Tory Burch Bags Vs Kate Spade Bags: Which Is Better?

Is Tory Burch More Expensive Than Kate Spade?

Which is the top brand in handbags between Tory Burch and Kate spade? 


Ordinarily, this would be a difficult question if one is a lover of unique, feminine, and well-made items in vogue.

However, in this article, we’ll take a comparative review of both brands in quality, aesthetics appeal, interior detailing quality, bag weight, durability, reputation, and ultimately, price to arrive at a reasonable verdict: a better investment.


Tory Burch and Kate spade can be classified as luxury brands in fashion. But, they are considered among the affordable luxury kind of bags right now. Both brands aren’t as expensive as the current top-tier luxury bags, e.g., LV, Gucci, etc.

However, Tory Burch bags are known for typically being romantic, modern, and presented in colors that are nothing short of attention-grabbing. On the other hand, Kate Spade bags are presented in simple yet quirky appearances that can brighten up any dress for any event.

The big question is: which of the two brands does it better in bag making? Let’s get started!

All about Tory Burch bags

When describing the overall concept of Tory Burch bags, we can confidently and correctly use words like conservative, Preppy, Bohemian, and Sporty.

Collections of bags made by the fashion brand are presented in bold colors, particularly orange, and in exotic fabrics. Some of Tory’s styles are inspired by travel and fancy boutiques.


Brought to the limelight with the iconic Reva Bag collection, bags made by Tory have always strived to be a must-have item among fashionistas. Most of its recent handbag designs are easily identified with its hi-tech fabrics and vintage lines.

It is also noteworthy that the brand, like Kate spade, is dedicated to improving young women in entrepreneurship, mentorship, beautification, and networking opportunities by leveraging its reputation and resources.

That aside, bags made by Tory Burch appeals more to women who love items that carry modern, bohemian, and noticeable colors. 


  • Wide range of designs
  • Attention-grabbing details for those who crave attention
  • Free returns allowed
  • Dedicated to women empowerment
  • They offer email discounts price adjustment options.


  • The quality of TB bags is dwinldering when compared with that of rivals like Coach
  • Their bags are not cheap, despite the above

All about Kate Spade bags

In recent weeks, Kate spade bags have been making their way to most of our review articles. This shows how many fashionistas look up to Kate Spade bags standing in the luxury brand and quality hierarchy.


The style of Kate spade bags works well for people who like simple yet quirky items that can brighten up any outfit. This is why the various lines of the brand’s handbags are known for their quintessential splash of color and bright patterns. 

You may want to check out a recent post where we revealed some interesting facts you should know as a Kate Spade bag loyalist HERE.



  • Worldwide brand recognition
  • Options of affordable luxury-grade bags are available
  • Bags are made of the best quality materials in respect to this review
  • Price matching allowed
  • Timeless handbag designs 
  • Handbags that last a long time


  • No email discounts or price adjustment policies
  • No free returns on bags purchase
  • Away from handbags, Kate spade can do better in petite-size inventory.

Similarities between Tory Burch bags and Kate Spade bags

In most of our comparison scenarios, identifying the similarities between the two fashion brands can paint a clearer picture of areas we should focus on that will better contradict what we define as our personal preference.

Tory Bruch and kate spade bags are different in many ways, and these areas create a verdict for which brand does it better in handbags production. However, they are similar in areas of the following:

1. Tory Burch and Kate Spade are both popular handbag brands but classified under the affordable luxury fashion brand

2. Both brands embrace loud pops of color at which their handbags are presented in

3. Bags produce by both brands are unique, feminine, and well-made. Most of their designs are also in vogue.


4. Tory Burch and Kate spade bags score highly in areas of exquisite stitching and super nice detail work. This quality is evident throughout both collections.

Comparing Tory Burch bags Vs. Kate Spade bags

Let’s get down to the head-to-head comparison across various viewpoints worthy of consideration.


The material used in making these bags is responsible for their quality. Tory Burch uses pebbled leather to make most of its bags considered more lightweight than the saffiano leather that Kate Spade’s bags are often made with.

This is why TB bags will be a better choice when you prioritize the comfort of wearing bags for hours.

In addition, several reviews from experts available online point out that the Kate Spade brand has slightly deteriorated in terms of design and quality since the unfortunate absence of the founder. 


But if your definition of bag quality extends to pop of color, you will see a good reason to pick Kate Spade over Tory Burch bags.

Aesthetics appeal

Both brands have something in common regarding using colors across their bag collections. However, I’d say Tory Burch bags are more appealing since they suit modern women better, given that most of its bags are neutral-colored with a sweet blend of classic designs. 

The logo placement of TB label on their bags also makes a statement more than the boring one on Kate Spade bags.

Also, Kate Spade’s designs and colors are more aesthetically pleasing to younger women and teens. On the contrary, Tory Burch bags seem to be much preferred by women in their 30s.

Interior details quality

As mentioned earlier, one of the common grounds of both brands is in the exquisite stitching and super nice detail work. It is hard to place one brand above the other based on interior details quality such as lining, embroidery, stitching, zipper, and interior tag. 

It seems to be a draw, especially when we try to place each brand’s crossbody, totes, wallets, and shoulder bags.

Bag weight

The banter around the quality of Tory Burch and Kate Spade bags reveals the best option to go for when bag weight is considered

As indicated earlier, Tory Burch does it better in using specific exquisite fabrics and materials that will ensure their bags are lightweight without forgoing sturdiness. Kate Spade also has a reasonable attribute to lightweight, but not as good as TB.

Price tags

The price differences between both brands have defined their demographics and actual luxury definition.

The affordable price range of Kate Spade is better than Tory Burch, which accounts for why the former brand appeals more to younger buyers. Bags made by Kate Spade are less expensive, even though they are as cute and functional as luxurious handbags are.

True, Tory Burch’s sale collection is decent for a luxury bag. But if your precious budget is prioritized, you will see a tangible reason to opt for a Kate Spade bag.

To put things in perspective, the average price of Tory Burch handbags is anywhere between $158 and $1500. Kate Spade bags can set you back from as low as $98 to as high as $458 only.

Conclusion: Which is better for you?

Comparing Tory Burch vs. Kate Spade is tricky for many fashionistas torn between the two brands. It all revolves around your taste, style, and fashion sensibilities. 

Bottom line, I recommend you go for Tory Burch bags over Kate Spade bags and for a good reason. TB handbags are remarkably timeless and have a modern attitude. In comparison, Kate Spade bags can quickly go out of style.

Although Tory Burch bag is sophisticated and may not sit well with your wardrobe if you love colors and are in your early 20s, this gives you a reason to love Kate Spade bags, not to mention the affordable prices.

Still, Tory Burch bags do it better, judging from both brands’ constructive and detailed comparison.

You’ve won this one, Tory!

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