Tim Hortons Menu Prices In Canada (2023)

What Is The Price Of Tim Hortons Coffee In Canada?

Did you know Tim Hortons Inc. was initially brought into the picture because a hockey player wanted to start a hamburger restaurant?

Tim Horton (the hockey player) and Jim Charade founded this great powerhouse of pastries and beverages that is standing today. The first restaurant opened its doors on May 17, 1964 in Ontario, but they named it “Tim Horton Donuts.” Seems like Mr. Hockey Player over here was a pretty indecisive man at the time.

He wanted to venture into the hamburger business but later changed his mind and went into the world of breakfast items, like donuts, with his friend. They renamed the restaurant “Tim Horton’s” some months later and then finally, “Tim Hortons” without the apostrophe about a year later. Supposedly, Jim Charade didn’t like the idea of the brand having an apostrophe because it made it seem like it was just for Tim alone.

Some years back, Tim Hortons was a fast-food restaurant with mostly coffee and baked stuff, but today, you can even find sandwiches and soups on the lunch menu because they’ve expanded the brand and widened its horizons.

Tim Hortons remains the fastest quick-service restaurant in Canada till this day and many people say it’s the best place for people who need to grab a quick snack before they head of to work in the morning. “The speed is something else,” someone once said, “And the only thing that could possibly waste your time is deciding on what to actually order.”

The menu at Tim Hortons is complete bliss and the range of flavors are unending. There’s a special part for everyone. A common favorite of Canadians are Timbits, everyone loves those, even people in other parts of the world.

Today, there are over 4,000 stores in more than 12 countries in the world…and they haven’t stopped expanding!

Tim Hortons Menu Prices 2021 Canada

Check out the list below for menu prices at Tim Hortons.


Sausage Biscuit$3.29
Bacon Biscuit$3.29
Sausage English Muffin$2.99
Bacon English Muffin$2.99
Bagel B.E.L.T.$3.99
Maple Flatbread Panini$3.49
Right Start Turkey Sausage & Spinach$3.99
Biscuit with Sausage$2.49
Angus Steak & Egg Biscuit$4.29
Greek Yogurt$2.99
Egg White & Turkey Sausage Muffin$3.49
Homestyle Oatmeal (Mixed Berries or Maple)$2.49


Sausage Biscuit$5.59
Bacon Biscuit$5.59
Sausage English Muffin$5.29
Bacon English Muffin$5.29
Bagel B.E.L.T.$6.29
Maple Flatbread Panini$5.79
Right Start Turkey Sausage & Spinach$6.29
Biscuit with Sausage$4.79
Angus Steak & Egg Biscuit$6.59


Steak & Cheddar Grilled Wrap$3.99
Farmer’s Breakfast Grilled Wrap$3.99


Steak & Cheddar Grilled Wrap$6.29
Farmer’s Breakfast Grilled Wrap$6.29


California Turkey$6.49
Turkey Bacon Club$6.49
Avocado BLT$5.49
Ham & Swiss$4.99
Chicken Salad Croissant$4.79
Italiano Grilled Bagel Sandwich$6.49
Angus Steak & Cheese$6.49
Crispy Chicken$5.99


California Turkey$8.49
Turkey Bacon Club$8.49
Avocado BLT$7.49
Ham & Swiss$6.99
Chicken Salad Croissant$6.79
Italiano Grilled Bagel Sandwich$8.49
Angus Steak & Cheese$8.49
Crispy Chicken$7.99


Mozzarella Pesto Panini$4.79
Bacon Grilled Cheese Panini$5.29


Mozzarella Pesto Panini$6.79
Bacon Grilled Cheese Panini$7.29


Chicken Fajita Grilled Wrap$4.99
Steak Fajita Grilled Wrap$5.49


Chicken Fajita Grilled Wrap$6.99
Steak Fajita Grilled Wrap$7.49


Soup with Ciabatta Bread Small$2.99
Soup with Ciabatta Bread Regular$3.79
Chili with Cheddar Small$3.99
Chili with Cheddar Regular$5.49
Classic Mac & Cheese Small$3.99
Warm Kettle Cooked Chips$1.99


Classic Bagel with Butter$1.19
Classic Bagel with Cream Cheese$2.19
Classic Bagels 6 Pcs$5.49
Classic Bagels 12 Pcs$9.99
Specialty Bagel with Butter$1.59
Specialty Bagel with Cream Cheese$2.49
Donuts 6 Pcs$5.49
Donuts 12 Pcs$8.99
Croissant (Plain or Cheese)$1.49
Cinnamon Roll$1.29
Timbits 10 Pack$1.99
Timbits 20 Pack$3.99
Timbits 40 Pack$7.99
Classic Cookie$0.99
Filled Cookie$1.49
Greek Yogurt$2.99
Take Twelve Small Coffees$15.99


Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) Small$1.59
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) Medium$1.79
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) Large$1.99
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) Extra Large$2.19
Tea (Specialty or Steeped) Small$1.59
Tea (Specialty or Steeped) Medium$1.79
Tea (Specialty or Steeped) Large$1.99
Tea (Specialty or Steeped) Extra Large$2.19
French Vanilla Small$1.99
French Vanilla Medium$2.49
French Vanilla Large$2.99
French Vanilla Extra Large$3.29
Hot Chocolate Small$1.99
Hot Chocolate Medium$2.49
Hot Chocolate$2.99
Hot Chocolate$3.29
Cappuccino Small$3.40
Cappuccino Medium$4.40
Cappuccino Large$4.95
Mocha Latte Small$2.79
Mocha Latte Medium$3.29
Mocha Latte Large$3.79
Café Mocha Small$1.90
Café Mocha Medium$2.10
Café Mocha Large$2.34
Café Mocha Extra Large$2.55
Latte Small$2.49
Latte Medium$2.99
Latte Large$3.49
Caramel Latte Supreme Small$2.49
Caramel Latte Supreme Medium$2.99
Caramel Latte Supreme Large$3.49
Add An Espresso Shot$0.50


Iced Coffee (Original or Dark Roast) Small$1.99
Iced Coffee (Original or Dark Roast) Medium$2.29
Iced Coffee (Original or Dark Roast) Large$2.79
Iced Tea Small$1.49
Iced Tea Medium$1.79
Iced Tea Large$1.99
Soft Drink Small$1.39
Soft Drink Medium$1.59
Soft Drink Large$1.99
Iced Capp Small$2.49
Iced Capp Medium$2.99
Iced Capp Large$3.49
Iced Capp Supreme Small$2.79
Iced Capp Supreme Medium$3.29
Iced Capp Supreme Large$3.69
Iced Latte Small$2.99
Iced Latte Medium$3.49
Iced Latte Large$3.99
Iced Mocha Latte Small$3.29
Iced Mocha Latte Medium$3.79
Iced Mocha Latte Large$4.29
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & Cream Small$2.49
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & Cream Medium$2.99
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & Cream Large$3.49
Frozen Lemonade (Original or Raspberry) Small$1.49
Frozen Lemonade (Original or Raspberry) Medium$1.79
Frozen Lemonade (Original or Raspberry) Large$2.09


Smoothie (Strawberry Banana or Pineapple Orange) Small$2.79
Smoothie (Strawberry Banana or Pineapple Orange)Medium$3.39
Smoothie (Strawberry Banana or Pineapple Orange) Large$3.99


More often than not, when a fast-food restaurant reveals their most popular menu item, people don’t usually agree because it turns out that it’s not the actual item that folks love. This is because popularity is checked by how many times it is bought, not how many times it gets a 5-star review.

However, at Tim Hortons, we can agree that the best of all donuts has to be the Honey Cruller. Okay now, take a chill pill if this isn’t your fav and see the reason why we believe it’s the best.

I mean, have you seen this work of art? The shape is just on another level and the taste compliments the way it looks perfectly. There can’t be a person that doesn’t love it.

Also, for people who are trying to watch their sugar intake, it’s a better option because honey is a safer and more natural sweetener than sugar.

Voila, there you have it!


If your tummy is speaking to you already, you can check out Tim Hortons website for their menu and order whatever will silence those rumbles.

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