Top 10 Best Offline Action Games for Android Phones & Tablets

Which Is The Best Action Game Offline?

A lot of Android phone and tablet users have complaints about data. This is because almost every application and game on the devices require data. However, It’s a relief to know that there are offline action games that are available for Android phones.

In recent times, gaming is one of the ways through which people exercise their body and brain while spending their leisure time. There are various games available, but the most preferred of them all are action games. Different action games are available for different devices. There are action games for laptops, gaming consoles, as well as phones. The action games available on Android phones might be different from that of iPhones, window phones, among others.

It should be noted that there are several action games available for Android phones, most of which are offline action games. These offline action games are on google play store sitting pretty and waiting for you.

So are you scared of using your data on games or just looking for action games to play on your android phones without data or wifi? This post is definitely for you.

Top 10 Best Offline Action Games for Android

There are many offline action games for android, and here are the top 10 of them all. They include Alto’s adventure, Unkilled, Critical Ops, and many more. For the sake of this post, we will take the games one after the other, after which you can visit your play store to download the one that suits you.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is one of the hottest games available on google play store. It is an offline game available for Android. It is of two types namely: Deathmatch mode where players compete for a maximum kill within a time frame and Defuse mode where bomb detonation occurs.

The game involves a lot of tactical and critical thinking because it is very challenging as well as a fun-filled one. It is a product of  Critical Force, and it came into the world of game for Google in 2015. There is also its apple version on apple store.


Unkilled is a multiplayer, special op and extra-long storyline zombie shooter game. It features survival in an apocalyptic world with a terrifying zombie outbreak in New York City.

It begins with one elite member of the task force doing dirty works in Big Apple street called Wolfpack. As a player, you will be part of a private military organization which is digging into streets, subways, sewers, and back alleys of New York uncovering different big plots.

In this game, survival is a must. Unkilled is from Madfinger games, and it was released in 2015 for both Android as well as IOS.

Geometry Wars 3

Geometry Wars 3 is an arcade game with loads of over 100 action levels. The multi-directional shooter game features traveling through a three-dimensional map with 15 3D grips or 12 battle modes.

The game starts by shooting at enemies who plan to destroy a claw-shaped ship. The player shoots independently, thereby scaling through attacks and other things happen across different modes and levels.

The game is available for not only Android but other smartphone users. Geometry War 3 cost less than $10 on the play store.

Space Grunts

Space grunts feature a team investigating the problem of a moon-base sending a distress signal. The group is a  problem solver.  As a player, you are part of the space grunt team investigating the issue of one of the moon-bases built across the galaxy.

Your mission is to go into space, fight your way through robots, security drones, and aliens. After which you will get to the lower levels of the moon-base and figure the problem out. Space Grunts is a product of Orange Pixels.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is another mind-blowing action game for Android, which requires zero internet connection. It was released in 2015 by Snowman.

The game features a journey in the wilderness. It also involves a rescue mission of Ilamas and survival in a harsh condition within a short time.

Alto’s adventure is very light in size, which means it will consume little space, and it is available for download on play store costing a token, but playing it requires no data. Alto’s adventure is a fantastic game for adventure lovers.

Implosion Never Lose Hope

Implosion Never Lose Hope is another amazing offline action game for android users. It was released for Android in 2015, composed by Kevin Penkin and published by Rayark Inc.

The game set in a way that it features battling with a mysterious being XADA after the human race was faced with the threat of extinction 20years after earth fell. Implosion Never Lose Hope is a hack and slash game where players use mecha sword and range gun for attacks,

It also packs console-level graphics and intense gameplay which will keep you on top of your game throughout the session. However, there are other available levels of this game, but it must be paid for. Action game lover, is that what you call yourself? If yes, then a trial of this game will get you addicted.

Into the Dead

If you are a big fan of scary movies, vampire movies or zombie series, then this game is built beautifully for you. Into the Dead is another zombie apocalypse game which requires survival by fighting the dead.

The game is a product of PikPop, and it came into existence in 2012 for Android as well as other smartphones. It features mind-blowing graphics in a terrifying and intense play mode.

It starts by running through a large number of zombies, as a player you escape by swaying right or left to dodge them. Although, as you run, there are crates of weapons set aside, so fast running is the survival mechanism here.

Scary did I hear you say? Don’t allow your imagination to mess with you. It’s just a game, sit down, play, and enjoy the beautiful game. Interestingly it is free on play store.


Duet is a hypnotic game that is a product of Kumobius born in 2013. It is a minimalist action game where the control of two vessels synchronized is the survival tool.

The game features eight chapters with mind-blowing graphics of great race in a frightening play mode. It, however, runs smoothly on all devices and its download on play store cost less than $3.

The game packs beautiful soundtracks that give the game more life as you play. It seems easy, right? Okay, shoot your shot and go for it to know if this action game is easy or not.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is a beautiful shooting game where what you do is shooting all through. You can also call it an all-around game as the shooting happens at the top, below, above and side is required to survive.

The game came into existence in 2006 by Infinite Dreams and packs impressive features that make it engaging to play. It comes with fantastic levels, beautiful voice-overs, varying missions, amazing electronic soundtrack, 3D graphics, great battles, and many more. With the current technology used in building up android phones, this game will work perfectly and come out well. Sky Force Reloaded is available on play store for free download.

So what are you waiting for? Why not have this remarkable experience and enjoy the moment.


Xenowerk is a replica of Contra Back on SEGA gaming console. It is a product of Pixelbite Game, and it came to life in 2015. The game is one of the best offline action games available on play store for Android.

Xenowerk is a shooting game which takes place in an underground science lab where challenges of combating skills pop up. In the game, a wide range of weapons are set aside for you to use as it is a battle with mutants.

This challenging game is an exciting game with almost 70 levels, and it is available for free on play store.


Offline action games are of enormous quantities on play store for Android. None of these games is so expensive, so if you have the token needed for some of then, you can download.

Enjoy these games, recommend the post and the games for your friends as well as families and acquaintances who are lovers of action games. Remember to tell them it required no data to play.

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