HTC Vive Prices In Canada (2023)

How Much Is A Vr 2022?

Any gamer, beginner or full-fledged pro, will know that a virtual reality experience while gaming is of outrageous demand and many people would do anything to put themselves in the middle of that.

HTC and Valve, however, made 3D gaming easier and more realistic for us when they co-founded their top-notch Virtual Reality Headsets, or as it is popularly called, HTC Vive.

When Cher Wang and H. T. Cho founded HTC in 1997, the plan was to manufacture a lot of laptops (or notebook computers, as it was mostly called during the time). Those types of computers were in vogue then, and so the founders of HTC thought, “why not make tech products that people will definitely not want to miss out on?”

A year later, they widened their horizons and started designing wireless hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. They eventually became very popular in their home base, China, and a couple of years later, HTC was already recognized worldwide as a thriving brand in the Telecommunications Equipment industry.

In March 2015, HTC collaborated with Valve and unveiled Vive. During the first few months, their expectations weren’t even reached, talk more of being exceeded because there was a very tough competition between smartphone companies like Apple. This shifted the public’s attention from the HTC Vive to fascinating products manufactured by other brands.

Surprisingly, in 2016, the HTC Vive experienced a sudden spike in demand and people, especially gamers, were buying it like crazy. In November, HTC recorded a sale of over 140,000 Vive units. Goes a long way to show us that literally anything can happen in these markets.

Oh, and did you know there are over 3,000 games to choose from on the Vive? That’s an endless world of fantasies brought to life!

If you’re in Canada and you want to have a taste of what using a Virtual Reality system feels like, the first step is knowing the prices, of course. Check out the list below for HTC Vive headsets and accessories.

HTC Vive Prices 2021 Canada


VIVE Cosmos$939
VIVE Pro Eye (Full Kit)$2,149
VIVE Pro Eye (Headset Only)$1,349
VIVE Pro Starter Kit$1,399
VIVE Pro McLaren Limited Edition$1,999
HTC Vive$699
HTC Vive Focus$859
HTC Vive Focus Plus$1,059


Vive Cosmos Controller$129
Vive Cosmos PU Leather Cushion Set$64
Vive Cosmos Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit$69
Vive Cosmos Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit$69
Vive Cosmos Face Cushion 2 Set$79
Converter for Vive Cosmos$79
Wireless Adapter for Vive Cosmos$468.99


20m Extension Package for HTC Vive Pro$699
Face Cushion Sets for Vive Pro$79.99
Narrow Face Cushion for Vive Pro 2 Set$67.99
Leather Face Cushion for Vive Pro 10 Set$219
Leather Face Cushion for Vive Pro 2 Set$62.99
Vive Tracker (2018)$139.99
SteamVR Base Station 2.0$269
Wireless Adapter for Vive Pro$468.99
Vive Pro Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit$69
Controller (2018)$269
Headset Cable for Vive Pro$79.99
Link Box for Vive Pro$63.99
Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable for Vive Pro$21.99


HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap$139.99
Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive$399.99
HTC Vive Base Station$184.99
HTC Vive Controller$179.99
VIVE Tracker (2018)$139.99
HTC Vive 3-in-1 Cable$54.99
HTC Vive Face Cushion 2 Set$34.99
HTC Vive Nose Rest 3 Set$17.99
HTC Vive Standard Strap$29.99
HTC Vive Standard Strap 5 Set$134.99
HTC Vive Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable$20.99
HTC Vive Link Box$44.99
HTC Vive USB Extension Cable$14.00


Virtual Reality is not just about making people ‘see’ things in dimensions that are significantly higher than 3D. It’s more about making them feel like they are in an entirely different universe. That’s how to know if a virtual reality equipment is really fulfilling the aim of its founders.

The HTC Vive Headset is everything and more when it comes to teleporting users into dimensions that cannot be accessed in the ‘normal’ world. They have achieved this by enhancing the software and making it easy to use for gamers, tutors, designers, developers, and any other group of persons that want to experiment.

So, what does HTC Vive do? Take a look at some of its exceptional features:


Room scale technology is a type of virtual reality design that allows the user to walk around a space (called a play area) and whatever move they make will be reflected in the Virtual Reality (VR) environment, unlike some other VR devices that can only be used in a stationary state.

This whole room scale thing is achieved with the use of 360 degree tracking devices like infrared sensors, which picks up the movement of the user and translates the exact motions made to the VR system.

Simply put, when you’re wearing the HTC Vive Headset and everything is set up fine, you’ll be able to actually walk around in the VR scene you chose and you’ll feel as if you are right there, every inch of you, soul and body!


Okay, we both know that no one wants to be “playing” in some Star Wars environment and in reality, they’re actually walking into a pit of excessive injuries, like the fireplace for example.

For that reason, the HTC Vive contains a component that will set off a warning if the user steps out of the play area. If they do.

Most times, it’s kind of impossible to step out of the play area or collide with an object while in session because they designed the software in a way that it can create images of obstructions in the VR environment if the user encounters one in reality.

So, if you’re about to walk into something, maybe a wall, the software will build up a virtual wall and get you to change your direction.


A refresh rate is the number of times per second that a display device shows a new image, so it means that the HTC Vive can load 90 new images every single second!

This tells us that there can’t be any case of things taking time to load. Probably one reason why everyone falls in love with this device when they use it the first time.

Of course, no one likes the idea of time wasting stuff even if its for free.


These aren’t even all the features, so imagine how crazy it’ll be to own one! You can start planning for that by checking the price list again. (wink, wink)

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that HTC used this technology to show us they know exactly what they are doing.

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