How To Launch Steam Game On Second Monitor [Best Practical Guide]

How Do I Run Steam Games On My Second Monitor?

Launching PC game on second monitor can be challenging. Most games need to launch in windowed-mode, which takes away the ability of playing on both monitors at once.

The main challenge with launching game on second monitor is that majority of games need to be launched in windowed mode, which only allows the game to appear and run on the primary display during runtime. Meanwhile, you will have to play games full screen on a computer monitor. This causes players to switch back and forth between two or more monitors whenever they wish to join a battle, shop or gather necessary information within the game.

The solution is simple – launching your Steam game on a second monitor is easy, using these basic tricks. Let me show you how.

How To Launch Steam Game On Second Monitor
How To Launch Steam Game On Second Monitor


How to launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

  • Activate Projector Mode
  • Switch the Primary and Secondary Monitors.
  • Make use of a multi-monitor management program.
  • Make use of Window Mode.
  • Screen duplication

We may claim that the technological trend of adopting dual monitor arrangements is gaining traction worldwide. Using a multi-monitor arrangement can help you work more productively.

Whether you’re a professional who uses a dual-monitor setup for work or an individual who uses it to satisfy your gaming addiction. Your productivity and abilities will both benefit from this setup.

Is It Feasible To Run Steam Games On Two Monitors?

Yes, you can get steam games open on a second monitor if you strictly follow the instructions in the guide below. You may rapidly obtain this approach by using basic methods.

Additionally, many individuals attempt to play a high-requirement game on a low-end computer. It will hurt the user’s experience. As a result, when you start a game, the system automatically restores it to your preferred speed.

How to launch steam games on the second monitor

1. Activate Projector Mode

This method is less familiar to dual-display customers. It is, nevertheless, effective in a wide range of scenarios and simple to execute. Enable the ‘Projection Screen Only’ or ‘Second Screen Only’ option in the PC settings.

Follow these steps to use projector mode on the second monitor:

  • Step 1: Connect your computer’s second display screen.
  • Step 2: Launch the game in projector mode.
  • Step 3: Look over your computer’s display.
  • Step 4: simultaneously press the windows and P keys
  • Step 5: From the drop-down menu, choose “PC Screen Only”.

Then, simultaneously click the Windows + P icons on the PC desktop. Then, choose ‘projector only/second display only from the drop-down option.’ The game will now run on the second screen, and your original monitor will be vacant. Rep the procedure to get your screen back to its original state.

2. Switch the Primary and Secondary Monitors.

This approach is straightforward. Make a primary monitor if you have a higher-quality display that is excellent for gaming. To switch between the primary and secondary monitors, consult our instructions on Setting up a Dual Monitor.

Follow the instructions below to change the primary monitor to the secondary:

  • The control panel should now be open.
  • Open the display settings or navigate to display > resolution.
  • Proceed to the part that shows the linked displays’ numbers.
  • Select the picture of the monitor you wish to use as your primary display from the icons of the two displays.
  • ‘Make this my main display’ should now be checked.
  • Finally, ‘apply’ is selected.

Before proceeding, ensure your secondary monitor is turned on and linked by HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA connection. Following that, you’ll be given to choosing between the primary and secondary displays. To begin troubleshooting, click the “Detect” button if the option is unavailable.

3. Make use of a multi-monitor management program.

It’s necessary to utilize a solution like Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion before you can get the most out of your multi-monitor setup.

Some of the advantages of utilizing a dedicated multi-monitor management solution include:

  • Customize personal/unique hotkeys.
  • Multi-monitor taskbars should be enabled.
  • Activate the title bar buttons for multiple monitors.
  • It comes with an infinite trial version.
  • Customize how your favorite wallpaper is displayed in your setup.

These tools simplify people with different displays and laptops to collaborate without running several operating systems simultaneously. Such programs have been available for a long time and may be used for various purposes other than gaming. You may play your games on many displays in a variety of ways.

4. Make use of Window Mode.

While playing a game, it’s common to use full-screen mode. As a result, the GPU system functions with your primary monitor dedicated to such games. Because of this, the graphics card may be unable to play games on the secondary monitor.

You may, however, utilize window mode to launch steam games on a second monitor, provided the developer has enabled it. Windowed mode, borderless window mode, and full-screen windowed mode are supported by most games nowadays. As a result, steam games on the second screen have grown more accessible in recent years.

Set up window mode by following these instructions

  • While the game is running, concurrently press the ALT + Enter keys.
  • In front of you, the window mode will open.
  • Select the game screen from the first monitor and place it on the second monitor.
  • For a better view, go to full-screen mode.
  • On the second monitor, enjoy the game.

You may also look in the game’s settings to see whether the window mode option is available. After launching the game on their primary monitor, some customers have stated that they hit the window/super key, which displays all active windows. They then switch the gaming window to the second screen and continue to play it there.

Why should I use windowed mode to play Steam games?

Keep reading when you’re unsure how windowed mode might benefit you when playing your favorite Steam games. Please consider that you may quickly move to different things or even multitask with them. Windowed mode also appears to be more efficient when utilizing two monitors.

The game is in windowed mode in maximized full-screen mode, but the borders and title bar have been eliminated, and the resolution matches your desktop. Let’s see how to get this function on your screen now.

5. Screen duplication

Would you want to play a game? You’re in for some significant head games if you turn off all of your auxiliary screens. Connect your second screen to your PC via HDMI. Then, with a single button press, bring up the Google TV settings menu.

The most significant aspect is that if you have an upcoming assignment or appointment on either computer, this will provide them both access without needing anything else in the middle.

All you have to do now is double-check that everything is in sync before selecting “Start Now.” Your secondary device will receive a new app that allows you to watch YouTube videos, listen to Spotify, and manage your social media accounts.


This is the best approach to playing the game while turning off all auxiliary displays. Connect your second screen to your computer and choose “Second Screen Only” from the menu.

It will switch off your primary display and redirect all your tabs and programs to the secondary screen. You may now play your live stream games on the second screen without any problems.

What Is The Best Way To Make Fortnite Run On A Second Monitor?

Start the game in windowed mode and move it to the screen you want. What makes this game so great is the ability to convert from fullscreen mode to windowed mode.

Unlike many other PC games, there’s no need for you or your computer opponent in Fortnite. Go to video/display choices in the settings menu. Before hitting “continue,” decide how big each screen’s picture should be (either 900 or 540 pixels), then double-check that both modes are turned on.


Let’s look at those expensive photos that have been doing the rounds. You may play Fortnite in fullscreen mode on your secondary monitor, but it will appear in a different window.

A minimum of one primary screen is required for all windows to be shown. Why? So they don’t get obscured by other apps or appear unexpectedly. This can happen when a user clicks someplace else on the Windows 10 desktop composition area.

Why aren’t games opening on my second monitor?

If your system drivers and Windows version are old, you may experience the below problem. Windows and system drivers are updated regularly to offer new features and fix existing faults. In this scenario, upgrading the system drivers and Windows to the most recent build may be sufficient to resolve the issue.

Update your system’s Windows version to the most recent build. Ensure that optional updates are installed as well. Then, update your system drivers to the most recent versions.

Use a driver update application like Intel Driver and Support Assistant or Dell Support Assistant to update the drivers if you have one. Check if the multi-monitor issue has been fixed after upgrading Windows and system drivers.

How to Move a steam Game to the second screen on a Mac

It takes a little more effort to use a secondary screen on a Mac. You’ll need the proper cords and knowledge of connecting a second monitor to your Mac first. Your Mac must be turned on and logged in before adding a second screen. The next step is to learn how to play your game on a second screen on a Mac:

  • Select “System Preferences” from your Mac’s menu bar.
  • “Displays” should be chosen. Several tabs will appear at the top of the screen from here. “Arrangement” is the option to choose.
  • There will be a “Mirror Displays” option available in the Arrangement box. Check that the box next to it isn’t ticked. This allows you to have two separate displays on your Mac and your secondary screen.

Then, you’ll need to align the displays on the Layout tab. This allows you to slide files from one screen to the next as though they were on your desk. This is accomplished by dragging the secondary screen’s picture into the window on the arrangements page and placing it next to your primary screen.

It’s crucial to remember that the physical displays should be appropriately positioned to reflect the Arrangements settings. Consequently, what you see on the screen may not precisely reflect the placement of your displays.


Is there a way to use a second monitor without having to minimize a game?

It will solve your problem if you go to settings => graphics in this game and set the display to windowed/borderless. The game will then remain open in the background while you handle other applications (such as Chrome) and return to the game later.

Does the use of second monitors affect performance?

Yes. Using a second display forces your laptop to generate more graphics, using more CPU resources. It all depends on how you want to utilize the monitor, and your computer should be able to accommodate a second monitor with ease. It’s best not to use it while the battery is low, as this can cause the battery to drain faster.

What is the best way to put a steam image on my second monitor?

Install Steam and launch it in Big Picture Mode, then pick the monitor you wish to play the game on from the display options. This causes Steam to temporarily modify the primary display of Windows until you exit large picture mode.

What is steam and how does it work?

It is a video game library that is accessible over the internet. It allows players to save many games without using too much computer capacity. Download and install the Steam “engine” or application on your computer to start using Steam. You’ll have access to the whole library of games, apps, and forums following that.

How do i use my second monitor to play games?

Start the game by connecting the second monitor to your PC. After that, navigate to your computer’s desktop and simultaneously hit the Windows and P keys. There will be a few options displayed; choose Computer monitor alone. Finally, your primary display will turn off, but the game will run on the other monitor.


We went through how to use the second monitor to play Steam games. You may turn this feature on or off in your steam settings. It’s critical to utilize a separate monitor while trying to launch a game on Steam.

You’ll want to show off how cool your new game is to your buddies. If you want to witness your friends’ responses when you begin a game, you should do so on your second monitor.

I like to start Steam games from the game itself. That way, I can concentrate on the game using my mouse and keyboard. This also allows me to see the action in-game without moving my mouse.

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