Laptop Prices in Nigeria – Reviews, Guide, Features and Specifications

laptops-Laptop Prices in Nigeria
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The computer came into this world in the 19th century through Charles Babbage, and since then it has been one development to the other. We went from desktops to laptops, and now we have various laptops. Laptop prices in Nigeria vary.

There are various brands of laptops in Nigeria, which include hp, dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, and many more. All these brands make different models, specs designs, and sizes of laptops whose price range differently.

Aside from brands, laptops come in different designs, some are convertible, some touchscreen, while some come with other amazing features.

Are you looking for prices of laptops in Nigeria? Here we have detailed information on prices as well as buyers guide when purchasing a computer in Nigeria.


laptops-Laptop Prices in Nigeria


Laptop Prices in Nigeria

Laptop prices depend solely on the processing power, build quality, Operating system, sleekness, optical storage type RAM capacity, display type hard disk capacity, and size. Other price determinants are features like Bluetooth, webcam, microphone, fingerprint reader, screen touch and many more. Below are prices of some specific laptops in Nigeria.


Hp Laptops Price in Nigeria

Hp is the most popular laptop brand in Nigeria, it offers impressive performance, durable product with good batteries and amazing designs.

This product comes in different sizes whose price varies.

  • 255 G6 Laptop: ₦80,000– ₦125,000
  •  255 G5 AMD Quad-Core: ₦ 105,000
  •  250 G6 Business Laptop: ₦90,000  – ₦140,000 Naira
  •  15 Laptop: ₦90,000 – ₦130,000
  •  Pentium Quad Core: ₦123,000 – ₦ 135,000
  •  Pavilion 15 Laptop: ₦130,000 – ₦320,000
  •  Pavilion 14- Intel Core I3 : ₦ 144,000 – ₦ 230,000
  •  15 Intel Core I3:₦ 165,000 – ₦ 170,000
  •  Pavilion X360 Convertible: ₦ 220,000 – ₦ 245,000
  •  Pavilion 15 – Intel Core I5: ₦ 205,000  ₦ 240,000
  •  Probook 450 G4 Laptop: ₦255,000 – ₦390,000 
  •  Envy 17 Laptop (17-inch screen): ₦320,000
  •  Probook 470 G4 Laptop: ₦325,000 – ₦405,000 
  •  Elitebook 820 G3 Laptop: ₦320,000  – ₦495,000 
  •  Elitebook 850 G4 Laptop:₦ 405,000 – ₦490,000 
  •  HP Elitebook 850 G3 Laptop: ₦325,000 – ₦400,000
  •  Spectre 13-BT0 X360 Convertible Active Pen Intel Core I7: ₦ 580,500


Apple Laptop Price in Nigeria

Apple is known for it’s classic and luxury products, and the laptop is not exempted. These laptops are getting extensive usage in Nigeria recently. The laptops pack top functionality, efficacy, exceptional audio performance, long-lasting battery, and quality.

  •  Macbook (the 2015 12-inch model): ₦520,000 Naira – ₦850,000 Naira
  • Mac Air: ₦357,000 – ₦550,000
  •  MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: ₦564,000  – ₦1,550,000


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Prices of Dell Laptops in Nigeria

Dell is one of the most respected computer manufacturers in the world. This product offers a wide range of durable, versatile, and valuable products. Dell laptops are available in different specs, designs, processor, and prices.

  •  Inspiron 15 3567 Laptop – ₦99,000– ₦147,795
  •  Inspiron 15 5000 Series – ₦197,300
  •  Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop – ₦465,000  – ₦850,000 
  • Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop – ₦820,000 – ₦ 1,350,000
  • XPS 13 Laptop – ₦430,000 – ₦650,000


ASUS Laptops Price in Nigeria

ASUS is another good brand whose product is not so common in Nigeria. The laptops are excellent as it comes with top functionality, sound processor, and sleek designs, but the spare parts of this brand are not common.

  •  X553MA: 90,500 – 220,000 Naira
  •  Vivobook Max X541: N109,000 – N190,000
  •  ROG Strix GL702 Gaming Laptop: 760,000 – 1,155,000 NGN
  • ROG G75VW 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop: N425,000 – N500,000


Acer Laptops Price in Nigeria

Acer is another renowned brand in Nigeria. It offers a wide range of product which comes affordable. The product of Acer might not be compared to HP, Lenovo, or Dell in durability, but the product is good.

  •  Aspire ES1: 77,000 – 320,000 Naira
  • Swift 1: N225,000
  • Aspire E3 Laptop: 98,000 – 155,000 NGN


Prices of Lenovo Laptop in Nigeria

Lenovo is another famous brand in Nigeria. The china product comes durable and affordable. The brand makes a good, quality, and fantastic product that comes cheaper than others. Lenovo laptop prices are highlighted below:

  •  IdeaPad 110: ₦69,000 – ₦150,000
  •  G50-80: ₦145,500 – N300,000
  •  Yoga 910: ₦440,000 – ₦990,000
  • Thinkpad E470: ₦202,000 – ₦359,000


Buyer’s Guide for Laptops in Nigeria

There are specific things to know and look out for when purchasing laptops in Nigeria. They include:

  1. Size: Laptops come in different sizes, full-size ones and mini-laptops. The one you will go for depends on your choice. Mini-laptops are portable, but the screen size cannot compete with a full-size as well as the DVD ROM which is not present in mini-laptops.
  2. Operating System: when buying laptops, you should be sure of the OS you want is it MAC, windows or android? What you need the laptop for as well as your taste will determine which one to go for.
  3. Processor: the processor of the computer will determine how fast it’s going to run applications. The laptop processor as to do with the purpose so if you work with software you will need to look deeply into this but if your computer is for light work, typing, surfing the internet and no intense technicality then you don’t need to take cognizance of this.
  4. Memory: this is another thing to look out for when picking any laptop. This also has to do with the work in view, If you are on a light task, you can go for a 4GB, but if you are involved in a lot of technical jobs then you can go for 6GB,8GB,16GB & 32GB depending on the work.
  5. Display: the screen size, resolution, and display of the laptop is essential. The display of the computer matters a lot as it gives whatever you are doing a good outlook. If you use your system for editing, gaming, and other visual activities, then you should look deep into this.



Laptops are used in offices, academics, and other places. It should be noted that laptops come with other features like Bluetooth, microphone, fingerprint, and others.

So, if you want to buy your laptops, go for that one that suits your need, taste, and choice. Also, endeavour to get from trusted sellers. You can also get these laptops from online shopping malls in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga, Jiji, among others, you can also visit tech stores available in your locality.



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