Samsung Phone Prices In Canada (2023)

How Much Does Samsung Phone Cost In Canada?

Samsung Phone Prices In Canada

You know how sometimes brands who produce a ton of other products somehow become extremely popular for one. This was the case with Samsung. Except, it wasn’t just one product, but a collection of them.

Come on, say the name with me: smartphones.

Yup, Samsung has been in the game since 1938, but they weren’t an electronics company then. They were into a whole lot of things. Maybe the founder, Lee Byung-Chul, loved to try everything and leave footprints wherever he went.

Samsung started as a trading company on 1st March 1938 in Daegu, Japanese Korea, and over the next thirty years, they ventured into many business areas including insurance, textiles, food processing, and others. They jumped into the electronics industry in 1960 and supposedly, Lee Byung-Chul knew that was where Samsung belonged.

When the founder died in 1987, Samsung was split into five business groups – Samsung Group, Hansol Group, Shinsegae Group, CJ Group, and Joongang Group, and it’s safe to say that the first one remained the best.

The Samsung Group, which has become a very huge parent company today, owns so many subsidiaries: Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung C&T Corporation, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung SDS, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and Cheil Worldwide. They really took this “Make A Name For Yourself” thing very seriously, don’t you think?

Bet you didn’t know that the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates was built by Samsung’s construction branch (Samsung C&T Corporation). They’ve been low-key killing it from the beginning and they still are now.

Well, how about smartphones? When did Samsung release its first smartphone?

Samsung released their first Android smartphone in 2008 in the line of the Samsung Solstice devices and then later, they expanded it into the Samsung Galaxy line, which grew Samsung’s popularity more than expected.

Quick fact: The founder of Samsung disclosed that the Korean hanja word means “three stars” and in the culture, the number three represents something big, numerous, and powerful, so you get the point already. It’s safe to say they definitely lived up to the meaning of the name.

Samsung Phone Prices 2021 Canada

Check out the list below for Samsung phone prices:


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra$1,199.99
Samsung Galaxy S21$799.99
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE$549.99
Galaxy S10+$1,419.99
Galaxy S10$1,059.99
Galaxy S10e$1,019.99
Galaxy S9$859.99


width=”183″>Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra$1089.99
Galaxy Note 10$1,259.99
Galaxy Note 10+$1,459.99


Galaxy Z Fold2$1,999.99
Galaxy Z Flip$1,380.99
Galaxy A71 5G$649.99
Galaxy A70$629.99
Galaxy A51$399.99
Galaxy A50$449.99
Galaxy A20$349.99
Galaxy A10e$199.99


This question gets asked almost every time someone sees the name of the founder because it looks like it has a Chinese origin.

The answer, however, is no. Samsung is not a Chinese company but a Korean company that now operates in nearly every country in the world. It was founded in South Korea and its headquarters are located in the same country, in Samsung Town, Seoul.

Imagine the influence the brand must-have for an entire town to be named after it. That, my dear, is nothing but legendary!


Google is very influential alright but if we’re being realistic, the revenue Samsung already makes from having a ton of subsidiaries is one reason why Google can’t even buy the company.

It’s even Samsung that has the tendency of doing the buying when certain factors are involved, but that’s definitely not happening anytime soon.

Apart from all the subsidiaries under Samsung, they also own a couple of other companies including Novaled (Organic Electronics), TeleWorld Solutions (Network Service Provider), LoopPay (Digital Wallet Platform), and others.

Point is, the question of Google owning Samsung is a no-no.


Apple created Siri for iPhones and the others, so why exactly would Samsung steal Siri from them?

I mean, unless they are a desperate startup Electronics brand that needs a lot of things to stay relevant and in the loop, there’s no way Samsung will add a Siri feature to any of their devices.

However, Samsung has its own voice-powered digital assistant named Bixby. Samsung announced it alongside the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on March 20, 2017…and yeah, Bixby is also the name of a city in Oklahoma.

We don’t know whether they tapped inspiration from the city name though because it was undisclosed.


Samsung is known for adding special features to all its releases right from the very first one. Most Samsung phones after the 2017 S8 and S8+ have an IP68 rating, which simply means that they can survive water depths up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Any time after that will be a terrible idea and if you don’t want to say goodbye to your device, just keep it out of water entirely because you might not realize that you went deeper than 1.5 until it’s too late.

Another thing to note is that being waterproof as a phone doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe from other liquids. It might be pretty confusing, but a phone that can survive water might not be able to survive soda or milk.

Kinda tough, but yeah, that’s how some things are sometimes so don’t forget to be on the lookout for stray liquids (wink).

Oh, and submerging your phone inside water doesn’t mean that water won’t enter the phone, it just means that it won’t cause immediate damage to the parts but it might sign it up for a slow and painful death. Be warned.

So, to answer the question, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and other phones in the series waterproof but it is advisable to keep your phone away from other liquids if you don’t want it to be gone too soon.


If you’re planning to switch phone brands for the sake of trying new things, Samsung is not a bad idea at all…and hey, the Galaxy series is a beautiful place to start.

Like Samsung will say: “It’s time to stop choosing between what you love and what you need.” That alone says it all.

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