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How Far Is Ocean Maya Royale From Airport?

The Ocean Maya Royale Review

As a couple, your choice of a vacation spot will be somewhere with facilities and amenities tailored to meet the needs of adults. In simple terms, the names of those places have the phrase “Adults Only.” If you are looking for one of these adults-only vacation spots, the Ocean Maya Royale All-inclusive resort will be an attractive option to choose.

The Ocean Maya Royale resort in Mexico is among many resorts Mexico dedicated to adults. Such resorts make it possible for visitors to have their vacation all to themselves. It is often the best option to take when you want to have a romantic getaway or a chance to rekindle the fire of love between you and your spouse.

With facilities tailored to serve adults, the Ocean Maya Royale presents a perfect location for honeymooners and couples. Anyone looking for the best place to have a vacation with their spouse ought to look in the direction of this resort.

Children can be distractions when intimate issues are involved. No matter how you try, carrying your children along while on vacation will still put you under some levels of pressure. You want to be sure they have eaten, you are careful they do not swim too deep, and so many other worries. With your kids, your vacation will be futile to a certain extent if planned to achieve some form of intimacy and romance.

Aside from just bringing children along, going to an adults-only hotel comes with loads of benefits. They provide more luxurious benefits than standard hotels, top-notch spas, and adult-themed entertainment, among other things. Being an adults-only resort, I have come up with some of the best reasons why you should visit the Ocean Maya Royale resort.

I have also provided detailed answers to questions relating to the resort. If you have your vacation planned and are searching for a resort that has amenities and offers services for adults, then get prepared for a trip to Mexico as our searchlight beams on the Ocean Maya Royale resort.

Why You Should Visit Ocean Maya Royale Adults-only All-inclusive Resort

This section will convince you to choose Ocean Maya Royale’s all-inclusive resort ahead of your upcoming vacation. By way of introduction, you already know the resort is an adults-only resort which means everything about Ocean Maya Royale resort is targeted at adults.

That is not enough reason to get on a flight to Mexico. To better inform your decision about where to spend your vacation, here are some of the services and features of the resort that are noteworthy.

Beautiful Scenery

Ocean Maya Royale resort is located on the Yucatan peninsula on the Caribbean coast. This, for me, is the biggest turn-on of the resort.

Imagine a timeout with the love of your life overlooking the waves of the Riviera Maya as it beats on the sands of the beach. Waking up to the sound of the waves as they pierced through the morning breeze is better experienced than narrated.

The Ocean Maya Royale all-inclusive resort scenery is very enchanting, majestic, and full of splendor.

Luxury Rooms

The Ocean Maya Royale resort is made up of 320 rooms, and they are exquisite. These rooms are grouped into Maya Deluxe, Privilege Junior, Privilege Honeymoon Maya Deluxe, Privilege Honeymoon Junior Suite, and Privilege Romance Suites.

If you look at the names of these suites closely, you will see that the Ocean Maya Royale is truly the place for your romantic getaway. I will dwell on this for a while. Let me take you on tour around the suites in this resort, so you see why I am recommending the resort as a potential vacation spot for your proposed vacation.

Maya Deluxe Suite

Spacious. Comfortable. Elegant. Contemporary décor. Furnished balcony.

These are the features of the Maya Deluxe room. The rooms in this category can accommodate three to four persons and offer a pool and garden view. Visitors are provided with TVs displaying international contents, Wi-Fi, a safe box, and a minibar which gets refilled daily.

The bathrooms are made with marble in this suite, containing adapted showers, hairdryers, and cosmetic mirrors. For me, this is the option if you need a nice room with a low budget. There is more, though.

Privilege Junior Suite

The rooms at the Privilege Junior Suite of the Ocean Maya Royale resort provide garden views. You would probably like the garden view at the Privilege Junior Suite if you and your spouse are enthusiastic about gardening and plants. Well, if you are not, other things may interest you.

Staying at the Privilege Junior Suite offers visitors personalized breakfasts, free minibar refilling on an all-inclusive basis, access to the Privilege Lounge, À la carte menu for breakfast and dinner Nespresso coffee machine.

The built-in sun terrace is one of the best parts of the Privilege Junior Suite. Sun terraces offer the best of views and a space to relax with your spouse. In addition to the equipment at the Maya Deluxe rooms, Privilege Junior Suite features a pillow menu, pool towels, scales, bathrobes, and slippers.

Privilege Honeymoon Maya Deluxe Suite

The honeymooners who want to visit the Ocean Maya Royale resort would love to lodge two categories of rooms. One of which is the Privilege Honeymoon Maya Deluxe Suite, and it features some of the best facilities for couples who are starting in marriage.

Honeymoons kickstart the marriage journey, and you and your spouse should make it a memorable experience. At the Privilege Honeymoon Maya Deluxe Suite, couples are treated to the best elegant rooms and services best suited for a romantic period.

Privilege Honeymoon Junior Suite

This is the second category of suites at the Ocean Maya Royale all-inclusive resort for honeymooners. The rooms are designed to accommodate two adults, and it is the perfect place for resting and having a romantic getaway for couples starting in marriage.

The rooms are equipped with large living rooms, Jacuzzis, and furnished terraces. The Privilege suite services are offered to visitors in the Privilege Honeymoon Junior Suite, including free minibar refilling, dinners at themed restaurants, sun terraces, À la carte menus, access to the Privilege lounge, and much more.

Romance Suite

Romance is at the core of the rooms in the Ocean Maya Royale Romance Suites. The rooms are modern, spacious, features special amenities, and consist of bedrooms, separate lounges, and furnished terraces.

Some of the Romance Suite features at the resort include exclusive pool towels, VIP amenities, iDock Station (or iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3, bathrobe and slippers, Bali beds, customer service, sun loungers, Bellboy service, and 10% off Despacio treatments.

If I were to choose a room in any of the suites at Ocean Maya for a romantic getaway, it must be in the Romance Suite. It provides the best of rooms with adult-only services for any couple-related activity. Interestingly, visitors who pay for the Honeymoon Maya Deluxe and Romance Suites will access the Privilege Services at no extra cost.

Moving away from accommodation matters, the resort offers a true gourmet experience for its visitors. Having the best of rooms without provisions for good food is not something I ever want to encounter. I am a cuisine connoisseur that likes to be very comfortable. So while I am interested in luxury rooms and exquisite suites, I am also looking for top-notch restaurants and bars.

With that, let me take you through Ocean Maya Royale’s restaurants and bars.

Ocean Maya Royale Restaurants and Bars

The resort has five themed restaurants, a coffeehouse called Mike’s Coffee, and four bars. These all feature a wide range of international recipes, assorted drinks, and local cuisines. If your taste buds’ cravings are still intact during your vacation, they will enjoy complete gratification at any restaurant in the resort.

One of the restaurants you should look forward to visiting is the Blue Moon Restaurant. The restaurant opens by 6 pm and closes by 10 pm, providing the best romantic dinners for couples. I would probably treat my girlfriend to a treat at the restaurant to propose to her. I hope she does not read this; it would ruin the surprise.

Other restaurants at the resort include the La Hacienda Restaurant, a buffet restaurant that offers various international cuisines, the La Dolce Vita restaurant, À la carte Italian restaurant by the seaside, the Yookoso restaurant, and the El Charro restaurant serving guests the best of Mexican cuisines.

Mike’s Coffee, the coffeehouse at the resort, offers not just coffees but tea and homemade cakes and opens by 4 pm, running till 11 pm.

At the resort’s bars, visitors can enjoy unlimited beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bar at the Lobby serves the best of national and international drinks, the Pool Bar, a typical American à la carte restaurant, the Aqua Lounge, and the Fresco Juice Bar.

Despacio Spa Centre

I am not so into spas, but I am pretty sure every lady will love a visit to the spa. My counsel: whether you are interested in being a spa or not, offer it to your lady. You should not wait for her to ask, mate. And when she does, jump at it with excitement.

The spa offers personalized health and beauty treatments, a hairdressing service, a beauty parlor, massages, Sauna, a whirlpool with cold and hot water, and a relaxation room. There is also a gym at the resort so you can keep the shape even on your vacation. The gym is stocked with resistance machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers, and step machines.

Before I wrap up this article, let me answer some of the frequently asked questions about the resort.

Where Is Ocean Maya Royale Located?

Located in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, Ocean Maya Royale resort is on the seafront of the Riviera Maya just outside Playa del Carmen.

Is Ocean Maya Royale in Playa Del Carmen?

No. The Ocean Maya Royale adults-only resort is not in Playa del Carmen. The resort is in Riviera Maya in the southern regions of Cancun.

How Far is Ocean Maya Royale from Airport?

The distance from the Cancun International Airport to the Ocean Maya Royale is about 46km. It will take 55 minutes to drive from the airport to the resort.

Things to do in Ocean Maya Royale All-inclusive Resort?

While at the resort, here are some cool things to do:

  1. Play tennis
  2. Go to the gym
  3. Beach volleyball
  4. SCUBA diving
  5. Snorkeling
  6. Non-motorized water sports
  7. Visit the Despacio Spa Centre

Does Ocean Maya Royale Have a Swim-Up Bar?

Yes. The resort has a swim-up bar. There are several lounge chairs at the swim-up bar where visitors can sit and enjoy national and international drinks.


No doubt, the Ocean Maya Royale adults-only resort will be the perfect option for your honeymoon, romantic getaway, wedding anniversaries, and even wedding ceremonies. Get packing and purchase tickets to Mexico. Have fun!

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