Current Prices of Baby Things in Nigeria 2021: Full List

Current Prices of Baby Things in Nigeria 2021

Are you an expecting mother? Or are you already a parent? Are you a recent grandparent? Or maybe you are a trader and you want to know the current prices of baby things in the market. I can assure you that you are in the right place.

Now, when talking about baby things, there are numerous of them. We have clothes, diapers, food, cot, carriers, and many more of them. There is a need to have a reasonable budget and get these things ready before the due date.

This post, therefore, entails the necessary baby things for all moms, things to look out for when shopping for babies, their prices as well as where to get them.


Prices of Baby Things In Nigeria

What To Buy When Expecting a Baby?

Sometimes, it may get really confusing what to get when you are expecting a baby or even when you already have one. Many are not even sure what to pack in the baby bag when going for delivery. Many hospitals’ lists are usually way more than what is necessary.

Here’s a list of the basic things you need to pack in your hospital bag when expecting your baby:

1. Dressing gown/Kaftan – BUY NOW

2. Boppy Pillows – BUY NOW

These might be more comfortable than hospital pillows and give you extra support when breastfeeding your baby.

3. Things to help you relax or pass the time (maybe books or magazines to read, your phone, music, etc).

4. A digital camera or camera phone (that is if you’d like to record the birthing process).

5. Comfortable Clothes  – BUY NOW

Front-opening shirts are useful in the early days of breastfeeding.

6. Lose comfortable clothes to wear before labor and after the journey home

7. Nursing bras – BUY NOW

8. Breast pads to help with leakage. – BUY NOW

9. Nipple Cream – to ensure you don’t have cracks while you breastfeed. (BUY NOW)

10. Heavy-duty maternity pads (BUY NOW)

11. Toiletries – e.g. towels, toothbrush, hairbrush, lotion, deodorant, and toothpaste (BUY NOW)

12. Disposable panties – Don’t bring your best-  you may not be able to use them anymore  (Big cotton panties can be useful if you end up having a CS -they won’t touch your wound). (BUY NOW)

11. Post Pregnancy Stomach/Tummy Bands – (For those that want to get their tummy back in shape as quickly as possible). (BUY NOW)

12. Baby Journal – to record your journey as a new mum. (BUY NOW)

13. Breast Pump – You might want to pack a breast pump if you want to start pumping before you leave the hospital, or plan to be exclusive (pack bottles as well). (BUY NOW)

14. Extra Bag (You should be expecting gifts from friends and well-wishers, even in the hospital). (BUY NOW)

What To Pack For Baby

1. Babies Toiletries

2. Clothing

3. Baby blanket

4. One outfit for the trip home

5. Hat to cover their head

6. Baby Carrier

7. Burp cloths

8. Nappies, wipes and Diaper cream

There are various baby things in the market. The food, clothes, baby carriers, baby cots, and many other things. Let’s look at them one after the other.

Prices of Baby Clothes in Nigeria

Baby clothes come in various forms based on gender although there are unisex baby clothes. For babies, their outfits depending on the weather. When shopping for a baby wardrobe, you need to get outfits that suit all weather. Short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, Bodysuit, sleepsuit, socks, and clothing.

When shopping for clothes, always consider the baby’s growth so get a little big size especially for shoes because the comfort of the baby is necessary. It’s also essential to get these things in pairs.

Socks, sweaters, shawl, sleepwear, dresses, top, shorts, vest, and shirt should be made from light material, and nylons should be avoided to prevent suffocating the baby.

  • Bodysuit: 500-₦1,500
  • Sleepsuit: 1000- ₦4000
  • Beanie: 700-1,500
  • Socks: 500 for three pairs
  • Sweater: ₦2000-₦5000
  • Shawl: 1500-3000
  • Dresses: 1000- ₦5000
  • Vest: ₦700-₦3000
  • Shorts: ₦500- ₦2000
  • Bibs: ₦500- ₦1000
  • Shoes: ₦1000- ₦5000

Prices of baby clothes will differ due to brand, texture, and location especially the imported ones.

Prices of Different Baby Food in Nigeria

For babies aside from breastmilk, they take other food, and it depends on their age. For a baby of 0-3 months, their food is different from that of 3-6months, and it keeps going like that. There are various brands of baby food in Nigeria both locally made and imported ones.

Price of SMA Foods

  • Gold First Infant Milk (400g) for 0-6 months goes for  3,650 – 4,300
  • Pro 2 (800g) for 6-12 months sells around ₦5,500 – 7,200
  •  Wysoy Soya Infant Formula from birth (860g) cost 12,000 – 15,000
  • Pro First Infant Milk (800g)goes for  N6,000 – N7,000
  • Pro Toddler Milk 3 for 1-3 years sells around 7,000 – N8,000


Price of Similac

  •  Go & Grow Sensitive Formula (680g)  goes for 13,000-₦16,000
  • Sensitive Instant Formula (845g) sells around  ₦16,500-₦18,000
  •  Neosure (371g) cost  ₦11000-₦12,000
  •  Soy Isomil (658g) goes for ₦14,500-₦16,000


Price of Enfamil

  •  Neuropro Gentlease (567g) cost ₦16,000-₦17,000
  •  Premium Newborn Formula (629g) sells around ₦14,500-₦16,000
  • Enspire Instant Formula (581g) goes ₦19,000- ₦21,000


Nestle Cerelac Price

  •  12 Months old meal goes for ₦5,000-₦6,000
  • Cerelac Apple & Wheat With Milk sells around  ₦1,750-₦2,000
  • Cerelac Maize & Soya (900g) cost  ₦1,780-₦2,000
  • The price of Cerelac Mixed Fruits Cereal is around  ₦1,650-₦2,000


Price of Nestle NAN

  • Nan 1 & 2 Optipro Infant Formula (400g) cost ₦2,000-₦2,500
  • Nan 3 premium Milk (400g) sells around ₦2600-₦3,000


Aptamil Baby Formula Price


Price of Cow & Gate

  •  0- 6months sells within ₦5000-₦7000
  • 6-12months goes for ₦6000-₦7500
  • 1-2years goes for ₦5800-₦7500


Prices of Baby Diaper & Wipes in Nigeria

We have various brands of the baby diaper as well as the baby wipes in Nigeria both the locally and internationally made ones. They are highlighted below


Price of Baby Diapers

When shopping for baby diaper adequate attention should be paid to the sizes because that of a newborn differs from a year old child. Let’s check out their prices

Molfix Diaper

Pampers Diaper

  • The price of size four count 216 is ₦11,000-₦12.000
  • Size three count 80 goes for ₦3800-₦4500
  • Premium Protection costs ₦20,000-₦22.000
  • Cruisers Economy Diaper Sizes 3-6  sells around ₦22,000-₦24.000
  • The cost of Pamper pants is ₦18,000-₦20.000

Huggies Diaper

  • Size two count 240 goes for ₦22,000-₦24,000
  • Little Snugglers Baby Diapers Size three count 162 is selling around 20,000-22,000
  • Snug & Dry Size six Count 144 sells around ₦19,000-₦21,000

ASDA Diaper

  • Size One count 70 goes for ₦3500-₦4000
  • Odor Neutralising Nappy Sacks By 300 sells around ₦3800-₦4200
  • The price of Little Angels Newborn Diapers Size 3 50 Count is ₦3000-₦3500

Baby Wipes Price

  • Molfix Baby Wet Wipes sells around ₦600₦-5000
  • Pampers fresh, clean Wipe goes for ₦1000- ₦4500
  • Angel Baby Wipes cost ₦1000-₦3500
  • While Prince & Princess goes for ₦1000-₦3500
  • Also, Huggies Pure Wipes sells around ₦700-₦16,000
  • Mamia Sensitive cost about ₦800-₦3500
  • Cusson Soft & Smooth Goes for ₦1000-₦6000
  • Munchkin Warm Glow sells around ₦9,500-₦15,00
  • Lastly ASDA Little Angel sensitive cotton is selling around ₦1000-₦3500

Price of Feeding Accessories

When feeding a baby, utmost attention is a must. You cannot do it with something else. You need to watch and observe the baby while feeding.

Feeding accessories for babies comprise of a lot of things which are:

  • Teething rings: ₦500-₦4,000.
  • Food/bottle warmer: ₦2,000-₦11,000.
  • Flask: ₦1,000-₦5,000.
  • Breast pump: It sells within  ₦3,000-₦150,000.
  • Feeding bottle: 1,000-₦5,500.
  • Bottle sterilizer: 7,000-₦20,000.
  • Spoons & Cups : 1,000-₦5,500.
  • Bottle & Nipple Brush: ₦800-₦2,500
  • Storage containers: ₦800-₦1,500

Baby Nursery Prices

This includes the cot, wardrobe, walker, strollers, changing mat, carrier, monitor, changing table & Pram. The prices of these things depend on the brand and quality of the one you are going for.

Their prices are :

  • Newborn car seat: 5,000-₦150,000
  • Pram: ₦10,000-₦120,000
  • Baby carrier: 5,000-₦35,000
  • Cot₦15,000-₦150,000
  • Baby Bag: ₦3,000-₦10,000
  • Mattress : ₦4,500-₦10,000
  • Mosquito net: ₦1,500-₦8,000
  • Strollers₦30,000-₦120,000
  • Baby rocker₦15,000-₦80,000
  • Changing mats: ₦4,500-₦15,000
  • Monitor :  ₦4,500-₦15,000
  • Safety gate: ₦3,500-₦50,000
  • First aid kits: ₦3,500-₦5,000


Baby Bathing Kits Price

Bathing a baby involves patience and observation, so when bathing a baby(new-born, infant or toddler) you need to be careful, and an adult should do it.

The following are needed to get the baby clean during the bathe:

  • Towels: ₦2,500-₦6,000
  • Washcloths: ₦3,500-₦5,000
  • Brush and comb: ₦500- V2,000
  •  Sponge: ₦500-₦3000
  •  Soap, Lotion, Oil, Cream, Powder, & Moisturizer: ₦15,000-₦23,000
  •  Bath Tub: ₦5.000-₦15,000
  • Hanger: ₦ 3,000- ₦7,000
  • Diaper Cream : ₦2,000-₦10,000
  • Hand Sanitizer: ₦1,000-₦2,000
  • Detergents :₦1,000-₦2,000
  • Disinfectant: ₦300-₦500
  • Thermostat: ₦1,500-₦2,500
  • Nail cutter/Baby Scissors/Soft Nail Enamel File: ₦1,500-₦3,000


Price of Baby Toys

Toys are very essential things for the baby as it helps in keeping them busy. There are different toys based on gender although there are toys that can be used by both genders. So as an expectant mom you can go for the unisex toys.

  • Musical mobile: ₦6,000-₦25,000
  • Bouncer: 5,000-16,000
  • Play mat: 6,000-20,000
  • Play Pen : ₦1,000-₦6,000



Listing all those things doesn’t mean you have to get all, there are some important ones to go for first. As a mother when shopping for your baby, you need to do the same for yourself as you both need it.

Now that you have a good understanding of the things to get for your baby and the prices, you are left with where to get them. Baby things are available across markets, online stores as well as baby shops across the country.


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