Etihad Airways Flight Booking(All You Need to Know)

What Do I Need To Know When Booking A Flight?

Etihad Airways is no doubt one of the notable airlines across the globe. The rapid growth and development enjoyed by the airways since its establishment in 2003 have put its competitors to shame.

Apart from that, Etihad Airways flight booking is now easy.

The airline is a child of the Abu Dhabi government whose mandate is to operate safely, commercially, and globally. The base of the airline reflects in its slogan ‘From Abu Dhabi to the world.’

Thousands of people around the world board this flight from one location to the other. It operates non-stop flights to over 90 cities across the globe, a feat just a few airlines could boast.

Most of the people that use this airline in the diaspora don’t bother visiting their office when Etihad airways flight booking can be made from the comfort of their rooms.

Coming down to Nigeria, the airline also operates perfectly in the country.

A good number of Nigerians fly this particular airline, but only a few know about Ethiad Airways flight booking which takes place online. This post will, however, enlighten you on Etihad Airways flight booking. Read on.

About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways has enjoyed significant successes since its creation. The company has grown to become the second-largest airline in UAE coming right after its formidable competitor, the Emirates Airline.

Etihad airlines offer more than a thousand flights each week in the year. A collection of over a hundred and twenty passengers as well as cargo destination across different continents.

Continents such as Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, South, and North America. 

In the year 2015, the Etihad airways recorded a landmark 22.3% increase in passengers having a whopping number of 14.8 million passengers.

The revenue from this was $9.02 billion and a net profit of $103 million. This rapid growth and transformation didn’t go unnoticed to the world as the airline was rated in 2016 as one of the few five-star airlines in the world by Skytrax. 

Etihad Airlines Cabin

The cabins of Etihad airlines have different configuration depending on the demand of the passengers.

There is the Residence cabin, which is a three-room site in the aircraft, the first class, the business class, and the economy class. 

The first class has two possible configurations, which are the apartment (A380) or the suite (787 Dreamliner). The cabin comes in designs that suit every stage of the journey as it offers class, functionality, and simplicity at its best.

This cabin also has a reclinable sit with pillows for the comfort of the passenger. The economy class cabin of Etihad Airways is also very comfortable.

It comes with full-size fleece blankets and pillows. Even, the blanket bags double up as a bag to store personal belongings in the event of longer flights.

 How to go about Etihad Airways Flight Booking Online

After reading through all that is above, you may begin to wonder, ‘how do I book an Etihad flight online?’ Well, this is quite easy, convenient, and time-saving.

The very first step will be to ensure that you have a device with an internet connection. After that, visit the site.

On getting to this home page, you will see flights option and beneath it is the boxes which require you to fill in your departure date, airport, and your destination. 

Further options available at this page includes the number and category of passengers, whether there are kids and infants among the passengers, whether it’s a one-way flight or not.

You also get to choose the class you wish to fly, first-class, business class, economy class, or the residence.

Then you proceed to search for available flights to your destination on the date you have chosen. The engine will display the different flights available for that date and their time of departure. 

The next step will be to choose the flight of your choice from the available flights. After which you will need to supply your full details, your full name, your contact information, phone number, and your mail address.

You will then proceed to select the seat number you want. After selecting the seat number, you will then proceed to the payment page.

After completing the payment, your ticket will be sent to the mail address which you have supplied. You can read more on the Etihad website.

Payment Options Available on Etihad Airways Flight Booking

1.Credit and Debit cards

Etihad Airways offer various payment means to make the booking process less stressful for passengers. They accept payment via valid credit and debit cards.

One of the basic features of this means of payment is that they allow payment in instalments through this means subject to specific terms.

The payment by instalment is only available on bookings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Restrictions are also on this as only a couple of banks can do it.

2. eWallet

Another means of payment is via the eWallet, which includes PayPal, Alipay, eNets, Master pass, and Visa checkout.

3. Real-time bank transfer

4. Offline payments

Online Check-in on Etihad Airways

Every airline has its check-in policy, and Etihad Airways is no different. The check-in is available between 48 hours to 1 hour before flight departure.

The check-in is possible on the official website of the Etihad airways. However, in the event where the flight operation is by a partner airline online, check-in on the website may not be possible.

Baggage Allowance on Etihad Airways

For the hand baggage; it must fit perfectly into the overhead storage within the cabin or below the seat in front in the case of the economy class.

Also, the wheels, pockets, or handles must not be above 115cm. If the bag exceeds this limit, it has to go into the hold, and additional charges will apply.

For check-in luggage, the maximum weight and dimensions allowed are grouped into two.

  • On flights going to or coming from Canada or the US the limit is 158cm (50 x 70 x 38)
  • For flights going to or coming from other destinations the limit is 207cm (47 x 72 x 90)

Each of the items must not exceed the maximum weight of 32kg. Any baggage that exceeds the weight mentioned above would have to pass through Etihad Cargo.


Without a doubt, Etihad Airways is one of the best in the world. It provides modern facilities and top-notch services such as the resident cargo which is not familiar with other airlines.

The ease of booking a flight is also worth mentioning. So, if you are planning to travel by air soon and you seek all that is mentioned above, go ahead and check out Etihad Airways.  

I hope you find this post useful, feel free to drop your questions as well as suggestions in the box below. Thanks for reading.

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