The Ocean Riviera Paradise Mexico Review 2023

How Old Is The Ocean Riviera Paradise?

The Ocean Riviera Paradise in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

When we want to go on a vacation, we always think of beautiful resorts with exquisite rooms, azure blue lakes, sand beaches, and fantastic cuisines. If you have your vacation coming up, I discovered a lovely spot to go and have an enjoyable time – The Ocean Riviera Paradise in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya.

Vacations are a great way to get out of the fast-paced hustle bustle of life and have time to relax and rejuvenate. Leaders in the hospitality industry continue to help us achieve relaxation by establishing cool places to spend a vacation. One such cool place is in Riviera Maya, Mexico, called The Ocean Riviera Paradise.

Ocean Riviera Paradise is an all-inclusive resort in Mexico that boasts of being a large hotel resort offering some of the best hotel services in all of Mexico. The all-inclusive resort is located in Riviera Maya, a city in Mexico famed for its richness in flora and fauna, long stretches of beaches, and natural parks appealing to be explored.

There are a lot of activities you can engage in while at the Ocean Riviera Paradise. The resort is family-friendly, so if you want to take your family on vacation, maybe spend Christmas, you would be making the right choice. You may also be looking for a romantic getaway; you and your spouse, any of the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort divisions, will afford you the perfect romantic experience.

As an all-inclusive resort, the Ocean Riviera Paradise has other extensions, including the Ocean Coral Spring in Jamaica, Ocean Coral & Turqesa in Riviera Maya, Ocean El Faro in Punta Cana, Adults-only Ocean Maya Royale in Riviera Maya, and Ocean Blue & Sand in Punta Cana.

I will provide a sneak-peek into each of the other hotel resorts after reviewing Ocean Riviera Paradise.

One of the all-inclusive Ocean Riviera Paradise resort features that appeal to many persons is the chance to engage in underwater diving and sports. Sounds risky? You do not have to be scared. What is the point of visiting Mexico without having some adventure? Jokes aside, the sport is safe and does not record casualties as hotel representatives oversee the game.

Aside from underwater diving and having to watch the crystal clear waters of Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos from the sandy beaches under skin-friendly sunlight, I have provided some awe-striking facts about Ocean Riviera Paradise all-inclusive resort that makes it an excellent place to spend your vacation.

How Much Does a Room Cost in Ocean Riviera Paradise Resort?

Here is a rundown of the cost of a room per night at the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort.

RoomsCost Per Night
Junior Suite$190
Daisy Family Junior Suite$198
Junior Suite Edén$222
Junior Suite Edén with Pool View$235
Junior Suite Edén with Sea View$253
Swim-Up Junior Suite Edén$266
Rooftop Junior Suite Edén$290
Rooftop Junior Suite Edén with Sea View$302
Privilege Junior Suite$315
Privilege Swim-Up Junior Suite$350
Privilege Rooftop Junior Suite$370
Master Suite Eden$438
Privilege Master Suite$438
Rooftop Master Suite Edén$550


Why You Should Visit Ocean Riviera Paradise All-inclusive Resort

You are going to find the resort a lovely place to stay but let’s be sure. Here are some of the features of the resort that makes it the perfect choice for your vacation.

Luxury Accommodation

Lovely beaches, exciting games, exquisite restaurants, and what you have are not enough to make you want to spend your vacation in a resort. If all of these are in place and the rooms for guests are in disorder, your vacation would be exciting during the day and hell at night. I am sure you do not want that.

Accommodation at the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort is considerably fabulous. The 900+ room resort comprises four parts: Daisy, Edén, El Beso, and Privilege. Each of these rooms is equipped with all you need to stay in them for as long as your vacation will last.

Whether you are going on a vacation with your spouse or the entire family, you will find a nice luxury room to stay. Families can decide to go for any Suites in Daisy, the Rooftop Master Suites in Edén or the Swim-up Junior Suite, the Master Suite, Swim-up Master Suite all in Privilege.

Couples seeking romantic getaways would find the El Beso adult-only suites a great choice. The Swim-up Junior Suite and the Rooftop Junior Suite in El Beso allow only adults. It is designed to afford couples all they need to have a lovely time together to spend their honeymoon, celebrate their wedding anniversary, or rekindle the fires of their love.

Just having luxury accommodation is not enough in my opinion. I often lookout for the quality of services provided, or is it a bad idea to feel like a prince or princess while you are vacationing? There is something good room services will do to your psychology that helps you relax. I know so.

You can bet on the 24-hour room service offered at the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort. In the Privilege room section at the resort, you get to enjoy an À la carte breakfast brought to your room for the period of your stay. Also, visitors are offered a Concierge and Butler service. The service helps visitors pack and unpack luggage, make reservations at the spa and restaurant, clean shoes, and collect clothes from the laundry.

I would choose the Ocean Riviera Paradise whenever my tour destination points to Mexico.

Lest I forget, visitors are provided internet access with free Wi-Fi installed throughout the hotel. Would you need the internet while vacationing? I thought it was supposed to be a time to be detached from work and the everyday things and relax?

Well, I am not sure I can spend a vacation without the internet. So if you are like me, you would use the free internet access offered by the resort’s management.

Restaurants and Bar

After accommodation comes food, or do, I have to do a priority check? Umm, maybe not. For the sake of your health, be sure to verify the quality of food served in a place before you book your accommodation. You would not want to spend the weeks after your vacation visiting the doctor or dietitian.

The Ocean Riviera Paradise all-inclusive resort is quite a large one. It has over 900 rooms, and I think that the number of restaurants and bars in the resort may be sufficient to meet visitors’ needs trooping in daily.

Ten restaurants, 12 bars, Mike’s Coffee, and an ice cream parlor meet visitors’ belly needs at the resort. Interestingly, the restaurants, bars, and coffee & cream parlor open 24 hours to the guest at the all-inclusive resort. I love to stay up at night, probably writing or checking out new stuff, but I face one challenge – hunger pangs. Getting food at 2, 3, or 4 am can be impossible even in large resorts worldwide but not here in Mexico.

Serving the best of cuisines and recipes both from Mexico and other parts of the world, the restaurants at Ocean Riviera includes Amaranto and Villa Marina that serves international dishes from around the world, La Locanda for the best of Italian cuisines, Bluemoon for romantic dinners, and Sakura an Oriental restaurant serving Teppanyaki grills.

The Steak House restaurant also serves grilled meats, Pez Vela serves Caribbean flavored dishes, Route 66, an American-styled restaurant serving barbecue and hamburgers. Children can enjoy treats at the Daisy Snack bar.

Also, the resort has bars at the beach, Swim-Up pools, a lobby, and a sports center. Lovers of music can be entertained while sipping their favorite drink to some of the best pieces of the Mexican genre at the Lobby bar.

Ocean Riviera Paradise Despacio Spa Centre

What is a vacation without a visit to the spa? Men may not find visits to spas a necessary part of their vacation, but I doubt if I can maintain that stance for women. Out of every ten women, I am optimistic seven would take advantage of the spa while on vacation.

One of the reasons we go on vacations is to relax, and spas offer profound relaxation benefits. A visit to the spa can ease off all the toxins you have gathered before going on that vacation. Imagine when you visit a spa with professionals? It is what the Despacio Spa provides visitors to the Ocean Paradise Resort.

The Despacio Spa features facilities and treatments such as a sauna and whirlpool, fitness center, indoor pools, massage services, face and body treatments, beauty salon, and hairdressing services.

Daisy Club

Remember when I said you could take the whole family on vacation to the Ocean Riviera Paradise? The resort has lovely provisions for everyone, including kids, and the Daisy Club is one of them.

The Daisy Club is designed for kids and teenagers under 12. It offers complete children’s entertainment, including playgrounds, children’s Water Park, games room, bowling alleys, Mini disco with the resort’s mascot, dancing games, kids parties, and other fun activities.

You can have the time of your life with your spouse even when you take your kids along with you. There are enough activities in the resort to keep them busy all day.

Teen Club

Older children may not want like the activities at the Daisy Club. This preference change comes with age, you know. When I clocked 15, I began to see younger kids as too childish, and I never wanted to engage in anything with them.

If you have older kids, around the ages of 13 and 17, the Teen Club is where they should be. It offers more mature teen-friendly activities that every teenager will love. From playing PlayStation and Xbox video games to film screenings to playing table football, mini pool, board games, beach volleyball, beach football, and so on, teenagers can also make the best out of their vacation in Mexico.

Beachside Weddings

Aside from going on a vacation, the all-inclusive Ocean Riviera Paradise resort helps couples have the best wedding. The resort not only provides a lovely location for your wedding, but they also handle all of the planning and execution. Such that, all you have to do is come in with friends, family, and the priest and get married.

Ocean Riviera Paradise Casino

I know that a visit to the casino on Friday night is groundbreaking for the weekend for some persons. If your vacation permits you to stay through the weekend (I wonder why it should not), then a visit to the Ocean Riviera Paradise casino is necessary.

Does Ocean Riviera Paradise Have a Casino?

Skeptical about the presence of a casino in the Ocean Riviera resort? You should not be. Ocean Riviera Paradise has a casino open to all drawn to casino games while at the resort.

I wouldn’t say I like casinos. I am unable to wrap my hands around the intricacies of casino games. If you are not like me, try your luck at the Ocean Riviera Paradise casino when you visit the resort.

FAQs about Ocean Riviera Paradise All-inclusive Resort, Riviera Maya

For the sake of clarity, I will be answering the popular questions about the resort below.

How Many Rooms Does the Ocean Riviera Paradise Have?

There are precisely 974 rooms in the resort. These rooms are divided into four sections which are Daisy, Edén, El Beso, and Privilege. They are segmented into family-friendly rooms and adults-only rooms.

What is the Best Month to Visit Ocean Riviera Paradise?

You would love to go to the resort when the rainfall is very minimal so you can enjoy your vacation without the disruptions of the weather. Mexico experiences fewer rainfalls from November till April.

Hence, the best month to visit the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort is between November and April. I would recommend visiting the spa in December. Seize the yuletide season to enjoy a vacation away from home on Mexican soil.

Ocean Riviera Paradise Reviews

These are some verified Ocean Riviera Paradise reviews from visitors to the resort.

“Excellent staff who were very courteous and attentive to our needs; I loved that the rooms were cleaned every day. The beds in the rooms were very comfortable; the pools and most of the outdoor amenities were great; the Japanese restaurant on site was AMAZING! The entire resort was also very COVID cautious, which made me feel at ease. The drinks at the lobby bar and margarita stand were great.” – Savannah (US)

“The food was fantastic. The room cleanliness was great; the staff was very nice and helpful. Measures for COVID-19 were at a high level (disinfection, protective mask).” – Hana (Slovakia)

“Super clean, excellent staff, beautiful, perfect pools, gym, and good food too.” – Clarisse (United States)

“The food and bars were great. Top-notch. We had a rooftop hot tub room. 100% worth it.” – Chad (United States)

“The staff was incredible and friendly. Our bartenders took care of us and made sure we always had a drink. The food is delicious—only a few things I didn’t like. I usually find these all-inclusive places are hit or miss, but it was batting a very, very high average. The overall price for our week was 840 dollars for two people. I got a massage—a little pricey but well worth it. I felt amazing afterward. That is fantastic for what we received down here. I would recommend this place for a premium product at a cheaper than usual rate if you can get down here.” – Greg (United States)

“Buffet breakfast A++ other food was good. And room service 24hrs no drinks to the room though no service on the beach you had. You had to go get your drinks, great for families the kid pool was awesome.” – Ignacious (Mexico)

“Beautiful location, a great buffet, some of the restaurants were good – others not so great. Clean amenities, lots to do & see, many pools & places to sit on the beach. Great night market at the resort.” – Melanie (Australia)

The resort did not receive all praises. It is typical to find some flaws here and there. Here are some negative Ocean Riviera Paradise reviews.

“The wait time at check-in was horrible. After getting off the plane, I wanted to get to the room and had to wait 3 hours.” – Rosemary (United States)

“The rooms were clean, but furnishings were used. Very crowded beach but pools tended to be less crowded.” – Juliette (United States)

“The beach is not the best—lots of seaweed and very rocky. Also, not all restaurants are open during the pandemic—only 3 at most a day. And my room had a very loud bed. You make a lot of noise when shuffling at night.” – Greg (United States)

“The room needs renewal and maintenance. I asked them to resolve the bath drain being obstructed, but They simply ignored this request. Also, when we arrived at night to check in, around 11 pm, my family was starving, and there was nothing to eat. The hotel’s restaurants were still serving other guests, but the crew told me I could not have any food. I was desperate because of my 2-year-old son. I asked if any external restaurant delivered food, and they also said all should be closed. In the end, after I talked with one attendant, he helped by bringing some bananas, so the child had something to eat.” – Anderson (Brazil)

“Low in staff due to coronavirus creating super slow service.” – Rodrigo (United States)


It is important to note that customers who provided the Ocean Riviera Paradise reviews above were taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. One would not expect services to be at their best. Nevertheless, the resort still retains a particular spot in my considerations for cool places to spend your vacation.



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