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What Kind Of Ribs Does Smokey Bones Have?

Smokey Bones Menu and Prices

Smokey Bones can be regarded as a Gen Z restaurant because it opened in 1999. The restaurant began as an arm in Orlando, Florida but has grown to over 60 restaurants across the United States. According to the restaurant management, plans are underway to expand the reach of Smokey Bones to cover more states. 

The Smokey Bones menu is one rich combination categorized into wings, BBQ, burgers, sandwiches, fire-grilled favourites, salads and soups, desserts, and much more. Access to the Smokey Bones menu is available to customers both online and on-site. 

Smokey Bones is one restaurant that has the interest of customers at heart. It is evident in how they handle the birthdays of their customers. On a customer’s birthday, Smokey Bones offers a free dessert from a selection of creamy vanilla cheesecake bites, a hot bag o’ donuts, apple pie minis, and chocolate cake. 

Enough said, let me walk you through Smokey Bones menu and prices. Come with me, FAM. 

Smokey Bones Fire Starters Menu and Prices

The Fire Starters section, also known as appetizers of the Smokey Bones menu, comprises onion rings servings, BBQs, Nachos, Tacos, and Cheese. I have provided a breakdown of items on this section of the Smokey Bones. 

BBQ Crowd Pleaser

The BBQ Crowd pleaser is a delicious recipe. 

Hickory smoked chicken wings with sweet BBQ glaze, mini BBQ Maq Nachos, loaded fries, and crispy fried pickles with buttermilk ranch. You can order for the BBQ crowd-pleaser for $16.99. 

The BBQ Mag-Nacho

When you order the BBQ mag-nacho, you get freshly fried tortilla chips topped with BBQ pulled chicken, hickory-smoked, hand-pulled pork, house-made queso, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, sliced jalapeños, sour cream, sweet BBQ glaze, and cilantro.

Pretzel Bones

The Pretzel bones recipes are comprised of Bavarian soft pretzel sticks; these are served with cheese sauce. It is sold for $8.49. 

Loaded Nachos 

You are served with freshly fried tortilla chips and toppings of homemade queso, fresh tomato salsa, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream, green onions, and sliced jalapeños. You can enjoy this delicious recipe on the Smokey Bones for $10.99. 

Skillet Cornbread 

The skillet cornbread served at Smokey Bones restaurant comes with a unique honey pecan butter. You can enjoy munch on this while at Smokey Bones for $7.99. 

Loaded Cheese Fries 

By ordering the loaded cheese fries recipe on the Smokey Bones menu, they will serve you cheese fries with BBQ seasoning, chipotle mayo, BBQ glaze, diced green onions, cheddar jack cheese, bacon, and tomatoes with buttermilk ranch. Smokey Bones restaurants charge $9.99 per serving

Fried Pickles 

Enjoy fried pickle chips served with buttermilk ranch, and it goes for $7.99

Onion Rings 

Onion rings are a lovely way to satisfy your taste buds while ensuring you do not add weight. When you order the Onion rings recipe on the Smokey Bones menu, you get any bacon ranch, chipotle ketchup, or chipotle mayo. Onion rings at Smokey Bones are sold for $7.99. 

Grilled Chicken Taco with Guacamole 

If you’ve followed Costfinderr for some time, you will notice my love for chicken. It has a particular spot in my heart and when you make your way to Smokey Bones, make sure you try the grilled chicken taco. It is served with guacamole and sold for $10.49. 

Smokey Bones Wings Menu

After carefully considering the Smokey Bones menu, it is safe to say one of the specialities of this restaurant is wings. The wings sold at Smokey bones are divided into two categories, namely smoked wings and chicken wings. 

The smoked wings version is served as a giant, juicy, rubbed, home-smoked wings. In addition, Smokey Bones allows customers to choose from any tossing sauces available at the restaurant. 

Smoked wings are sold in quantities, and their prices are as follows: 

  1. Eight smoked wings – $12.49 
  2. 12 smoked wings – $19.49 
  3. 24 smoked wings – $28.00
  4. 48 smoked wings – $52.50
  5. 96 smoked wings – $98.99

For my favourite – chicken wings, they are sold in quantities as follows: 

  1. 8 Wings – $12.49
  2. 16 Wings – $19.49
  3. 24 Wings – $27.99
  4. 48 Wings – $52.49
  5. 96 Wings – $98.99

Smokey Bones Burgers Menu and Prices 

Smokey Bones offers burgers, and they are delicious. Hamburgers are cooked patties of ground meat, typically beef, placed in a sliced bread bun or roll. If you want to enjoy some hamburgers, here is a list of the kinds offered at Smokey Bones and their price list. 

  1. Smokehouse Burger ($12.49)
  2. Smokehouse Angus Burger ($13.49)
  3. Loaded BBQ Burger ($12.99)
  4. Loaded BBQ Angus Burger ($13.99)
  5. Big Time BLT ($12.49)
  6. Big Time Angus BLT ($13.49)
  7. Smoke Stack ($19.99)
  8. Smoke Stack Angus ($20.99)
  9. Avocado Turkey Burger ($11.99)
  10. Morning Glory Burger ($12.49)
  11. Morning Glory Angus Burger ($13.49)
  12. Our Chicken n’ Waffle Burger ($11.49)

Smokey Bones Ribs Menu

Want to enjoy tasty ribs? Smokey Bones ribs menu has very nice ribs you should try. You enjoy two kinds of ribs at Smokey Bones restaurants, namely baby back ribs and St. Louis ribs. 

Baby Back Ribs

You will be thrilled to know that the baby back ribs sold at Smokey Bones have won awards. I thought to let you know that you would consider ordering this lovely recipe when you visit Smokey Bones. The baby’s back ribs are seasoned, hand-rubbed, and home-smoked for 4 hours. They are served with flavored sweet and Smokey BBQ sauce and served with any two regular sides of your choice. 

The baby back ribs are sold in quantities such as 1/3 rack for $17.99, house rack for $23.99, and full Rack for $26.99. 

St. Louis Ribs 

The St. Louis ribs are one of the latest additions to the Smokey Bones menu, and it comes in the exact quantities as baby back ribs. It is served with the same toppings and Smokey BBQ sauce as baby back ribs. Below are the different quantities they are served in:

  • 1/3 Rack – $16.99
  • House Rack – $22.99
  • Full Rack – $25.99

Smokey Bones Fire Grilled Favorites Menu and Prices 

The food recipes on this section of Smokey Bones menu are truly fire-grilled. They are served with any sauce of your choice. I have highlighted them and how much each serving cost. 

  1. USDA Choice Petite Sirloin sold for $15.00
  2. USDA Choice Sirloin sold for $18.99
  3. Ribeye Steak sold in 14 ounces at $29.99
  4. Prime Rib is sold in small and large quantities for $20.99 and $29.99, respectively.

Smokey Bones Chicken Menu and Prices 

Enjoy some of the best chicken in the United States when you walk into any of Smokey Bones’ restaurants. The restaurant sells chicken recipes in three distinct varieties. The recipes include BBQ chicken sold for $15.99, smokehouse chicken sold at $15.99, and chicken fingers for $13.49. 

Smokey Bones Seafood Menu

If you love seafood, I am optimistic you will love any seafood recipes on the Smokey Bones menu. They include: 

  1. Fire-grilled salmon ($18.99)
  2. Fish & Chips ($14.99)
  3. Southwest Chicken Mac & Cheese ($14.99)
  4. Sausage & Asiago Melt ($14.99)
  5. Spicy Bacon Chicken Melt ($14.99)
  6. Four Cheese Mac & Cheese ($14.99)

Smokey Bones Soup & Salads

The Smokey Bones menu comes with soups, stews, and salads as well. The soups and salads section contains some attractive options for the guys who would not want to order crispy stuff or beef or chicken. They include:

  1. Stacked Baked Potato & Salad ($9.99)
  2. Steak & Spinach Salad ($14.79)
  3. Nutty Chicken Salad (12.49)
  4. Charbroiled Chicken Caesar Salad ($12.69)
  5. Fire-Grilled Salmon Salad ($15.99)
  6. Pulled Chicken Chopped Salad ($12.99)
  7. Specialty Soup & Salad ($8.49)
  8. Side Salad ($3.99)
  9. Homemade Brunswick stew ($4.99 for a cup and $5.99 for a bowl)
  10. Tomato & Grilled Cheese Soup ($4.99 for a cup and $5.99 for a bowl)

Smokey Bones Sandwich Menu

Want to enjoy sliced cheese or meat and choice vegetables between slices of bread? Order for any of the sandwiches on the Smokey Bones menu and have a taste of a well-prepared sandwich. The sandwiches and their prices include:

  1. Smoked Brisket Sandwich ($12.49)
  2. Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich ($10.99)
  3. Pulled Pork Sammy ($10.49)
  4. Bones Buffalo Chicken Sandwich ($12.99)
  5. Specialty Soup & Sandwich ($10.99)
  6. The Cuban ($10.49)
  7. The California Club ($11.29)

Smokey Bones Desserts Menu

From appetizers to your primary course and then desserts, Smokey Bones has you covered. In addition, the restaurant features a dessert menu with four delectable recipes that would be a lovely way to end your food adventure. 

The sandwiches and prices on the Smokey Bones menu include:

  1. Hot Bag O’ Donuts ($6.99)
  2. Leaning Tower of Chocolate Cake ($7.49)
  3. Belgian Waffle Sundae ($6.99)
  4. Berry Cheesecake ($7.69)

Smokey Bones Kid’s Meal Menu 

Kids are not left out of the provision by Smokey Bones. The restaurant features a collection of meals designed for children. 

They include cheeseburgers, 1/4 BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, loaded chicken fingers, brisket sandwich, chicken N’ waffle, BBQ pork Sammy, and chicken fingers. 

Final Thoughts on Smokey Bones Menu and Prices 

Now you have an idea what how the recipes at Smokey Bones are sold. You can walk into any Smokey Bones restaurant or place an order online. If you wanted to purchase and perform a takeout, you could ask the waiters and waitresses. 

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