Cost of Gps Tracker in the USA (2023)

How Much Is The Cost Of Gps Tracker?

GPS tracker is a device that is used to locate the position of any object in the world. GPS tracking devices can be used to track people or property. They can also be used to track vehicles or business assets. The history of GPS tracking dates all the way back to World War II. The first GPS tracking system was developed by the US air force.

GPS Trackers are widely used in several fields and you can not imagine your life without one. GPS trackers are basically used to track the position of vehicles and their passengers.

The common uses of GPS trackers are to track kids, vehicles, and to keep track of cars, pets, and even elders. GPS trackers are useful in several ways and there are several types of GPS trackers available in the market.

So, if you own a car, whether it’s a fancy luxury vehicle or a plain sedan, then you’ve probably wanted to know its location at some point. GPS tracking devices are common now, but what are they worth? What are the prices of GPS trackers in the US? And what features do you get for that price?

The price of a GPS tracker is one of the most important factors when deciding to purchase a tracking device for your car or pet. Depending on the features of the GPS tracker, they can cost anywhere from $10 to $400. The price of a GPS tracker varies depending on the brand, features, and the type of GPS tracker you purchase. The average cost of a GPS tracker is $50.

GPS Tracker Price

The cheaper trackers could cost between $20 to $50. Plus an expected monthly maintenance fee.

Medium range trackers can be between $70 to $150, with the most expensive ones above this.

Tracker Price in the USA

The price of a tracker in the USA is usually dependent on the extent of the features it offers.

Your buying could be dependent on your budget, or tracking needs. However, trackers that cost less won’t have a lot of features.

The most common range for a quality tracker is usually between $30 to $70. The more expensive ones are above this price range.

Trackers Price Worldwide

It is still the case that trackers will always range from cheap to affordable. After conversion, you could get one for as high as even $500 or more.

Trackers Price Compared to Other products

It would only be fitting to list out the many benefits of trackers, before ‘comparing’ them with products that do something similar.

Track Your Children

Leaving your children with teachers or other parents can be difficult.

To assure yourself of their safety, and to be able to rest easy, a GPS tracking device can come in handy.

Locate a Missing Pet

One guaranteed way to get real-time updates on your pet’s location is through the use of a GPS.

This way, you can easily find them if they get missing.

Monitor Your Elderly or Infirm Relatives

To reduce stress, offer more Independence, and help locate older and sick relatives, a GPS tracker is undeniably an ideal solution.

Luggage Tracking

Regardless, it would be terrible to lose your luggage. With a tracker, you can easily retrieve missing bags.

While a GPS tracker may range between $10 to $400 (or even more), and may even be expensive to maintain. Yet, it would be impossible to deny that the fees aren’t worth it.

Plus, even modern drones, also used for tracking, now have GPS installed into them.

GPS Tracker Lifespan

As it is with most products, what determines longevity is your ability to handle and maintain.

When producing trackers, most manufacturers combine the needs of the industry. As a result, the average life is 3 years.

This means that this is the average length a user can use it for. But using improperly will mean shortening the life span of the device.


Be it trying to navigate your way around unfamiliar locations, or keeping tabs on your luggage, children, or elderly relatives, the GPS tracker is useful.

But how do you use a tracker?

After installing the tracker in items, or hiding in items as a bag, it is a simple enough matter of downloading the required app to connect to it.

Starting Costs

When you think of the benefits you stand to gain with using trackers, it’s normal to ‘worry’ about the price next.

It is very important to be clear on the kind of service and tracking needs you have. This will determine the kind of device to get.

While getting the tracker can be daunting at first. The buying estimate, which is between $10 to $400 already covers everything you need for the first month.

Afterward, most trackers will also require a monthly subscription/renewal fee. This fee usually covers GPS tracking and special features unique to it.

The fee, in some cases, could also include the storage feature for every tracking history.

Monthly Costs

The monthly maintenance fee is usually between $10 to $100. However, this could be more, depending on the kind of tracker you purchase.

For instance, the more expensive monthly charge will include GPS tracking with audio monitoring capabilities.

The monthly service fee is for the continuous GPS tracking feature, as well as the storage of your tracking history.

Most tracking companies offer mobile app services for getting location updates. And a monthly service charge covers this as well.

Lifetime Costs

A lot of car tracking companies now offer free lifetime costs when you purchase your tracker from them.

This is usually a better and affordable option, compared to paying monthly fees.

Otherwise, you can consider multiplying a monthly fee of $39.95 by a minimum of 3 years. A lot, yes?

You can find tracking companies with free lifetime costs on sites like:

  • Amazon
  • AliExpress
  • Flipkart

Cheers to scouting for a tracker that suits your needs, and meets your budget!

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