How To Turn On Acer Monitor – 2023 Best Acer Monitor Troubleshooting Guide

How Do You Turn On An Acer Monitor?

Acer monitor is one of the best gaming monitors and if you have just got a new Acer monitor, you want to know how to turn on Acer monitor correctly. If that is you, you are in the right place at the right time.

Acer computer monitor is a one-of-a-kind gaming monitor that has been tested and proven to provide very high performance and image quality.

This top-notch gaming monitor comes with lots of other great features which includes, multiple connection ports and adapter, extreme sharpness, dynamic contrast ratio and brightness settings, thin bezels and ultra-narrow stand.

Your gaming experience is a totally new one with the Acer computer monitor. It is the best gaming monitor that delivers a stunning visual performance that takes you deep into the game world. The question is, “how to turn on Acer Monitor?”

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How To Turn On Acer Monitor?

Before you turn on your monitor, make sure you follow the following steps:

Step1: Plug Your Monitor In

Before you take your time to open up your new Acer monitor, make sure that both ends of the power cord are plugged in and your outlet is working properly.

Step2: Press Your Acer Monitor Power Button

In order to verify that your monitor is working properly, locate and press the power button below the screen.

Both the light on the power button of your monitor and your monitorwill turn on if your monitor is receiving power from a working electrical socket in your home or office.

That is how to turn on Acer monitor! If every cable connection is correct, you should not have problems turning your Acer on. Unfortunately, we have seen a few Acer monitors that have refused to turn on.

If there is no power light on the monitor, this means that the monitor power supply board has failed. Of course, there solution to that.

According to Monitor Beast, One of the ways to troubleshoot your Acer Monitor power supply is to check if the power cable is intact and not broken or mangled.

Acer Monitor Not Working

If you have tried turning on your Acer monitor using the above method and the monitor has refused to work, the monitor may be experiencing issues such as:

  • Monitor hardware problems
  • Outdated or missing Acer driver
  • Broken adapters or power cords
  • Static electricity
  • Disconnected power

Here is how to turn on Acer monitor and start working as fast as possible.

The first thing to do to get your Acer monitor up and running is to check the power andall the connections to the monitor.

  1. Your Acer monitor should function without difficulty if it is plugged into a working power source. However, there are some steps you can take to test this. Make sure that the wall outlet and power strip you are using are both fully functioning by plugging in a device such as an electric razor or lamp. If the device works, try to plug your monitor again, ensuring you plug it correctly.
  2. After successfully plugging your monitor, check if any power lights are on.
  3. Reset the monitor’s power by removing all power from it and then press the power button, holding it for about thirty seconds. Connect your monitor to a power source and put it on again.
  4. In case your monitor is using a battery, you should see a battery pinhole close to the power port. Unplug the monitor and reset the battery before putting it on again.

If you have tested other devices with the power outlet and they are working correctly, but your Acer monitor has refused to turn on again, you may be having problems with the power cable. If there are issues with your power cable, you may need to replace them.

Test Your Monitor’s Adaptor Cables

  • Check if your signal cables are well connected. The cables may have come loose as a result of moving your monitor, check to find if the pins are connected properly and to ensure there are no frayed wires
  • Test your signal cables on another device to see if the problem is with the signal cables.
  • Of course, you can use the similar cable you have at home to replace the defected cables to see if it helps. The cables are also not expensive and you can easily buy new ones.

The Acer Monitors also comes with VGA Max Resolution and provide a best quality viewing experience.

If you still cannot get your Acer monitor working, try the following solutions:

Restore Acer Monitor To Factory Setting

This has to do with the model of your monitor. To reset an Acer monitor, hold the OSD button down and wait for a menu to display if it does not automatically enter factory setting.

Then use the ‘menu’ button to go to ‘System Setup’ and then click on yes when prompted to restore factory settings.

Try Updating The Graphic Card Driver

Outdated or missing graphic card drivers can cause problems for your Acer monitor. If you use an integrated graphic output, plug it into the output and update your video card drivers.

If you are using a laptop, you can easily use your native screen to update your Acer monitor’s graphic divers and your chip-set drivers.

Does The Acer Monitor Turn On At All?

After trying all the above solutions, your Acer monitor should work. If it refused to work again, the problem could be the power button – I do not mean the plastic part of the power button. It could also be one or more blown capacitors on your PSU board or main-board in the monitor.

If it powers up but fails to display anything, it could be the monitor’s connection from the computer. Check the cables to confirm they are firmly plugged at both ends. You could also try the cables with another monitor and see what happens.

If after trying to solve the problems that are causing your Acer monitor not to power on, it could mean your power board is problematic and needs to be replaced.


Acer monitors are some of the bests you can get for the price. They are affordable, yet reliable. There are plenty of different models that each have their own features and abilities.

If you are looking for how to turn on Acer monitor, there you have it. If you still have any questions, we are happy to help. Power on your Acer monitor and start working!

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