Does Dior Saddle Bag Come With A Strap?

Does The Dior Saddle Come With A Strap?

Dior’s popular Saddle bag is designed to be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand. Hence, the brand offers straps sold separately that can be attached to the saddle bag, especially for all the crossbody individuals who are willing to go for the extra splurge.


It is considered a good investment because it will also be compatible with other Dior bag styles like the Lady Dior, Bobby Bag, and even some 30 Montaigne bags.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that it is the vintage version of Saddlebags doesn’t have any strap attached. In the market today, you can come across a new saddle bag with a stylish strap.


Nowadays, designer straps now cost more than the bag itself. It’s a good thing that newer models of the Dior Saddle bag come with a strap. Most of the new models are also styled with longer straps for improved functionality but these longer straps are still sold separately.

What you should know about straps for Dior Saddle Bag

The attachable straps suitable for Dior Saddle bags are offered in various colors, widths, lengths, and even embellishments to choose from. (Some embellished straps are non-adjustable.) And, Shoulder straps for the Paris-made fashion piece can set you back for a thousand dollars or two, on average.

Getting a strap for Dior’s saddle bag will allow you to add a stylish touch to your look, effortlessly, and to carry the bag in different ways, especially when you consider the embroidered wide canvas straps which are all sold separately.

The Dior Saddle bag is inarguably one of the brand’s iconic products and has become a must-have bag for fashion-forward ladies.

The fashion piece is identified with its “emblematic ‘D’-stirrup magnetic clasp and saddle flap with the signature ‘CD’ structure on both sides of the handle. The brand describes these features, on its website, as one that have successfully given the bag a modern feel.


What are the other kinds of Dior Saddle bags?

It is general knowledge that Saddlebags are sold for high prices. But this should not limit you from having one of Dior’s iconic production lines in your wardrobe. 

If you’re not willing to splurge yet on a bag like a Saddle bag, or even thinking of expanding your collection and so would want to spend less for each bag, You can consider other Dior bag styles of the Saddle that are relatively affordable.

Saddle bag styleFeaturesAverage price
Saddle Belt Pouch Fitted with a removable belt and versatile as a clutch$1,200
Saddle Wallet on ChainComes with 1 removable chain, 4 card slots, 1 patch pocket, and 1 zipped pocket.Around $1,500
Saddle Flap Card HolderFeatures a gusseted compartment, 2 card slots, and 2 patch pockets$410
Saddle Flat Belt PouchDesigned with a detachable “CD” belt$1,900 to $2,000

Where to buy a Dior Saddle bag?

Original Saddlebag by Dior, along with other bag style variants, can be purchased from the brand’s official website. The only issue is that the company’s platform online does not accommodate patronage by buyers in all countries like the Philippines. 

So, in situations like this, one may have to resort to going to the company’s physical store. For example, Dior has a brand in Solaire Resort & Casino in Parañaque City. Only that the chances of seeing the exact Saddle bag you need is slim.

Meanwhile, places like the United Kingdom, Europe, and the U.S.A. are considered the best places to buy Dior’s saddle bag or other Dior bag styles. Aside from the affordability, buying the luxury bag in those areas allows you to utilize VAT refunds.


Contacting luxury personal shoppers on Instagram, or online is another option since these dealers will likely know where to get your preferred Saddle bag. Bt the problem of counterfeiting remains a worrying factor for this channel.

Aside from straps, other things to consider when buying a Dior Saddle bag?

Now that you know about the strap of the Dior saddle bag, you can have it at the back of your mind that you would shell out a few more dollars to get a crossbody strap, especially for vintage saddle bag designs However, there are other things you need to pay attention to when buying a Dior saddle bag. This include:


There are two known sizes in which the Saddle bag is offered – the original and the mini sizes. Although, there are other pieces with the same silhouette that are more affordable. Bt, generally speaking, you’d likely come across either:

Dior Saddle Bag in dimensions: 8″ L x 10″ W x 2.6 or Dior Mini Saddle Bag in dimensions: 7.1″ L x 8.3″ W x 2″



When it comes to materials for making bags, Dior is one of the admired brands because of its large collection of varieties that is up to 18. This is well represented in the Saddlebag production line and includes:

  • Oblique Embroidered Velvet,
  • Oblique jacquard
  • Grained calfskin
  • Oblique embossed calfskin
  • shiny goatskin
  • Smooth calfskin
  • Patent calfskin, Satin
  • Shearling
  • Crinkled sheepskin
  • Embroidered denim
  • Supple calfskin
  • Tie & Dior embroidery
  • Velvet.
  • Embroidery Calfskin
  • Camouflage Embroidery with Multicolor Flowers
  • Camouflage Embroidery


Some fashionistas believe that the Dior Saddle bags are best represented in certain colours than others. While this opinion is entirely subjective, Dior had made sure the Saddle nag is produced in a wide variety of colours to cover all preferences.

You can find the Saddle bag in Black, Indigo blue, Indigo velvet, Cloud blue, Dark denim, Denim blue, Steel grey, Gray, Platinum, Latte, White, Chalk White, Sage, Pink, Mallow rose, Cherry red, Scarlet red, Green multicolour, Green, and even in Denim Oblique colours among others.s.


Dior Saddle bag’s hardware comes in different finishes such as Antique gold which is the most popular of the Antique design, Antique Silver, Matte, and rhinestone. The matte finish appeals to those who would want the same colour of hardware as the body of the bag. 

On the other hand, the rhinestone finish has a base that is antique but appeals more to those who love details like embellished crystals.

Pros & Cons of Dior Saddle Bag

The fact that you’d have to buy the strap for your cross-body saddle bag separately is perceived as a flaw of the design. However, there are other areas that most reviews have failed to focus on in terms of notable pros and cons of the design. These include:



  • Given its patronage by world-known influencers, it became a trend easily
  • The logo hardware is not too extravagant as seen in most Dior products.
  • Features the timeless classic DIORISSIMO print 
  • Easily compliments outfit for every occasion.
  • Designer straps now cost more than the bag itself. It’s a good thing that newer models of the Saddlebag come with a strap.
  • The shape and approach to the design of this bag s unique as there are no other designer bags like this saddle bag in terms of structure


  • Can not accommodate necessities with you due to the limited space. (Thanks to newer models of the saddle bag that has space than the older versions)
  • The prices of vintage Saddlebags by Dior continue to soar
  • Generally, the high price of the bag can be a discouragement for some.

Older versions of the Dior Saddle bag do not have straps. However, the fashion house had to rebrand the bag, making it identical to the original, but changing some areas like the inclusion of a magnetic snap closure instead of the previous velcro. 

Also, newer models of the Dior Saddle bags are styled with longer shoulder straps with most sold separately, making them more functional.

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