Harvey’s Menu Prices In Canada (2022)

Harvey’s Menu Prices In Canada

Since it was founded on 1st April, 1959, Harvey’s has become a very popular name in the fast food industry, especially in Canada where the first restaurant was opened.

Harvey’s is a fast food restaurant chain in Canada with more than 250 locations scattered throughout the country. It is a subsidiary company owned by Recipe Unlimited Corporation.

Harvey’s was founded by George B. Sukornyk & Rick Mauran and the first location was opened in Ontario, Canada. They planned to let it run for just the spring season, but it bloomed throughout that year so they decided to keep it going.

Many types of fast food dishes can be found at Harvey’s and the traditional setting is what most people love about it.

According to Harvey’s, their burger chain is “recognized for its flame-grilled burgers, fresh toppings and the ability to have your burger made the way you want it.”

Well you can totally say that again, because unlike many other fast food joints, you can walk up to the counter at Harvey’s, and tell them exactly what you want in your burger…and get it exactly that way!


Harvey’s Menu Prices 2021 Canada


Check the list below for menu prices at Harvey’s!



Original Burger $4.89
Original with Cheese Burger $5.59
Original with Cheese & Bacon Burger $6.49
Angus Burger $5.59
Angus with Cheese Burger $6.29
Angus with Cheese & Bacon Burger $7.19
Double Original Burger $6.09
Double Original with Cheese Burger $6.79
Double Original with Cheese & Bacon Burger $7.69




Original Burger $7.79
Original with Cheese $8.49
Original with Cheese & Bacon $9.39
Angus $8.49
Angus with Cheese $9.19
Angus with Cheese & Bacon $10.09
Double Original $8.99
Double Original with Cheese $9.69
Double Original with Cheese & Bacon $10.59




Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.79
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $5.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $5.79
Chicken Tenders 4 Pieces $5.89




Grilled Chicken $8.69
Buffalo Chicken $8.89
Crispy Chicken $8.69
Chicken Tenders $8.79




Grilled Hot Dog $2.99
Grilled Hot Dog Combo $5.89




Fish Sandwich $4.99
Fish Sandwich Combo $7.89




Jr. Burger $1.99
Jr. Cheeseburger $2.39
Jr. Cheeseburger with Bacon $2.89
Frings $2.99
Frings Combo Upgrade $0.99
Chicken Tenders 2 Pieces $3.19
Apple Pie $0.99




Jr. Burger Combo $4.49
Jr. Cheeseburger Combo $5.19
Grilled Hot Dog Combo $4.49
Chicken Tenders Combo 2 Pieces $5.19




Crispy Chicken Wrap $5.99
Crispy Chicken Wrap Combo $8.89
Grilled Chicken Wrap $5.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap Combo $8.89
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $6.19
Buffalo Chicken Wrap Combo $9.09
Grilled Veggie Burger Sandwich $4.69
Grilled Veggie Burger Combo $7.59
Entrée Chicken Salad $5.69
Entrée Chicken Salad & Drink $7.09




Classic Regular $3.99
Classic Combo Upgrade $1.99
Classic With 20oz. Soft Drink $4.99
Bacon Regular $4.89
Bacon Combo Upgrade $2.89
Bacon With 20oz Soft Drink $5.89




Fries Regular $1.99
Fries Large $2.59
Onion Rings Regular $1.99
Onion Rings Large $2.59
Side Salad $2.29
Frings $2.99
Poutine $2.99
Deep Dried Pickles $2.99
Add Gravy $0.99




Classic Shake Chocolate $2.99
Classic Shake Vanilla $2.99
Classic Shake Strawberry $2.99
Classic Shake Cappuccino $2.99
Classic Combo Upgrade $0.99
Premium Shake Chocolate $3.49
Premium Shake Vanilla $3.49
Premium Shake Strawberry $3.49
Premium Shake Cappuccino $3.49
Premium Combo Upgrade $1.49




Soft Drinks Regular $1.99
Soft Drinks Large $2.49
Classic Milkshakes $2.99
Premium Milkshakes $3.49
Bottled Juice $2.99
Bottled Water $1.99
Milk $1.69
Coffee/Tea $1.29





Some years back, more often than not, a lot of people either mistook Harvey’s for Hardee’s, or thought both of them were the same restaurant.

Meanwhile, Hardee’s is an entirely different fast food restaurant on its own. It is an American fast food restaurant chain owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. and founded in 1950.

Due to the fact that both restaurants were founded during the same era, some people believed that Harvey’s was a reformation of Hardee’s idea.

This legal misunderstanding went on for a while till trademark authorities decided that Hardee’s won’t be allowed to operate in Canada under that name anymore. They are now known with the brand name, Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC.




Before facts were set straight, it was rumored that McDonald’s tended to claim ownership for the Angus Burger when Harvey’s introduced theirs in 2014. Probably because they first introduced their own Angus Burger in 2008, they believed that their idea was stolen by Harvey’s.

Contrary to their claims though, it was later agreed that “Angus Burger” was a general name for any burger made with beef from Angus Cattle. So they might have been the initiators, but other fast food joints soon picked up the concept and kept looking for ways to make theirs better

This cleared the rumors that people had created. Bottom line is: Harvey’s didn’t steal ideas from McDonald’s.




Anyone that knows about Harvey’s very well, knows that they normally do these promos where you can get two Original or Veggie burgers for $6 instead of one for $4.89. People usually can’t wait for this because they are massive!

2 Burgers for $6? Yes please!

Now the misconception about this is that some people normally believe this promo is everlasting. They think that any time you go to a Harvey’s Restaurant, you’ll be able to get 2 burgers for $6. That’s a false belief though, because it only happens a couple times a year.

So if someone asks, “Does Harvey’s still have 2 for 6?”, the answer should be depending on the particular season. You don’t have to worry about missing out too, because once the promo is on, word will surely go round!




Every brand should have a catchphrase that will squeeze their names into peoples’ minds immediately they see it. I’m sure you already know the brand once you see “Just Do It.”

Yeah, that’s how important catchphrases or slogans are.

So let’s take a look at Harvey’s first slogan and the one they have today, whether the change was Yay or Nay.




This was Harvey’s first ever slogan. It was introduced in the 1970s and stuck around for about a year. They totally lived up to the words in the slogan as they made Burgers in the most beautiful and yummy forms they could.

Not only are their burgers good, but their ethics, customer service, and even their locations are epic to the core.

So we can definitely say that their first slogan was a complete Yay!




This slogan is a French translation of the sentence, “À chacun son burger”, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

From the slogan we can tell they mean that at Harvey’s, there’s a burger for everyone. It’s way better than the last one when it comes to concept and conveying a long message with little words. The evolution was a cool one.

Sounds like a Yay to me!

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