Paramedic Salary Canada 2023 (Top 10 cities)

Where Are Paramedics Paid The Most In Canada?

Paramedic Salary Canada

This guide is a peep into the world of paramedics and a detailed expository on the salary of paramedics employees in Canada.
Health practitioners are by all standards influential personalities for our survival. For someone who has enjoyed stable health conditions and has not had to spend nights in a clinic before, the role of health practitioners may be overlooked.
The outbreak of COVID-19 has shown the whole world how health workers are essential regardless of the place we have subconsciously placed them. Among health practitioners, there are a specific group of persons called paramedics. In Canada, these persons may be confused with other health practitioners, but they shoulder a greater burden.

A paramedic is a medical professional whose specialty is in emergency treatment. Paramedics are not doctors, nurses, or physician’s assistants, but they make the jobs of these professionals easy when emergencies arise.
On close analysis of the word “paramedic,” we can highlight their job description and their role in the medical field. Paramedic is a compound word gotten from two words, “para,” which means next to, and “medic,” which means doctor. Putting the two words together, Paramedic means next to a doctor, and this is what they do – assist doctors and nurses.
Typically, a paramedic can stand in and handle emergency cases before a doctor arrives. This incredible line of work holds so much importance even though it is rarely seen. In this article, the focus is on paramedic salary in Canada and how the whole field of endeavor operates.
There are variations of names for workers in the paramedic sphere in Canada. They include ambulance attendants, emergency medical attendants (EMA), emergency medical responders, and paramedics. According to the National Occupation Classification Code (NOC), the classification code for paramedics is 3234.

Average (EMT) Paramedic Salary in Canada

Paramedics can be said to be an in-demand job in Canada. On average, the salary of a paramedic is around $55,000 – $75,000.
The highest-paid workers in Canada are in Toronto, Ontario, and earn around $42.00 per hour. In contrast, the lowest workers are found in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island and earn approximately $25.00 per hour.

Table Showing the Average (Median) Paramedics Salary in Canada

[table id=133 /]

What Paramedic Do In Canada

During the introduction, I made it clear that paramedics are not doctors or nurses, but they support these medical professionals.

A paramedic would be needed in the following scenarios:

  • Accidents and emergencies
  • Pre-hospital emergency care
  • Moving patients to and from medical facilities
  • Supply and maintenance of ambulances and emergency care equipment

A paramedic would conduct a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use a defibrillator, give a patient tracheotomy, interpret patient data on monitoring equipment, provide antidotes for drug overdose and poisoning, and provide a detailed account of a patient’s condition to a doctor, amongst others.
Paramedics work as part of medical emergency teams and are expected to be under the supervision of a professional medical doctor. They can make decisions about patient care and supervise the other members of their team who have less training, such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

Paramedics are not Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), though many EMTs become paramedics. EMTs have the skills to stabilize and transport people who call for emergency medical care. They can use essential equipment in an ambulance. But they aren’t allowed to give treatments that break the skin, with a few exceptions.


Number of Paramedics Employees in Canada

In Canada today, there are over 25,000 paramedic employees. The number is expected to increase as government statistics show that there would be more job seekers in times to come.
Paramedics Licensing
Canada is divided into districts, and these districts are called provinces. Regulations and the practices of regulatory bodies are provincial and are frequently referred to as local regulations.
Paramedicine and paramedics are provincially regulated. A set of individual operators defines the requirements and issuance of a license for the practice of paramedics.
Founded in June 1988 as the Canadian Society of Ambulance Personnel (CSAP), the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) is a voluntary professional organization of paramedicine practitioners. The PAC has a voluntary membership of over 20,000 paramedics from around Canada.

Is Paramedics a Good Job in Canada?

Are you considering pursuing a career in paramedics?
That is certainly not a bad idea. You may find the paramedic salary gratifying, but that should not be the factor on which you hinge your practice of paramedics.
Paramedics is a good job in Canada not because it pays well but because the employment outlook for paramedics is very much promising. Taking Ontario as an example, the employment growth for paramedics in this district is predicted to be strong. In recent times, Ontario has recorded low employment levels in paramedics, which makes it a less competitive field to work in.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Paramedic in Canada?

You are well aware of the paramedic salary in Canada and would like to pursue a career in this direction. Just before you take off like a tornado, I have outlined what it takes to have a career in paramedics.
Before you become a paramedic worker, you must undergo education and training. You will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent and CPR certification. Some states may require an associate degree before you can be allowed to start training to be a paramedic.
There are several paramedic programs, and they come with different requirements. Some may require an EMT certification. Others may require prerequisite classes. The condition differs from program to program and from state to state.
After the paramedic training is complete, you must write the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Paramedic exam. There may be equivalent structures to replace the NREMT Paramedic exam in other states. Candidates who were successful during the exams can apply for certification after two (2) years.

Paramedic salary in Canada Vs Other Countries of the World

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Final Thoughts on Paramedic Salary in Canada

Paramedic is one of the many less competitive and fairly lucrative endeavors among medical practitioners. Aside from the attractive nature of the paramedic salary in Canada, the job continues to record low employment levels, making it perfect for job seekers.

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