are beyond the price tag attached to it. In essence, with this rangefinder, you will enjoy all the benefits of using a good rangefinder at a very affordable price.

An interesting feature that this Anyork rangefinder comes with is the fast reading feature which allows you to lock the target and provides accurate measurements with +/- 1-yard accuracy. The gift package that the rangefinder comes in makes me wonder how the manufacturers hope to get a profit. This rangefinder is a clear definition of not sacrificing quality for cheapness.


The slope technology in this Anyork rangefinder provides golfers with compensated distance measurements based on the hole’s uphill or downhill position. You can decide how to take a shot following the accurate calibration offered by the slope technology. Well, the slope is not legal in tournaments, so you can only use it when you are playing golf as a hobby.

Flag-Seeking Precision and Yardage Accuracy

Although the Anyork rangefinder is advertised to provide +/- 0.5 yardage accuracy, it is not correct as we can only guarantee a +/- 1-yard accuracy. We know for sure that the rangefinder accurately provides distance measurements over 5 to 1500 yards and 5 to 350 yards to a flag pole. Additionally, you can scan the landscape to acquire multiple targets with the rangefinder.


You already know I like rechargeable batteries instead of the CR2 non-rechargeable batteries featured in most rangefinders. This Anyork’s rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB port and cable to charge it. It captures full very quickly and lasts long. The primary reason I advise people to go for a rangefinder with a rechargeable battery is that it saves you the cost of replacing batteries. You only need a power source, and your rechargeable battery rangefinder is ready to go.

Stabilizing Feature 

Not so many persons can hold out a rangefinder and get their targets locked without dealing with shaky hands. While this could be a problem if you are using regular rangefinders, the Anyork Rechargeable Golf rangefinder comes with a stabilizing feature that ensures you will still lock your target accurately while battling shaky hands.

Gift Package

Lastly, I won’t fail to add the gift package you get when you buy this rangefinder from Amazon. You get the rangefinder, a carabiner, lanyard, cleaning cloth, micro USB cable, and a user manual when you buy the rangefinder. Check out the pros and cons below.


  • The rechargeable battery charges within 2 hours and can measure up to 30,000 times.
  • It comes with pin-sensor technology to accurately measure overlapping subjects.
  • Fast measuring and distance locking
  • The adjustable eyepiece is excellent for viewing at different magnifications.


  • The rangefinder is not completely intuitive.
  • Readings on this product can be inconsistent.

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TIDEWE 1000Y Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

TIDEWE is another good manufacturer of awesomely-designed and feature-packed golf rangefinders. Their products make it to top listings and reviews, and it is no surprise to find this TIDEWE on my review of the best golf rangefinder under 100. They almost have a product for each category of rangefinders.

As you would expect, the TIDIWE 1000Y golf rangefinder comes with advanced technology that accurately ranges from 3 to 1000 yards. It ensures fast measurements within +/-1 yard and boasts a measuring speed of <0.5s. You cannot go wrong when targeting holes with this rangefinder.

Instantaneous Reading 

The rangefinder is unique in the provision of instantaneous reading. On top of that, it is very intuitive as you can get instant readings by simply pointing at the target and pressing the button on the golf rangefinder. In addition to its intuitiveness, adjusting the display is as easy as tapping the ‘+’ or ‘-‘buttons on the rangefinder.

Portable and Lightweight 

TIDEWE’s rangefinder comes with a 4.12″ x 2.61″ x 1.50″ dimension and a weight of only 0.35lb. This makes the rangefinder compact and portable while out on the course. With its ergonomic design, you can handle it comfortably.


Most users complain of not seeing what is rendered by rangefinders. A good display is as important as the accurate measurement provided by the rangefinder. The latter would not be beneficial if the former is not in place. This TIDEWE golf rangefinder has a built-in clear LCD which can help you get a clear image even in low light conditions.


The battery in this rangefinder is a rechargeable 750mAh battery. It does not take time to achieve a full charge, and you can get an average of 20,000 measurements after full payment.


  • It comes with a magnetic strap and lanyard making it handy
  • The rangefinder comes with an IP54 waterproof function
  • Lightweight, durable, and portable
  • Great battery power


  • It may take up to 4 readings to get an accurate measurement.

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Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

The Profey Golf Rangefinder has one of the highest flag locking distance records on this list. While other rangefinders barely provide accurate flag locking measurements over 350 yards, this Profey golf rangefinder guarantees flag locking of up to 500 yards. Another feature that makes this Profey rangefinder a great choice for golf rangefinders under 100 is its weight. It is barely 0.5 pounds.

There are other features of the Profey rangefinder you would find interesting.


This rangefinder has one of the highest measuring records. It can measure between 5 to 1500 yards at an +/- 1-yard accuracy. Like every other rangefinder in this review, the Profey rangefinder has a 6X magnification ability, and its diopter can be adjusted to ensure a focused and precise display.


I hinted at this feature in the previous paragraph. For emphasis, you can adjust the eyepiece of the rangefinder for improved focus. The display is also bizarre, offering a clear rendition of whatever is captured. Even persons with eye challenges can see clearly on the rangefinder’s LCD.

Dual-Scan Mode 

The dual-scan feature is quite an interesting one. It is divided into a continuous scan mode which includes a straight line distance locking for the tournament, and the slope mode with its flag-locking feature. You see this in regular rangefinders, but I am keenly in love with Profey’s.


The packaging on this rangefinder is truly impressive. The laser rangefinder comes with a gift box, a carrying bag, two CR2 batteries, a carabiner, a lanyard, a cleaning cloth, and a user manual.


  • Two incredibly helpful modes
  • Pretty clear LCD
  • Impressive flag locking yardage


  • Durability is a question in this rangefinder.
  • Flag lock vibration is affected by weather conditions.

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REVASRI Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

The REVASRI rangefinder has a really beautiful design. It is a cost-effective and excellent rangefinder that provides you angle switch, distance measurement mode, golf distance compensation and flagpole lock and vibration functions.

There is pretty much the same features on the REVASRI golf rangefinder as other rangefinders captured in this review. Let me walk you through some of the features of the rangefinder.

Pin-Lock Vibration 

This is a feature that is present in every rangefinder. One difference that makes some better than others is how noticeable the vibrations are. Some rangefinders vibrate with a low intensity that may be difficult to notice, while others do it perfectly. The REVASRI golf rangefinder has a pin-lock vibration that is near perfect. I identified a downside with this feature, though, as it is not easy to put the rangefinder in the mode for detecting pins.

Lightweight and Portable 

REVASRI is one of the few very portable rangefinders in the market. With a weight of 0.2 lbs, this is the lightest rangefinder on this list. It is suitable and easy to carry for all kinds of range measuring activities such as hunting, golfing, bowhunting, etc.


The rangefinder has a rechargeable battery which can be charged using a USB cable via the charging port produced. When at full charge, the rangefinder can measure up to 20,000 times.


  • The lightweight design of this golf rangefinder is unrivalled
  • IPX4 waterproof design
  • Portable external angle switch design
  • High performing, rechargeable battery


  • Readings are pretty inaccurate and inconsistent.

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Buying Guide for Best Golf Rangefinder under $100

A rangefinder comes with benefits, and every golfer knows they are a handy piece of equipment to bring to a game of golf. When you go to the market to buy a rangefinder, you should be aware of the features that make a good one.

In this buying guide, I will show you what you should look out for when buying a rangefinder, as a golf rangefinder under $100.


The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a rangefinder is the accuracy of the yardage. You can choose between a GPS rangefinder and a laser rangefinder. Both of these will provide you with a good map of yardages and holes to the back and front of the greens.

A good rangefinder should target the flag rather than the tree behind it because it can result in overlapping. That way, the yardage is accurate to the selected target.

Battery Life

Battery life is essential to a rangefinder’s performance. You should always carry a backup battery to switch batteries if you run out of it during the game. Alternatively, you can have a USB charger to charge the device to keep it fully functional during your game. The latter option is only possible if your battery is a rechargeable battery.

I advise people to buy rangefinders that have rechargeable batteries to be easy to charge when they are low, instead of going through the struggle of switching batteries.

Slope Adjustment Technology 

Slope adjustment is a must-have feature for every rangefinder. Even though slope mode is not an acceptable feature in tournaments, it is still vital to enjoying your game of golf. Since most golf courses have uphill and downhill locations, it makes precise measurements considering the incline and decline distances.

I have ensured that every rangefinder listed in this review comes with slope adjustment technology. You do not have to worry about being tournament legal as they provide a switch that can take you to the non-slope mode in the twinkle of an eye.


The range of a rangefinder is exactly how far you can see on the equipment. For instance, if a rangefinder has a range of 600 yards, it means anything farther away from 600 yards will not be captured properly. When shopping for a rangefinder, go for one with at least 500 yards with +/- 1 yardage accuracy.

Flag lock Mechanism

The flag lock mechanism is another vital feature when buying a rangefinder. This mechanism is beneficial in helping you to find a flagpole quickly. The common way a flag lock mechanism works is by producing vibrations once it locks the flagpole. Other rangefinders have pulses.


Except you want to be in and out of the market looking for rangefinders, durability is an essential feature. You can tell that a rangefinder will be durable if it comes with a sleek and sturdy design. How you would readily use and drop rangefinders is a must check durability.


Readings and measurements are as good as the display. If a rangefinder provides accurate readings, you can only use it. On production, we first consider the rangefinder’s optics. The optics determine how the rangefinder captures objects. A fair rangefinder should have a 6X Magnification and capture images without any blur.

The other aspect on display is seeing what the rangefinder is reading. One of the downsides of most rangefinder displays is that they are difficult to see in certain conditions.


Well, that wraps it on my best golf rangefinders under 100 review. If you’re a serious golfer or looking to get into the sport, a golf rangefinder will be an incredibly useful piece of gear to have. If you’re unsure which golf rangefinder is best for you; our review may help you make the right decision when purchasing one of these important devices.

One golf rangefinder I’d recommend is the THGOLF Golf Rangefinder with a slope.

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