Washing Machine Prices in Ghana (2022)

Washing Machine Prices in Ghana (2019)

The role of technology in everyday life cannot be downplayed as it has produced high problem-solving equipment for societies.

One of such equipment is the washing machine. The washing machine, like much other technological equipment, has provided a better, stress-free and efficient way of doing laundry.

Ghana, like any other developing country, has also witnessed a rapid increase in the use of washing machines among households in the country.

Market information has it that the washing machine is one of the most sought after household products in Ghana.

Washing machines come in different types, designs, sizes and brands. And the process of selecting a particular washing machine can be quite cumbersome.

Due to the spread of its use in Ghana, a lot of manufacturers have upgraded some of the machines to enable the product to perform better to enhance customer satisfaction.

Perhaps you about shopping for one, Worry less. Here is the necessary info you need on washing machine including its prices in Ghana.


Washing Machine Prices in Ghana (2020)


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

An aspect of the washing machine, which is of great importance is the size. The choice of the size of the washing machine should be based on the availability of space for the device.

Before purchasing a washing machine, it is crucial to consider the available space in your apartment. This is to prevent you from bringing a washing machine which will take a considerable chunk of space into your home.

The size of a washing machine also determines the number of clothes it can handle at a time. A bigger device will be able to contain more and wash clothes at a time than a smaller machine will.

Another factor to consider before buying a washing machine is your purse. You should need to go above your budget before buying an efficient washing machine. There are lots of top quality washers that are still affordable in the market.

Besides, it is essential to go for reputable brands in the market. Top brands offer high-class, durable and reliable products to customers.

Also, the Efficiency and Performance of the washing machine matters a lot. Before buying your washing machine, you must consider the efficiency and performance of the device.

Most experts affirm that high-efficiency washers can get clothes just as clean as, if not cleaner than, traditional.

Also, high- efficiency washers are proven to put less wear and tear on fabric because they have gentler spin cycles. Unlike agitator-style machines, which beats the filth out of cloth, high-efficiency models toss and tumble clothes until they’re clean.


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What are the advantages of Washing Machines?

You may wonder why people favour the washing machine over the traditional method. The advantages that the washing machine has over the traditional hand washing method cannot be overemphasised.


Washing Machine Prices in Ghana (2020)


Some of the advantages are as follows:

1. Saves time

The machine saves time as you get to spend less time during laundry. You can put a couple of clothes of the same colour in the appliance, and it will effectively wash all the clothes in a few minutes.

This is not possible with the traditional hand washing technique where you can only wash one cloth at a time. 


2. Allows Multi-tasking

The washing machine also allows you to multi-task. You can input the clothes you wish to wash into the machine and start the engine. And also see to another business of house chore you wish to undertake while the machine washes the clothes.

After some minutes you can return to the machine, and your clothes will be clean already.


3. Effort

The washing machine requires less energy to operate, unlike washing clothes with bare hands. All you need to do when using a washing machine is to get the clothes, soap and water into the machine and the machine will do the rest.

The machine also rinses and helps to dry the cloth, which means a dirty fabric can be ready to wear in a matter of minutes.


Prices of washing machines in Ghana

We’ve stated that washers are more advantageous than the traditional approach of washing and that appliances are widely accepted and demanded in Ghana

Now, let’s take a crucial look at the prices of the different washing machine in Ghana.


Samsung Washing Machine 

Samsung washing machine is among the most popular and highly demanded model of washing machines in Ghana. This brand of washing machine comes in both top load and front load designs.

Below are some of the washing machine models of this brand and its prices in Ghana

  • Top load WT70H3200 washing machine 7 kg: GHC 1, 110 – GHC 1, 600
  • Top load WA70H4200SW washing machine 7 kg: GHC 1, 700 – GHC 1, 850
  • Twin Tub WT601132 washing machine 9 kg: GHC 1, 300 – GHC 1, 600
  • Top load WA75H4000 washing machine 7.5 kg: GHC 2, 115 – GHC 2, 400
  • Top load washing machine 9 kg: GHC 4, 050 – GHC 4, 700
  • Front Load washing machine 6 kg: GHC 2, 200 – GHC 2, 400
  • Front Load washing machine 7 kg: GHC 3, 300 – GHC 3, 000
  • Twin Tub WT60H2500 washing machine 6 kg: GHC 1, 000 – GHC 1, 400
  • WD80 Washer and Dryer Machine: GHC 3, 300 – GHC 3, 600
  • Front Load washing machine 8 kg: GHC 3, 500 – GHC 4, 100
  • Front Load washing machine 12 kg: GHC 5, 300 – GHC 6, 000
  • Ecobubble washing machine 9 kg: GHC 4, 700 – GHC 5, 300


Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch is another brand of washing machines which is equally as durable as the Samsung machine. It is also widely used by Ghanaians. Some of the models of this brand of washing machine and their prices in Ghana market are stated below: 

  • Front-load washing machine 7 kg: GHC 4, 600 – GHC 5, 000
  • Front-load washing machine 60 cm width 8 kg: GHC 4, 700 – GHC 5, 200
  • Condensation dryer 9 kg: GHC 5, 000 – GHC 5, 500
  • Front-load washing machine 8 kg: GHC 5, 000 – GHC 5, 300
  • Front-load washing machine 60 cm width 9 kg: GHC 4, 100 – GHC 4, 600
  • Top load washing machine 6 kg: GHC 2, 200 – GHC 2, 600


Nasco Washing Machine

Nasco washing machine is a very efficient and durable washing machine. The machine is relatively affordable, and it comes in different sizes:

  • Nasco Single Tub washing machine 6 kg: GHC 200 – GHC 400
  • Top load dryer 6 kg: GHC 800 – GHC 1, 200
  • Nasco washing and drying machine 8 kg: GHC 2, 800 – GHC 3, 100
  • Front-load washing machine 6 kg: GHC 1, 200 – GHC 1, 500
  • Nasco Front-load washing machine 14 kg: GHC 4, 500 – GHC 5, 000


Bruhm Washing Machine

Bruhm brand of washers is very cheap and efficient. The machine is also relatively inexpensive when compared with its counterpart.

This is part of the reason why it is such a famous brand of washing machines in Ghana. The various model of this brand are as follows:

  • Bruhm Top Load washing machine 7 kg: GHC 600 – GHC 1, 000
  • Bruhm washing machine 15 kg: GHC 1, 600 – GHC 1, 800


Where to buy Washing Machines in Ghana

The various brands and models of washing machines are available on e-commerce stores like Jumia, Baahe, etc.

Also, you can purchase your washing machine from electronic stores across the country.


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