Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Yoga Bags for Your Practice

Uhawi Yoga Mat Sling Carrier

Discover the perfect blend of practicality, style, and convenience with our curated selection of the top 10 best yoga bags. Designed to enhance your yoga experience, these bags are meticulously chosen based on their functionality, durability, and user reviews. Whether you’re a yoga lover or just starting your journey, our comprehensive list of the best yoga bags offers a range of options to suit your unique needs


Top 10 Best Yoga Bags

1. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

Ewedoos yoga mat bag is one of the best yoga bags if you are still determining the size mat bag you require or do not have the time to measure every inch of your yoga mat to find an adequate bag. This sling-style carrier, a massive 35 inches long, allows you to fit 99% of the available yoga mats. This bag can be used as a gym bag, a shopping bag, a beach tote, and even a diaper bag in addition to carrying yoga mats. 


The bag has a wide outer pocket for holding your workout towel, water bottle, and baseball cap and a zippered internal pocket for your wallet and keys. Comfort is also taken into consideration when manufacturing the sling’s strap. It is useful when returning home from an intense Ashtanga practice since it is wide and long enough to prevent you from being fatigued.

2. Zodaca Lightweight Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bag

Zodaca Lightweight Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bag

We suggest this Lightweight Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bag from Zodaca if you’re sick of struggling to put your mat in your bag after class. The bag, which comes in various patterns, has a useful full-zip opening. Additionally, it has space for you to store a yoga mat that is the normal size and a yoga towel.

The bag also has a shoulder strap that is adjustable and an exterior pocket big enough to fit a smartphone and other minor necessities. You’ll value this bag’s hassle-free design and reasonable pricing if you’re new to yoga or periodically go to classes to augment your gym workouts or home fitness regimens, like using an elliptical machine.

3. ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag


ELENTURE is another favorite when it comes to yoga bags. The canvas full-zipper yoga mat carrier is an absolute classic in yoga mat carriers, and yogis love it.

It is a versatile accessory because of its 26 inches length and 6.5 inches diameter. If the dimensions of your finest yoga mat and the proportions of the bag match up properly, you can be confident that it will fit within this bag.

You may utilize the reversible shoulder strap, and the roomy front pocket can be expanded to hold your smartphone, keys, or a yoga belt and socks. You don’t need to carry another bag to the gym since this one has you (completely) covered.


4. Alo Yoga Stow Backpack

Alo Yoga Stow Backpack

Alo Yoga’s Stow Backpack is one of our list’s most functional yoga mat bags since it is a traditional backpack with a compartment for a yoga mat. The typical backpack is lined with storage areas. A detachable pouch, an inside pocket, and a laptop sleeve are all in the bag. 

There are three zipper pockets, a water bottle holder, and two bungee straps outside. You may use the last two to secure your yoga mat to the bag’s bottom. The bag, which is made of water-resistant neoprene, is incredibly robust. Also, it can support up to 75 pounds of weight when worn on the back.

5. Gaiam Full-Zip

Gaiam Full-Zip

Gaiam produces quality yoga supplies and has been in business for over 25 years. In line with the rest of their products, their full-zip yoga mat bag lets you keep your mat dry and clean so you may continue using it for many years.

This Gaiam mat bag, which has a classic full-zip form and expands to 25 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter, is roomy enough to contain your mat but not too floppy to allow your belongings to hang loosely within.

You have the option to modify the length of the shoulder strap by your height. This implies that everyone may use the bag effectively without sacrificing comfort. Finally, you can carry your wallet, keys, and music player anytime you go to class, thanks to the two pockets on the exterior.

6. YogaAddict Large Yoga

YogaAddict Large Yoga

Consider getting this yoga mat bag from YogaAddict if carrying only one bag to your neighborhood gym appeals to you. It will be your ideal on-the-go yoga partner since it is designed to accommodate many yoga gear and then some.


No matter how tall you are, you may alter the length of the strap to fit. The manufacturer included an adjustable shoulder strap in this bag for complete customization and pleasant usage. Thanks to the extendable front compartment, you may also carry your phone, keys, and wallet with you. There is even enough room for one or two books.

7. Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag

Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag

Aurorae’s Yoga Mat Bag, which is practical and simple to pack, is a fantastic choice for yoga bags. The backpack has a spacious inner compartment, a tiny zipper pocket, a mesh water bottle holder, and a mesh yoga mat holder. 

You may use the two adjustable straps hidden underneath this yoga mat holder to keep your mat in place while moving. It also has a mesh pocket compatible with smartphones and a built-in key ring for convenient storage. The sturdy bag comes in six different colors and is constructed of heavy-duty polyester.

8. Uhawi Yoga Mat Sling Carrier

Uhawi Yoga Mat Sling Carrier

The Yoga Mat Sling Carrier by Uhawi combines a large bag with a yoga mat strap. Two yoga mats and additional items may fit in the tote’s spacious central section. Two open pockets, two zipper pockets, and a cinched water bottle sleeve are also included in the bag; all of them are perfect for carrying little necessities.

A yoga mat strap is also included with the bag, which you may use alone or tuck inside the tote. We also like that you can chuck it in the washing machine without thinking twice since it is constructed of robust and high-quality canvas.


9. Fremous Full-Zip

Fremous Full-Zip

The Fremous full-zip yoga mat bag, made of premium canvas, could be a must for any yogi. It is a sleek, sturdy sling bag. It can hold mats up to 2.5 inches in diameter and 25 inches long, as well as a few necessities like a wallet, phone, and keys. You can even cram a towel if your yoga mat is on the narrow side.

The variety of patterns and motifs on this yoga mat bag sets it apart the most. They vary from dull greens and blacks to vibrant floral prints and Indian-inspired designs. You may adjust the strap’s length to fit your height and be confident that it will remain on your shoulder till you go to the yoga class.


10. Gaiam Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag

We suggest this multipurpose Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag from Gaiam if you sometimes practice yoga at the gym. The strong nylon bag has a shape that blends the rigidity of a duffel with the simplicity of a tote, and it is roomy enough to contain a lot of exercise items. Also, the bag has two outside straps that may be used to attach your yoga mat to the bottom of the backpack.

The bag makes it simple to manage your belongings since it is filled with pockets and compartments. Keep bulkier necessities within the large main section of the backpack. And keep little essentials in the many pockets that line the inside and outside of the bag, so you can store whatever you need nearby, whether it’s a supply of protein bars, a roll of kinesiology tape, or insoles for flat feet.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Yoga Bag

1. Size and Capacity

The size of the yoga bag is a crucial factor to consider. It should be spacious enough to accommodate your yoga mat, towel, clothing, water bottle, and any other accessories you may need. Ensure that the bag has sufficient compartments and pockets to keep your items organized and easily accessible.


2. Material and Durability

You need to look for bags made of sturdy, water-resistant materials like nylon or canvas that can withstand regular use and protect your belongings from moisture or accidental spills. Reinforced stitching and quality zippers are additional indicators of a durable bag.

3. Carrying Options

Consider the different carrying options provided by the yoga bag. Some bags come with adjustable shoulder straps, allowing you to carry it as a backpack or crossbody, while others may have dual handles for a more traditional tote-style carry. Choose a bag that offers a comfortable carrying method that suits your preferences.

4. Compartments and Pockets

Evaluate the bag’s internal and external storage options. Multiple compartments and pockets help you organize your items effectively, preventing them from getting tangled or lost. Look for designated pockets for your yoga mat, water bottle, phone, keys, and other essentials.

5. Yoga Mat Attachment

Check if the bag has a dedicated yoga mat attachment system. This feature allows you to securely fasten your mat to the bag, leaving your hands free and preventing the mat from unrolling or slipping during transportation.

6. Style and Design

While functionality is crucial, don’t overlook the style and design of the yoga bag. Choose a bag that resonates with your personal style and reflects your personality. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist design or vibrant patterns and colors, finding a bag that you love will make your yoga journey more enjoyable.

7. Price and Value

Set a budget and consider the price-to-value ratio of the yoga bag. Assess the features, quality, and reputation of the brand to determine if the price aligns with your expectations and requirements.


Are there eco-friendly options for yoga bags?

Yes, there are eco-friendly yoga bags available that are made from sustainable materials or using environmentally friendly production processes.

Can I wash my yoga bag?

It depends on the specific bag and its care instructions. Some yoga bags can be machine washed, while others may require spot cleaning. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper cleaning instructions.

Are compartments and pockets important in a yoga bag? 

Yes, compartments and pockets help you organize your items effectively and keep them easily accessible.

Should I look for a yoga bag with a dedicated yoga mat attachment?

Yes, a dedicated yoga mat attachment system allows you to fasten your mat to the bag for easy transportation securely.

Can I use a regular gym bag as a yoga bag?

While you can use a regular gym bag, a specifically designed yoga bag offers features tailored for carrying and keeping yoga essentials organized.

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