Tesla Canada Model and Prices (2023)

How Much Does A 2022 Tesla Cost In Canada?

Tesla Canada Prices 2021

Check out the list below for Tesla prices in Canada:


Tesla Model S Long Range$109,090
Tesla Model S Performance$135,090


Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (Rear-Wheel Drive)$55,990
Tesla Model 3 Long Range (All-Wheel Drive)$65,990
Tesla Model 3 Performance (All-Wheel Drive)$75,990


Tesla Model X Long Range$116,090
Tesla Model X Performance$142,090


Tesla Model Y Long Range (Rear-Wheel Drive)$66,390
Tesla Model Y Long Range (All-Wheel Drive)$72,390
Tesla Model Y Performance (All-Wheel Drive)$84,390


Cybertruck Single Motor RWDPre-order
Cybertruck Dual Motor AWDPre-order
Cybertruck Tri-Motor AWDPre-order


Tesla RoadsterPre-order
Tesla Founders Series RoadsterPre-order

It’s rare for someone to see the word ‘Tesla’ and not think, “Okay, this sounds sleek” and that was probably what the CEO at the time thought when he decided to stick with the name.

Prior to popular belief, it wasn’t actually Elon Musk that invented Tesla, but he is considered a co-founder because he contributed financially to the entire project.

So what makes Tesla so special? Well, Tesla is a company that makes electric vehicles with the sole purpose of growing the sustainable energy industry. This simply means that Tesla does not need gas to run. There might be a lot of clean energy cars but Tesla was the first to use batteries like those used in consumer electronics.

Many people were involved in the founding of Tesla, but they collectively decided to name it after the electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla, who created the AC electric motor that is used in Tesla cars.

Before they settled for a name, there were a lot of complaints from different sectors because, I mean, this is a world where everyone can’t agree with everything. Some people thought it was ‘unfair’ that all their work would be attributed to just one person, but they didn’t get the fact that things don’t work that way.

One day, while in Disneyland, with his girlfriend (who is now his wife) the CEO, Martin Eberhard, asked her what she taught about the idea of naming the company after the man and she loved the idea. Some months later, Tesla Motors was incorporated on July 1, 2003.

Elon Musk came into the picture in late 2008. Okay, technically he was in the picture since 2004, but he gained the co-founder title in 2009. There was a lawsuit settlement agreed between the CEO and the company to allow five people to be called co-founders of Tesla: Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, Elon Musk, Ian Wright, and J.B. Straubel.

Before this co-founder agreement was made, Elon Musk succeeded Ze’ev Drori as the CEO in October 2008 and has owned the title till date. So he is a co-founder, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla Inc.

The Tesla story is a very inspirational one and their financial status keeps getting upgraded all the time because of the number of people that buy their products and stocks. They really have this car industry thing figured out.


So Elon Musk was a colossal form of financial support during the founding of Tesla because he invested 30 million dollars and was made the Chairman of the company, and he contributed a to a lot of projects with his time and supervision and all of that. He later became the CEO of Tesla Inc. and technically he calls the shots over there.

However, all of this doesn’t make him the owner of Tesla because you can’t say Tesla is owned by one particular person.

The members of the team that made the first car, Roadster, are co-inventors and all the guys at the top have a hand in the Tesla history so the company isn’t owned by only one individual.

Simply put, Elon Musk isn’t the owner of Tesla, but he is a co-founder. That’s how it works.


Many people wonder if there’s any Tesla car that runs on gas at all. It’s normal to be curious about that anyway because electric cars aren’t really popular worldwide, so in some people’s eyes, it’s for the elite in the society.

Well, technically, it is for the elite…for now. Experts have disclosed that very soon (in about three years), they will make sustainable energy available to almost every class in the society, both the extremely rich and the average class. It’s going to be a revolution!

Fact remains that Tesla doesn’t use gas. None of the models they have manufactured do and all the people that have knowingly or unknowingly tried to start a Tesla car with gas have failed hilariously.

Are there cars that can run on both gas and electricity? Of course there are. Those types of cars are called hybrids, and Tesla doesn’t make hybrids. They only stick with making cars that run on electricity. We don’t if they are going to manufacture hybrids or gas-run cars in the future, but for now, they’re not. Don’t mix things up.


Nikola Tesla, the person they named the company after, is a Serbian-American and this gives way for a lot of questions from people. What type of questions, though? The usual, “since the guy is partly from Serbia, does it mean Tesla is partly Serbian too?” and the rest.

Well, the answer is no. Tesla is fully an American company and its headquarters are located within the United States in Palo Alto, California. Tesla was founded in America, and it hasn’t left its roots.

There are a lot of Tesla offices all over the world though because there’s a lot of foreign work going on worldwide. Almost every country in the world has a Tesla office. Isn’t that huge?!


There are many factors to consider when ranking cars, but with Tesla cars, people mostly rank them according to speed and efficiency.

In Tesla’s words, “With the longest range and quickest acceleration of any electric vehicle in production, Model S Plaid is the highest performing sedan ever built.” If this doesn’t explain how fast it is, I don’t know what will.

So if you want to buy a Tesla that you can flaunt in a race, the Model S is the one for you.


Tesla is taking over the car industry and hopefully, soon we will all be able to get a Tesla model for ourselves…soon.

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