Prices and Review of Hoverboards in Nigeria 2021

Everything in this present age goes with trends and technological advancement, so does hoverboards. Do you want to find out about hoverboard prices? Come with me.

Talking about technology, it has gone so far that every activity of man can be effectively carried out by machines. This same technology gave birth to Hoverboards.

A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter which can be used inside the house and in the public sphere. The hoverboard is a very portable personal transporter which has two motorized wheels lying beneath a pair of footpads, for the rider’s feet.

Under the hood of a hoverboard lies a gyroscope and a sensor pad. The size of the wheels can vary between 6.5 inches and 8 inches. This post highlights the prices and other details on hoverboards in Nigeria.


Hover board prices in Nigeria 2020


Hoverboards in Nigeria

Although there are negative reviews when hoverboard was first introduced due to the cases of explosions and fire accidents as well as the United Kingdom outlawing it. Surprisingly Nigerians still received it well.

Hoverboards have been in Nigeria for over five years; it has become so popular that the demand for it is on the increase daily. There are numbers of hoverboards available in the market and they come in different built up brands, size, color, and features.

Hoverboards are simply the most enthralling thing ever and it can be used by teenagers or adults regardless of gender. It’s designed for everyone

You will place your two feet on the corresponding footpads, power the device and turn it in motion. To control the speed, you lean forward (faster) or backward (slower) while controlling the direction of travel, you will twist the pads.

Also, these boards are capable of becoming your style icon. You ride with it in the park, and all eyes will be on you by balancing yourself on the board.


Determining factors of Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria

Various factors affect the prices of hoverboards in Nigeria and they are listed below

  • The durability of the model
  • The maximum bearable  rider’s weight
  • The maximum speed of the model
  • Maximum distance range
  • Speed and accuracy of response to control gestures
  • Brand trust
  • The strength of in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Additional features such as Bluetooth speakers, remote control, GPS, a smartphone companion app, etc.
  • Climbing capacity (30 degrees or more, depending on model)
  • Size of the wheels


Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria


hoverboards-Prices and Review of Hoverboards in Nigeria-2020


As said earlier, there are various hoverboards in the Nigerian market and they come with different accessories and features which determine their various prices and they are highlighted below :

  • Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard ( 6.5-inch wheels) is sold around N75,000 – N130,000
  • Hoverboard Scooter with Bluetooth ( 8-inch wheels)  goes for about N110,000 – N165,000
  • While Hoverboard Scooter with LED Lights is sold for about  N130,000


Hoverboard Accessories & prices in Nigeria

When using hoverboard, it is important to know the prices of its different accessories in the market so as to have adequate information when the need to fix or change them comes up.

  • Hoverboard carry backpack is sold around N6,000
  • The ones with charger adapter sell within the range of N7,500 – N15,000
  • Hoverboard wireless Bluetooth speaker goes for about N8,000
  • Those with silicone skin protector is sold within the range of N10,500 – N13000
  • Black replacement shell cover for 6.5″ hoverboard goes for about N17,000
  • while the Hoverboard motherboard is sold around N28,000


How to choose the right hoverboard in Nigeria

After knowing the factors affecting the price of hoverboards, the factors to consider when choosing hoverboards in Nigeria is also very important as it will assist in picking the right one for you in Nigeria.

  • When picking a hoverboard in Nigeria, ensure it comes with long battery life as the electric power supply in the country is epileptic so charging frequently is not so sure. You won’t like having your hoverboard power off when in use.
  • Endeavor to go for a hoverboard from a well-known brand over one made by a brand that is not so popular.  As popularity confers a bit of trust on the brand and it implies that the accessories of such hoverboard will be accessible.
  • When going for hoverboards in Nigeria try and go for those with big wheels as they will still be able to cope with the roughness of Nigerian roads. It is most suitable to go for  8-inch wheel hoverboards.
  • When you have the mind of using your hoverboard in places where there are steep slopes, then hoverboards with high climbing capacity will be the best to go for. Although, most hoverboards have a climbing capacity of 30 degrees.
  • Remember to check the maximum bearable weight of any hoverboard before buying it, especially when you are a bit of the high side concerning weight. Try picking a hoverboard with higher weight bearability.
  • If you’re a gadget freak and you like to have your device with all the additional fancy features, such as Bluetooth speaker, GPS, and smartphone connectivity, then check if the hoverboard you want to buy has all these features and check if they are working perfectly.


Maintenance Tips for Hoverboard

  • Charge Before Use: for a new hoverboard, always try to charge before using to avoid damaging it as the battery may be running out since it was packed for delivery. It is therefore important to charge before the first ride.
  • Also, avoid storing your hoverboard in places where there are high temperatures and avoid overcharging the battery as the battery can be damaged.
  • Clean the Wheels Regularly: Wheels are the most important part of your hoverboard, and the motors are embedded in them.
  • Always check the wheels regularly to see if there is any dust or dirt is stuck in them. Clean the wheels with brush or tools which can reach the middle of the wheels.
  • Keep the board as clean as possible:  Try and use a soft damp cloth to clean your hoverboard with care but remember to unplug before cleaning to avoid electric shock. Keeping the board shining and the body shell intact is important.
  • Servicing: Service your hoverboard frequently just as you do your car. Take it for regular expertise care.
  • Cooling: Always ensure the hoverboard cools down as it tends to heat up often so after use so, let it cool down well before you use again or charge as it will increase its life span.
  • Storage: Store your hoverboard in a well-ventilated place if it won’t be in use for a long period to protect the motherboard and battery from getting moist.



There are various hoverboard brands in Nigeria which imply that the hoverboard prices also vary.

Therefore, when picking any, check well for the features and other necessary things before buying. Hoverboards are available in tech and toy stores around. They can also get them at online stores such as Jumia, Konga, and a lot more.

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