Best Christmas Toys for Kids 2023

What Will Be The Hottest Toys For Christmas 2022?

My day began with a beautiful smile from my little niece. However, the smile came with another thing which is a list titled “Christmas Toys I want”. My little niece made me realise how important getting a Christmas gift is to kids.

Christmas is all about cooking, decorating the house, having fun and setting a happy mood; but all can’t come to life when the young ones are not happy with you. What other way do you think you can get them in the joyful mood than getting them that lovely toy as Christmas gift.

Gone are those days kids ask for clothing accessories as Christmas present; what they want now is Christmas toys. They want that lovely toy they saw at the mall, the ones their friends play with as well as the ones they watch on the T.V.

As an aunt, uncle, parent or guardian, you want to get Christmas toys for the kids, but you don’t know what exactly they want neither do you have an idea of what they will like. Worry less as we have your back on Naijapricecheck.

This post gives you a detailed list of the best Christmas toys you can buy for your nephew, niece, cousins, children and grandchildren. With this post, you can’t go wrong when picking toys for kids.

Best Christmas Toys for Kids 2020

Getting gifts for kids can be stressful because you have to avoid repeating gifts if you want them to appreciate it. You need to get them lovely gifts that will make them know Santa is in town.

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Many Christmas toys will blow the mind of your kids. As kids, there are some gifts that you will give them, and they won’t ever leave their thoughts.

These gifts are:

1. Bicycle

Bicycle is one of the numerous gifts you can give a kid for Christmas. Aside from it been a present, it also allows the child exercise, burn calories and enjoy fresh air in the house. The only thing this toy need is space; as it requires space for storage.

Most people think the bicycle is for boys alone, but it is not for a specific gender. It can be a Christmas present for both boys and girls. Bear in mind, however, that when buying bikes for kids, you need to check the age range as well as safety accessories.

The price of bicycles varies according to the types available on the market.  In Nigeria, bikes for kids are available within the range of ₦10,000 to #50,000. This is dependent on the brand, size and type.

2. Educational Laptop

As much as we want to please our kids, make them happy and have fun, all of these can be done in an educative way. With the advent of educational laptops, kids get exposed to some new skills and tech.

With the laptop, they get to learn, play and try new things. It is packed with fun-filled activities like games that will enable them to learn. The most common of them all is the VTech educational laptop.

Kids can use the educational laptops from the age of 6 months to 10 years, and the price starts from #3,000, but it can be as high as #70,000 depending on the brand, size and type.

3. iPad & Tab for Kids

Some parents might find laptops expensive and too much for kids, so they will rather opt for tablets. iPad Mini and Tab for kids are one of the presents you can give them during Christmas.

These devices are full of programs that will engage the kids during their leisure. Its games, educational songs, stories, and other items can be downloaded on the device.

There are so many brands of the tab for kids, and their prices vary. However, you can get it for as low as #15,000 and can be a present for both boys& girls; but they should be a little older for it to be appreciated.

4. Learning Sets

Another Christmas toy that can be for kids is learning sets. Learning kits is something almost every child wants to have. Aside from regular school teaching, they can learn with this set.

Learning sets are personal development tools that will aid the process of learning for kids. It includes number identification set, alphabets identification set, animals identification set, shapes identification set among other sets.

Some learning kits even exhibit things about the different profession, activities in the home as well as help in teaching kids languages. It is the perfect gift for kids between age 1-5 as this is the best time to build their knowledge base.

The price of learning sets varies across cities and stores. They are readily available in Kid stores as well as online stores in Nigeria.

5. Video Game Consoles

Gaming is not for the old alone as most kids like to play games too. A Video game console is another exciting present to give your child as a Christmas present. It is a gift that will be appreciated by both boys and girls who love to play video games; so no worries about the kid’s gender.

When buying a video game console for kids, go for E-rated ones so as not to expose them to contents above their age. There are many video game console you can choose from, but you can go for Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, PS4, and Sony PS3.

The price of Video game consoles also vary across stores, but often starts from #35,000.

6. Portable Gaming Consoles

Apart from the video game console, you can also give that precious kid a portable gaming console for Christmas. In today’s world, there are new portable gaming consoles that will excite your kids and get them busy during their free time.

Seeing as video game consoles and portable gaming consoles games are rated, make sure to only buy age appropriate games for your kids. Aside from the E-rated games, there are also E10+ rated games for kids older than 10 years.

7. Scooters

Scooters are another fascinating toy for kids as a Christmas present. They are fun to ride and is also a way of burning calories for kids. It’s a form of exercise for the kids, and they get to enjoy the fresh air while they do that.

Scooters are available for both boys and girls. Nevertheless, when buying scooters, check the age range as well as safety accessories. The price of the scooter starts from #6,500, and it goes upward.

8. Emoji Pillows

Another beautiful piece to give your kids as Christmas present are Emoji pillows. The emoji pillow is one of the things most kids want in their room now. The character pillow comes in different designs; so you can gift your child the particular design he or she wants. These pillows are available across kiddies stores as well as online stores.

9. Toy Cars

Show me a kid who doesn’t like a toy car. They don’t just like it; in fact, they love it. The best part is there are many toy cars in the market that you can give your kid as a Christmas present.

This particular Christmas toy comes really expensive as the price ranges from #25,000 to #150,000. Even at that, it is one of the dream toys for many kids. Toy cars come in different models of car. There are G-wagon, Range Rover, Hummer and many more. You can get them at Toy stores as well as online stores.

10. Doll House

This is one of the lovely toys you can give a girl-child as a Christmas toy. Most girls want a dollhouse to themselves, and now we have boys growing interested in it too. The dollhouse is a miniature of a house with different compartments. There are various dollhouses in the market for you to buy and their prices, as well as sizes, varies.

11. Dolls & Teddy Bear

Dolls and Teddy bears are for both male and female. These are one of the popular toys that you can give your kids as a Christmas gift.

Kids like a baby they can take care and play with and therefore dolls and teddy bears are perfect for that. Teddy bear, however, comes in different forms, sizes, and shapes.

The prices of these toys vary across stores, and it is from #5,000 upward. However, there is room for a fairly used one.

12. 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing pen is perfect for that kid that likes drawing and designing. This is another toy you can gift as a Christmas present to your kid.

This particular gives a magical pen as with just one pen you can draw and design whatever you want. It is available in three different colours.

13. Deluxe Puppet Theatre Set

If your kid is a lover of drama or he likes talking or expressing herself, this could be the best Christmas gift ever. The puppet theatre set gives kids that stage feel where they can express themselves.

This toy helps them build their speaking ability, acting and presentation skill. The set is made in a way that gives room for background change and various display.

This unique gift also comes in different sizes, so the prices also vary.

14. Kids Baker Starter Set

For that kid that stick by your side whenever you are baking, always eager to watch cooking shows and listen to you talk about food preparation. The Kids baker starters set will make a beautiful Christmas toy for such a child.

The Kids Baker starter set comprises of various small baking utensils. It has things like multiple sizes of baking pan, mixing ball, whisk, egg cracker, rolling pin and many more.

This toy keeps your kid busy during leisure time and also add up to their skills which they can build on as they grow. The price of kids Baker starter set varies based on size, brand, content, and location.

15. Costume

If you want to please a child, dress him or her up as her favourite cartoon character and then see how cool such a child will be. So, if you want to get your child a Christmas toy and you don’t know what to get, you can go for the costume.

Kids like to play dress up. So all you need to do here is find your kid’s favourite and get him or her the beautiful costume. The price of these toys vary across stores, and you can get them online as well as at toys stores around.

16. Art & Craft Kid Set

Art & Craft set is another Christmas gift that can keep your child engaged while you work. Aside from keeping them engaged, it also helps in building their foundation in some crafts.

There are different art & craft kid set. There are ones for painters, tailors, designers and many more. This particular toy is suitable for both gender regardless of age.

17.Magical Pop Socket

Kids like anything magical so this will make a pretty Christmas present for them. The pop socket comes in different styles and kinds. Some illuminate the light, and some don’t.

There is also pop socket that comes with different characters, and the nature of pop socket itself makes it fun to play with. The prices of a pop socket in Nigeria is within #1000 and #1,500. Very cheap and beautiful.

18. Indoor Basketball Game Kit

If your kid is a lover of sport, the indoor basketball game kit is the best idea. This kit allows your child to have fun, burn calories, exercise the bone and also build their basketball playing skill.

This kit is one of the kits I’d love to have as a kid in the house, but now it is accessible and easy to get. The indoor basketball kit is available across toy stores, kid stores as well as online stores. The price, however, depends on the store, brand, and size.

19. Character Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is one of the beautiful gifts to give the kids. Most of these kids have their favourite cartoon character, which they like. For sleeping bags, there is the mermaid sleeping bag which they can wear and play with to sleep.

This toy is not so popular in Nigeria, but it is stunning. They are available on online stores if you will like to buy them, and the price is based on the exchange rate, brand, and size.

20. Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit

Some kids have their favourite kid celebrity. For the lovers of Harry Potter, a Harry Potter Wand coding kit will be a good Christmas toy. Apart from giving them something from their favourite, you also expose them to some things with this toy.

The toy is available on online stores as well as toy stores around you. The price however varies.


Getting Christmas present for kids should not be stressful again with this post. If you want to get these toys, you can visit toy stores as well as kiddies stores around.

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