how much is ps5 in nigeria

How Much is PS5 in Nigeria?

Are you a game freak who is very interested in Play station 5 but don’t know the exact price of the game console. You do not have to search further…

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cost of ps5 in usa

Cost of PS5 in USA (2021)

Literally, everyone has heard about the new PlayStation version: PS5 or the “next-generation console” according to Sony. If there is still someone in the world that hasn’t, they probably need…

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PlayStation 4 Prices in Ghana (2019)

PlayStation 4 Prices in Ghana (2021)

Since Sony’s PlayStation launch in 2013, it has continued to gather followers in thousands, and almost 100 million units have been bought by avid fans. Moreover, the reduction in price…

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Prices and Review of PSP in Nigeria

PSP Game Player Prices and Specs in Nigeria (2021)

Relaxation in Nigeria is no more what it used to be. Time has gone past playing old games during leisure time or listen to stories. Nigerians now spend their leisure…

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Prices and Specs of PS4 in Nigeria (2019)

PS4 Price and Spec in Nigeria (2021)

As a guy, I feel there’s no better relax than sitting with friends playing PS4 and catching fun. TBH, it feels like heaven on earth. We all have times in…

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PS3 Prices in Ghana (2019)

PS3 Prices in Ghana 2021

“All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy”. With the introduction of PlayStation into the gaming world; Jack needs no worry about not having a way…

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Top 10 Best Offline Action Games for Android

Top 10 Best Offline Action Games for Android Phones & Tablets

A lot of Android phone and tablet users have complaints about data. This is because almost every application and game on the devices require data. However, It’s a relief to…

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Game Consoles, Accessories in Nigeria-Prices and Review

Prices and Review Of Game Consoles & Accessories in Nigeria 2021

The first of all game consoles and a very famous one was introduced by a Japanese company called Nintendo. Following Nintendo was Microsoft’s Xbox, then Sony’s PlayStation series. They produced…

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