Insignia TV Remote Replacement 2023 Best TV Remote Replacement Guide

Can Any Insignia Remote Work On Any Insignia Tv?

Not all Insignia TVs are created equal. In fact, there is a huge difference between their low-end TV sets, which mostly are not very good, to their top deals on 4K HDR panels with Amazon Fire TV streaming built in.

If you have InsigniaTV and looking for Insignia TV remote replacement, this article has got you covered.

So,you have bought an Insignia TV. You love it, except for one thing: the lack of a decent remote.

You suspect you might have got ripped off on the deal, but there is no way of knowing unless you get a remote from Insignia and see if it works. Here we will show you how to do that, as well as what kind of remotes Insignia TVs use.

Still using the remote that came with your TV? Get a new one from Insignia and experience all the convenience it has to offer. You will have a personal touch pad and mic, and with four buttons, you can power on your TV and control volume with just one hand.

It also works with Alexa—a voice command lets you play music, find TV shows, and view reports on traffic conditions. Alternatively, you can get any of the following universal Insignia TV remote replacement. For further detail guide you can visit Best Pick TV.

Insignia TV Remote Replacement

Sometimes, you want more but get less. While the Insignia TV remote that comes with the TV can be a bit of a letdown in comparison to big name remotes that come with most devices, there is hope for the Insignia 2nd remote control.

Getting a universal replacement remote lets you control external devices such as Roku Player, Apple TV, Xbox one or PS4, and even smart home technology such as smart lights and blinds! You also can consolidate all of your remotes into one that is easier to use! You can also check our neutral review on the best 4k TV for Nintendo switch.

Here are the best Insignia TV remote replacement:

1. Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech’s Harmony Elite is one of the few remotes that can truly control multiple separate entertainment systems.

With a color touchscreen, this premium remote lets you switch between entertainment systems based on the activity — watch TV, listen to music, etc. — and includes customizable buttons for home automation systems as well as several other home devices.

The Harmony Elite is also compatible with many devices — everything from Insignia televisions to Sonos speakers.

The new universal remote lets you make your entertainment easy. It provides the capabilities of your existing remote, plus important smart home capabilities so you can control your entertainment devices instead of the other way around.

The Harmony Elite universal remote comes equipped with a cool color LCD screen in which you can organize colorful favorite channel icons and activities like “Watch Cable” or “Movie Night.”

That way, you only have to touch one button to fire up your devices and enjoy a night in – no more digging through piles of devices trying to turn on a TV, cable box, game console and sound bar.

Plus, the Harmony Elite is Bi-directional and can control devices behind cabinet doors while still letting users interact with the products in front.

2. Harmony Companion

When it comes to smart home control, the Harmony Companion is your ideal companion.

With the Harmony Companion that works like Elite, you can control all of your home theater devices and networked lights, thermostats, alarms, and more – all from the comfort of your sofa.

The Harmony Companion can even work with Siri, Alexa and Google for voice control. All this is possible because of its two IR emitters and Bluetooth capabilities. You can use it as a master universal remote or program it directly into most universal remote apps to control all of your devices.

A few notable exceptions you will notice in this remote include:

  • The Harmony Companion has fewer features, but it is less money than the Elite. If all you want to do is control a TV, a cable box and an audio receiver with your Harmony remote, you can save money and space by upgrading to a Harmony Companion.
  • The Companion has fewer features than the Elite – no touchscreen and control over just eight devices, instead of fifteen that Elite controls.
  • And while the Elite uses infrared signals to send commands to your devices, the Companion uses Bluetooth signals.

The Harmony Companion is a solid choice if you want to control your home theater with a remote and want some smart capabilities, but do not want to spend too much money.

It synchronizes with 8 devices, so you can control your TV and set-top box at the same time. It is easy to use, program, and has a comfortable design.

3. Logitech Harmony 950

The Harmony 950 comes from Logitech one of the famous manufacturers of electronic products. This model is one of the leading universal remote controls for tens of thousands of users all around the world.

The 950 is made for controlling IR devices only, which means that you cannot control Bluetooth or wireless controlled devices using this remote.

For people who have a rather traditional home theater set up, this model is ideal for them as it allows them to turn their whole home theater system on/off as well as controlling several other functions.

4. Insignia Oem Ns-Rc03a-13 TV

For a low cost, the Insignia NS-RC03A-13 TV remote is a workable solution for controlling your specific model Insignia TV. Unlike the Alexa replacement Fire TV remote, you cannot use it to control external streaming devices, audio components or smart home stuff or add any apps or games.

5. Alexa Voice Remote

The Alexa Voice Remote is basically the same remote that arrived with your Insignia Fire TV Edition Television. This remote will also work with your Toshiba Fire TV Edition TVs.

The Insignia Fire TV Voice Remote Alexa is a great alternative to your original remote if you have the Insignia branded 4K Fire TV. It is comfortable to hold and works surprisingly well, even though it is not a universal remote.

The only thing I was disappointed about was that it will not control my other devices like my soundbar (which has specific LED for each input) or devices like a Roku stick or Blu-ray player. If you want a dedicated remote for your Fire TV, you cannot go wrong with this one.


At the end of the day, if you are looking for your Insignia TV remote replacement (and fail to find a suitable model), I can recommend the Logitech Harmony Elite quite so highly.

Because while it is really expensive, it provides first-class support for Apple’s new TVos and its App Store features, as well as being able to control multiple components at the same time.

If that is not something you need but simply want a simple replacement remote, then get one of the more affordable models featured above.

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