Where Are Brahmin Bags Made? (Answered)

Is Brahmin Bags Made In China?

Brahim bags are 100% made in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, from some of the finest leathers gotten from Italy and around the globe. It takes over 24 artisans and over 100 steps to handcraft a single Brahmin bag.


The Brahmin brand started as a family-owned handbag company in 1982 by Joan and Bill Martin. Currently, Brahmin is recognized globally as an entry-level luxury brand known for its quality, versatile and fashionable bags.

The Martins select the company name as “Brahmin” because the word is used in the four Hindu castes to mean a person of upper-class standing. The Brahmin company aims to offer quality craftsmanship made from high-quality materials that will appeal to individuals of the upper class. Currently, the company without a doubt is doing well in this aspect.


How To Tell If A Brahmin Bag is Real

According to the Brahmin website, “there are few key features to tell if a Brahmin bag is an original one, and they are chamois interior lining, official hanging medallion/logo plaque, and the official handbag registration card.

Below are other factors you to also consider when purchasing a Brahmin bag.

  1. Purchase from Authorized Retailers

Authentic Brahmin are sold directly from the wide range of Brahmin boutiques scattered across several states in the United States. They are found in Dallas (Texas), Birmingham (Alabama), Charlotte (North Carolina), Memphis (Tennessee), Atlanta (Georgia), Houston (Texas), and Newport (Rhode Island).

You can also get original Brahmin bags from authorized luxury stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. You can also purchase it online by ordering directly from the official Brahmin website.

  1. Check out the Leather

Brahmin bags are handcrafted in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, from fine Italian leather with an aniline finish. The material is of high quality that looks luxurious and spotless. The aniline finish allows the natural texture of the leather to be visible, making each bag appear uniquely. To check out the leather, do feel the texture on your palms; it should be soft, supple, and smooth.


Counterfeit bags make use of less expensive leather dyed to create a consistent color and texture. Usually, the counterfeit bags have even spores and appear overly bright and shiny.

  1. The Hardware should be Solid and Strong

Genuine Brahmin hardware should be solid, sturdy, and firm. Also, it should feature the logo or Brahmin name engraved on its exterior. In a fake Brahmin bag, the hardware is made from cheaper materials making the hardware parts appear yellow or overly shiny, and they are usually flimsy and light in weight.

  1. Examine the Registration Card

All genuine Brahmin handbags come with a registration card that is located inside the bag, which you can use to register the bag on the Brahmin’s website. In addition, all original Brahmin handbags are granted one year warranty which can be extended to two years if you self-register your bag online.

  1. Check out the Stitching

Real Brahmin bags feature tight, even saddle stitches. Brahmin handbags use heavy-duty nylon to promote the durability of the bag. However, these saddle stitch takes more time to complete but it guarantees the durability of the finished-made bag. Fakes Brahmin bags have loose threads in the seam and hem, including uneven stitches.

  1. Check out the Price

Brahmin bags run around $200 to $500, its clutches are around $75, and small shoulder bags start around $125. The most expensive Brahmin handbags cost around $600. So if you see a handbag worth $100 online, you should know that the bag is a fake one. Be careful of ridiculously low prices displayed on Brahmin bags online. Brahmins bags don’t run discounts online, so please don’t be deceived. The brand offers a loyalty program for its loyal customer.

How does the loyalty program work?


First, you have to join the Brahmin Rewards Program, where you earn a point for every dollar you spend. These points are redeemable but can be only used to purchase exclusive products.

Is Brahmin Made in China?

Some Brahmin products are made in China, but the locations aren’t openly disclosed. The majority of the Brahmin products are designed, and handcrafted in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, using luxury leathers from Italy and across the world.

Recently the company says in a statement that “due to the size of their facility and the excessive demand of their products, the company has employed additional manufacturing overseas.” It goes on to say that, “they do maintain all of their design, development, and operations in-house in Fairhaven, MA.” They assured the public that all their products are manufactured with the same quality and care regardless of the location.

One such location oversee is in China. China produces some authentic Brahmin bags and purses but unfortunately, the exact manufacturing location is not being disclosed by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Brahmin Leather Come From?

Brahmin gets its leather from Italy and across the world. Italy is renowned worldwide for its possession of expensive and rare leather and as such house the production of several Luxury brands like Gucci.


Are Brahmin Bags Made In Italy?

The American luxury brand doesn’t produce its product in Italy. It only gets its expensive raw material from Italy. Brahmin bags are made in Massachusetts

Does Brahmin Have An Outlet Store?

Yes, Brahmin houses several outlets stores in several states in the United States. They are located in Dallas (Texas), Birmingham (Alabama), Charlotte (North Carolina), Memphis (Tennessee), Atlanta (Georgia), Houston (Texas), Newport (Rhode Island), San Marcos (Texas), Orlando (Florida), West Palm Beach (Florida), and Fairhaven (Massachusetts). Additionally, as a loyal customer of Brahmin, you are entitled to discount prices. These discount prices aren’t offered online, please beware. You can only get them at the physical Brahmin outlet stores.

Is Brahmin A Luxury Brand?

Yes, just like Coach, Brahmin is an entry-level luxury brand known for quality, fashionable and stylish handbags.

Are Brahmin Bags Durable 

Brahmin bags make use of croc-embossed leather that is very durable. In addition, it has excellent interior organization and decoration. the styles aren’t too heavy, but perfect for the size and price of the bag.
When purchasing a Brahmin brand, even though it is in a designated Brahmin fashion outlet, do ensure you authenticate the bag. If you must buy online, do it only through the official Brahmin website.

Do Brahmin bags have a signature style or design?

Yes, Brahmin bags often feature a signature crocodile-embossed leather texture and brass hardware accents, which are emblematic of the brand’s classic and sophisticated style.


Can I purchase Brahmin bags online?

Yes, Brahmin products are available for purchase on their official website and through authorized retailers. Additionally, you may find Brahmin bags in select department stores and specialty boutiques.

Do Brahmin bags come with a warranty?

Yes, Brahmin offers a warranty on their products against defects in materials and workmanship. The specific terms and duration of the warranty may vary depending on the bag’s style and purchase date. Customers are encouraged to check the warranty information provided with their bag or contact customer service for details.


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