Fake Chanel Bags Vs. Real: What’s The Difference

How Can I Tell If My Chanel Is Real?

The number of fake Chanel bags in the market today is countless. The tragedy is that many of them look so great and authentic that it becomes nearly impossible to detect.


However, the good news is that even a class-A fake can and will have one or more mistakes. In other words, where the leather (lambskin or caviar) and other aesthetic element is genuine, there is always a loophole that will reflect its replication.

With the thriving reputation of super fakes, these loopholes to look out for in fake Chanel bags may be minor, causing the authentication process to demand knowledge about Chanel’s craftsmanship and frequent errors in counterfeit pieces.


So, to help you avoid being scammed into buying fake Chanel bags with hundreds of dollars, I have packaged all the key differences between fake and original Chanel bags and purses in this post.

This inaccuracy will become handy when buying your next Chanel or designer bag, especially if you want to shop secondhand.

To put it in simple terms, the general inaccuracies that separate authentic Chanel bags from fake ones can be spotted in areas like the quilted pattern of the bag, the chain straps, details of the serial number, the iconic ‘CC’ logo, and the bag’s interior lining.

Other areas that are worth considering when differentiating fake Chanel bags from genuine ones also include the color of the brand stamp, the screw, the construction of the lock, and the uprightness of the bag when it is set down.

In the rest of this article, we shall take these salient features one after the other to examine how Counterfeit Chanel bags set marks of differences against original ones.

Key differences between original and fake Chanel bags you should watch out for

Certain places to look will reflect a telltale difference between fake and original designer bags. Many of the areas to examine also apply with Chanel bags. If you are conflicted between fake and original when buying Chanel bags, look out for these factors:

1. The Chain straps of the bag

Starting from the obvious, the chain strap is one of the defining features of the brand’s bag, and it doubles as a good area for the authentification process. The Chain straps of original Chanel bags feel the heavy and highest quality. On the contrary, fake ones will have a strap that is rather light and hollow.

2. Alignment of the Quilted pattern, stitching

Chanel bags stick out the quilted pattern on the product, which can take different patterns/shapes, including diamond, chevron, and square. Chanel bag imitation is that these patterns are not entirely consistent on all sides of the bag. The patterns are perfectly aligned in the original ones, irrespective of any interruptions such as a pocket. In addition, the stitching should look clean and tight.

3. The serial number

Any Chanel bag with serial numbers of nine digits or more is fake! Original Chanel bags have serial numbers in either ix, seven, or eight digits, depending on the model. It is impossible to talk about authentification and only bank on hologram stickers and authenticity cards. Some fake Chanel has both, but they usually miss it regarding the serial number.

When checking the serial number of the Chanel bag you are buying, ensure that it corresponds with the particular style’s year. The best way to go about this is by going online to get detailed information about Chanel serial numbers.

4. The interior lining

The lining on the inside of counterfeit Chanel bags does the most telltale. Original Chanel flap bags are designed with high-quality leather as their lining. While fake ones will have creasing and bubbling lining, the leather in genuine Chanel bags is fitted tight without bumps – not at the time of purchase, not after many years of usage.


5. Does the bag sit upright?

Another striking difference between counterfeit Chanel bags and original ones is that the former can never meet the standard of being positioned to stand upright.

Original Chanel bag is true to its quality body construction that allows it to sit upright when set down. Because of the inaccuracies in craftmanship, the structure of fake Chanel bags will not allow its rounded corner to rest appropriately on the surface. Real Chanel bags do not tilt or fall forward when set down.

6. The country of origin

I have spent the past seven years studying the replica versions of many bags made by various popular luxury fashion brands, and I notice that error in the country origin in the brand stamp is a constant loophole of these counterfeiters.

When you lay your hand on a Chanel bag, take a look at the brand stamp of the bag, which should indicate the country of origin. Note that Chanel bags are produced in France and Italy, so nothing else than these two countries should be there.

The color of the brand stamp, in original Chanel Bags, always matches the hardware.


7. Now, the iconic ‘CC’ logo.

The logo in any popular bag is the integral point for identification, so super fakes pay attention to this detail to ensure it is a perfect look-alike. However, for Chanel bags, the double ‘C’ logo should overlap (the right one overlapping the left one at the top)

In addition, each ‘C’ is designed so that their bottom is left flat, not rounded. There are always inconsistencies in these details as far as fake Chanel bags are involved.


What about vintage Chanel bags?

Most authentication tips for checking original Chanel bags apply to newer styles. Some distinctive features present in newer styles aren’t in older designs. However, some content factors can never go out of the picture when inspecting for originality in any Chanel bag, vintage or otherwise – the stitching.

Vintage or otherwise, Chanel will typically use 11 stitches per quilted diamond side for its bags. While this contributes to its renowned quality, it also serves as a standard that counterfeiters can not meet up with.

In addition, when dealing with vintage Chanel bags, take note of the brand stamp embossed into the lining attached with the bag’s interior. The brand stamp has harmonious color with the bag’s hardware in all original styles.


Also, you can easily verify whether or not a Chanel bag is truly vintage using the serial number. For example, Chanel bags released between 1986 and 2005 has seven digits serial number, while those with eight digits are recent designs.

Shopping secondhand for Chanel bags – What you should know

Fake purses or handbags are no new thing in the secondhand market, and if you are taking thousands of dollars with the motive of getting an original Chanel bag, there are some salite things you should know. 

First, with the tips shared above, you no longer need to be an expert or be grounded in the history of Chanel’s craftmanship before you can identify a fake bag or purse. However, always keep in mind that:

Fake Chanel bags can be so finely made that it take only an experienced eye to spot the authentic Chanel bag and separate it from the fake ones.

Original Chanel bags can set you back from as low as $2,100 to as high as $260,000. Don’t be swooned by insanely affordable prices. Luxury doesn’t come that cheap.

Take note of popular Chanel styles that are prevalent in the market. Famous styles have more replicas than other infamous styles.

It is not enough to differentiate between real and dupe Chanel bags. Ensure you are dealing with an authorized retailer or the Chanel official website instead.

The impressive imitation of counterfeit Chanel bags can be tempting. Sometimes, it requires patience and courage to take a closer look. You don’t want to lose a fortune to a fake product.

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