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shaw mobile review

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Shaw Communications came up with Shaw Mobile in 2020. It is a new wireless provider with a 4G LTE coverage serving British Columbia and Alberta residents. Customers using Shaw Internet can add up to six lines at a discounted rate that starts from C$0 per month for basic talk and text. This article discusses all the other Shaw mobile plans that are available to both intending and prospective customers.

We would also look at some essential features of Shaw Mobile, such as availability, 5G service, cell phones, and plans. Aside from the Shaw mobile plans, we have compiled a detailed breakdown of the new wireless network provider from Shaw Communications.

Shaw Mobile Provider?

Shaw Mobile is a network carrier from Shaw Communications. It is one of the two wireless network carriers under Shaw Communications, the other being Freedom Mobile. Shaw Communications uses the Shaw Mobile network carrier to provide existing internet customers with premium cell phone services at meager rates.

However, anyone who lives within the coverage area of Shaw Mobile can enjoy the cell phone services provided by the network carrier at a total price.

The Shaw Communications company that started as a cable T.V. company, has continued to expand their business operations, including home internet, satellite T.V., landline telephone, and broadcasting services. Being closely associated with Corus Entertainment, Shaw Communications has dominated certain areas of the Canadian media challenging industry leaders such as Bell, Rogers, and Telus.

Shaw Mobile Plans Availability

At the moment, Shaw Mobile plans and services are available in Alberta and British Columbia provinces. Residents in these provinces can access and use any of Shaw Mobile’s plans and services without any hindrances. Also, these provinces are the only areas where you can get Shaw Mobile coverage.

Canadian telecommunication laws do not allow regional network carriers to provide services to persons outside their primary coverage area. It means that only Canadians living in Alberta and British Columbia have access to Shaw Mobile plans. Others living outside these provinces will not be able to make use of Shaw Mobile.

Although, there is nationwide coverage offered by Shaw Mobile in one of their plans. When you subscribe to the Shaw Mobile premium plan, you can access the Shaw network from the U.S. or Mexico. The cell phones produced by Shaw Communications allow users to automatically connect to Shaw Go Wi-Fi hotspots across Canada and enjoy free internet access.

Shaw Mobile Cell Phones

One of the desires of Shaw Communications is to compete with Canada’s leading network providers. In keeping step with that desire, the company has stocked cell phones designed to access the Shaw Mobile network.

Some of the Shaw Mobile cell phones in stock include the latest iPhone 12 (mini, pro, and pro max versions), Samsung S21, Samsung S20, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A32, iPhone 11, iPhone S.E., Galaxy Note 20, and L.G.’s Velvet.

Other cell phones available in the Shaw Mobile stock are Motorola RAZR, Moto Edge+, One 5G Ace, Moto G Power, Moto E, Alcatel 1E, Alcatel 1B, ZTE Cymbal 2, ZTE Blade A3 L, ZTE Grand X View 4, and Galaxy Tab A 3.4 among others.

Shaw Mobile Plans for Cell Phones

Here is the crux of this article – Shaw Mobile plans for cell phones. Shaw Mobile plans are divided into three categories: Fibre+ Gig Internet and Mobile, Fibre+ Internet and Mobile, and Mobile Only plans.

The first two plans – Fibre+ Gig Internet and Fibre+ Internet are available to Shaw Internet customers in Alberta and British Columbia, while the Mobile Only plan is for those who are starting with Shaw Mobile. I have provided a complete explanation of each Shaw mobile plan, its rate, and provision.

Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet Mobile Plan

The Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet mobile plan is available to eligible Shaw Internet customers residing in Alberta and British Columbia provinces. It offers three mobile plans, which are “By the Gig,” “Unlimited,” and “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico.”

With the “By the Gig” plan, users can network services starting from C$0 per month. It also allows them to enjoy unlimited Canada-wide calling and global texting. An internet fee of C$10 is required to get 1 G.B. data to browse for 90 days.

The “By the Gig” plan also offers standard Voicemail services where messages can be stored for up to 5 days, call control, and access to Shaw Go Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Next, we have the “Unlimited” plan in the Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet mobile plan. For a fee of C$25 per month, users enjoy 25 G.B. of data on the Shaw Mobile network and 2 G.B. on a nationwide network, access to over 450,000 Shaw Go Wi-Fi Hotspots, unlimited incoming calls, and Canada-wide calling, and unlimited texting.

Voicemail services on this plan allow the storage of 50 messages for up to 90 days. If you are a heavy data user, this is the plan for you.

Finally, the Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet Mobile Plan has the “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico” plan. This plan allows Shaw Internet customers visiting the U.S. or Mexico to enjoy Shaw Mobile coverage. The “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico” plan costs C$35 per month.

On this plan, users receive 25GB Fast LTE on the Shaw Network and 2 G.B. on a nationwide network, U.S., and Mexico. While providing access to the over 450,000 Shaw Go Wi-Fi Hotspots, customers can make unlimited calls to Canada while in the U.S. and Mexico and enjoy unlimited incoming calls.

Shaw Fibre+ Internet Mobile Plan

The Fibre+ Internet mobile plan is quite similar to the Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet plan. Both plans offer the same services, which include “By the Gig,” “Unlimited,” and “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico.” The only difference is in the pricing.

“By the Gig” plan starts at C$0 per month, same as in the Fibre+ Gig Internet plan. On the other hand, the “Unlimited” plan costs C$45 per month against the C$25 per month rate on the Fibre+ Gig Internet plan. On the Fibre+ Internet plan, the “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico” plan costs C$55, which is C$20 more than the cost in the Fibre+ Gig Internet plan.

Shaw Mobile-Only Plan

Persons who are not existing Shaw Internet customers will have to go for the Mobile Only plan to use the Shaw Mobile network carrier. Like the other mobile plans in the Shaw Mobile plan listing, the Mobile Only offers three levels of network coverage that includes “By the Gig,” “Unlimited,” and “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico.”

The only difference between this plan and the two other Shaw Mobile plans is the pricing. “By the Gig” on Mobile Only is not free but costs C$15 per month with a data charge fee of C$10 per month. The “Unlimited” and “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico” costs C$85 and C$95 per month.

Does Shaw Mobile Work Outside Canada?

Wondering if the Shaw Mobile network extends their coverage to locations outside Canada? Well, yes, they do. Shaw Mobile works outside Canada but not in every country.

Shaw Mobile only works in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, and in the United States and Mexico. Customers on the “Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico” mobile plan can call the North American countries from Canada and make calls to Canada from these countries.

Does Shaw Mobile Offer 5G Service?

Shaw Mobile does not offer customers 5G services. At the moment, the network carrier makes use of 4G LTE coverage.

Is Shaw Mobile the Same as Freedom Mobile?

Shaw Mobile and Freedom Mobile have been confused as being similar. So if you have joined in the bandwagon of persons who mistake Shaw Mobile for Freedom Mobile, the following paragraph will clear the air and bring an end to the confusion making the rounds.

Shaw Communications own both Shaw Mobile and Freedom Mobile. The two network carriers are independent brands on the Shaw Communications network.

Shaw Communications created Shaw Mobile in 2020, while Freedom Mobile was acquired in 2015 as Wind Mobile.

Both Freedom Mobile and Shaw Mobile exist on their own but are operated by Shaw Communications. Hence, Shaw Mobile is not the same as Freedom Mobile.

Is There a Shaw Mobile App?

To ensure that customers perform tasks seamlessly, Shaw Mobile has created “My Shaw,” a mobile app designed to help customers monitor data usage, pay bills, and update service plans.

How Do I Get Shaw Mobile App

My Shaw is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users. The app makes it easy for Shaw Mobile users to efficiently manage and monitor their data usage, pay outstanding bills, get alerts on upcoming bills, and perform account upgrades.

You can download the app on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.


Shaw Mobile plans are one of the most competitive for residents in Alberta and British Columbia. Since the network carrier is only open to persons living in Alberta and B.C., it would not be a bad idea to sign up for their services.

If for nothing but to gain access to the Shaw Go Wi-Fi hotspots across Canada. What do you think about Shaw Mobile?

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