cigarette prices in canada

Cigarette Prices In Canada (2021)

The most frequent thing about smoking in Canada is the way there’s a new ban almost every year. Ontario was the first Canadian province to ban smoking in public spaces…

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aw menu canada

A&W Menu Prices in Canada (2021)

It’s impossible to make a list of Canadian fast-food legends without including A&W because they’re easily the best at what they do. A&W has a way of turning simple dishes,…

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Oculus quest price canada

Oculus Prices In Canada (2021)

In 2012, the dreams (and hard work) of four young men became a reality in the big city of Irvine, California. Not only was the unveiling of Oculus VR a…

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htc vive prices canada

HTC Vive Prices In Canada (2021)

Any gamer, beginner or full-fledged pro, will know that a virtual reality experience while gaming is of outrageous demand and many people would do anything to put themselves in the…

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KFC Menu Prices In Canada

KFC Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

You must’ve heard one of KFC’s slogans that says, “Nobody Does Chicken Like KFC” and do you know the best part? They are absolutely right! At KFC, their process of…

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subway menu prices canada 2021

Subway Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

If you look at how huge Subway is today, you’re going to be pretty surprised to find out it was a 17-year-old guy that orchestrated the whole idea from the…

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mcdonalds menu prices canada

McDonald’s Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Once you see a yellow and curvy “M”, there’s literally no need to explain the brand that owns it. They’ve made such a statement that just a single letter can…

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tim hortons menu prices canada

Tim Hortons Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Did you know Tim Hortons Inc. was initially brought into the picture because a hockey player wanted to start a hamburger restaurant? Tim Horton (the hockey player) and Jim Charade…

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dairy queen menu prices canada

Dairy Queen Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold DQ Sundae on a scorching afternoon. It’s so good at penetrating the brain and hitting the right chill spots, resulting in that bittersweet…

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Burger King Menu Prices In Canada

Burger King Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

For fast-food restaurants, Burger King has one of the most complicated backgrounds. They’ve done a lot of remaking and restructuring, but the best part is that they always know how…

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Iphone prices in canada

iPhone Prices In Canada (2021)

Here are the latest iPhone prices in Canada – Many iPhones has been released ranging from iPhone 6s, 7, 8, iPhone x, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 pro. It’s hard to…

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arby's menu prices canada

Arby’s Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Arby’s is a chain of fast food restaurants that is popularly known for their sandwiches. It is of American origin but already has so many locations all over the world….

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Dominos Menu Prices

Dominos Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an American chain of pizza restaurants established in 1961. Technically, the location existed long before 1961, but it was renamed Domino’s after the founders purchased it….

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Pizza Pizza Menu Prices In Canada

Pizza Pizza Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Pizza has always been a peoples’ favorite. Since its origin in Italy over 200 years ago, it has stood its ground and passed the test of time. It’s one of…

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Taco Bell Menu Prices

Taco Bell Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

There’s something about taco that makes you fall in love at the first bite. Could be the crunch, or the yummy part inside the crunch. But the best part is…

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pizza hut menu prices in canada

Pizza Hut Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Pizza has always served as a life-saver in many situations; whether you just came back from work and you’re too tired to cook, or you and your friends wanna hang…

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how much is ps5 in nigeria

How Much is PS5 in Nigeria?

Are you a game freak who is very interested in Play station 5 but don’t know the exact price of the game console. You do not have to search further…

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Harvey’s Menu Prices In Canada

Harvey’s Menu Prices In Canada (2021)

Since it was founded on 1st April, 1959, Harvey’s has become a very popular name in the fast food industry, especially in Canada where the first restaurant was opened. Harvey’s…

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