Is Dior Bag Handmade?

Are Lady Dior Bags Hand Made?

Dior bags are handmade from one of the best materials with great artistry skills. Each Dior bag takes approximately eight hours to make, each of the pieces which are 140 per bag is carefully cut and formed into a great artistry luxury bag.


Princess Diana of Wales visited Paris in 1995, and she requested a unique handbag that she hasn’t seen, and the house offered her one of its models called “Chouchou,” which was unofficially known then.

The princess was impressed and ordered one in every color of the bag. In 1996, the bag was officially renamed after the princess and was called “Lady Dior.”


This bag has proved to be a timeless beauty, elegant and durable possession of the wealthy.

Also, Dior produces saddlebags, which are exclusively handmade by craftsmen in the Dior Atelier. The Dior saddlebags are made in two sizes: Mini and Medium, and you can get them in more than 20 kinds of styles and colours. Additionally, they come in different textures, either oblique canvas, leather, or embroidered variations.

Where Are Dior Bags Made?

Christian Dior bags are one of the top European bags that are exclusively made in Europe. Most of its bags are made in Italy and few in Spain. Dior doesn’t make bags in France currently. The production of Dior bags in France was discontinued in 1990, so any new model of Dior bearing “Made in France” is surely a fake one.

How Do You know That A Dior Bag Is Original?

Dior bag is one of the top European luxury bag brands, and one of the most counterfeited bags in the market. As such, you have to know how to check for the originality of the Dior bag, so that you won’t be deceived into buying a fake version.

11 Ways To Tell If A Dior Bag Is Original

  1. Examine the structure of the bag
  2. Check out the charm
  3. Check the handles
  4. Examine the zipper
  5. Examine the exterior leather tag
  6. Take a look at the metal feet
  7. Check out the date code tag
  8. Examine the interior lining
  9. Check out the stitching
  10. Examine the cannage quilting
  11. Check out the authenticity booklet

Examine the structure of the bag

New and pre-loved Christian Dior bags are known for their ability to retain their shape over a period of time. If you notice that the shape of the bag is irregular and the bag is lopsided, there is a high tendency that it is fake.


Check out the charm

Every Dior bag features a charm that spells out D-I-O-R. In an authentic Dior bag, you should be able to swing the charm loop both left and right, but you shouldn’t be able to turn it around. The spelled brand name should be hard, and strong. If you are able to flip it around and it seems to be light and flimsy, there is a high degree that you are dealing with a fake product.

Check the handles

The handles of an original Dior bag are firm and sturdy. You should be able to fold them down or lift them upright, but the leather handles should not bend in any way. Handles that squeak or are flimsy are a sign that the bag might be fake.

Examine the zipper

An original Dior bag has a major zipper puller featuring four chain links attached to it, three bigger rings with a tiny one following it, and a rounded zipper pull attached to the final ring. The zipper pull should be oval in shape, and sturdy when felt, and it features “CD” stamped into it.

Newer modern Lady Dior bags do not have a zippered closure; rather they feature a leather flap covering the opening to the bag. So a Dior bag with a zipped closure is possibly fake.

Examine the exterior leather tag

Each original Dior handbag has a leather tag that is affixed to the “O” charm, and it reads, “Christian Dior” on the back of it.  Most times counterfeit versions go ahead in saying too much for example, “Christian Dior Paris Made In Italy.”

Take a look at the metal feet

Another good premise to authenticate the bag is to flip the bag over to observe the metal feet. There should be five or four metal studs in a tapered dome.  It is however dependent on the size and model of the bag. The mini and medium-sized Dior bags have four feet, while the large Dior bags have five feet.


If you notice that the metal studs are overly flatter or pointed, and sharp, it is possible you are dealing with a fake bag.

Check out the date code tag

All original Dior bags have a leather date code tag stitched into the bag. In some Dior bags, you will find the date code heat printed on the backside of the ‘Christian Dior’ leather tag located at the right outside of the internal pocket. While in some, you can find the date code heat printed on a leather tag situated at the inside of the internal zipped pocket. Also, some of the date code heat are printed on the backside of the bag. The point here is that there isn’t an exact place where the leather tag is located, but regardless of its location, the tags must be rectangular with rounded corners.

Examine the interior lining

Unlike luxury bags like Chanel and Louis Vuitton where the color of the lining is consistent with the color of the bag, here in Dior, it is a different ball game. The color of the fabric lining will not always be consistent with the outside color of the bag. Most original Dior bags’ lining features cannage or Dior jacquard pattern. However the commonly used in the cannage pattern.

One thing you have to observe is that the color of the leather elements used in the interior part of the bag should be consistent with that of the bag’s exterior.

Check out the stitching

One of the indicators of an original Dior bag is that the color of the stitching should be identical to the bag’s color, in a way that makes the stitching invisible. Check the entire bag, and ensure the stitching are all flawless. In most counterfeits versions, the color of the stitching might mismatch with that of the bag, and you will observe some irregularities.


Additionally, every original Dior bag features more than ten on the sides of the square or diamond pattern. Please note that the stitching isn’t embossed onto the bag, only fake ones do.

Examine the cannage quilting

One of the Dior’s signature features is the cannage quilting, and it should be perfectly symmetrical with pockets and different sides. Also, it should be consistent with the bag.

Check out the authenticity booklet

Every Dior bag comes with an authenticity card. The card has white rectangular spaces that have been filled in with basic information about that bag such as the date of purchase, the bag’s style number, and the store’s location. Often times these details are filled by hands.

Every new original Lady Dior bag comes with a booklet containing vital information on how to maintain the bag. Normally, it is written in English, French, and Chinese.

However, do not be alarmed if you don’t get a card when buying preloved Dior bags, as they most times do not come with the booklet or card


Seeing an authenticity card or booklet in the Dior bag doesn’t confirm its authenticity as they are not attached to the bag.

Are Dior Handbags Made in China

Dior handbags aren’t made in China. Dior is exclusively a European brand that produces in Europe. Even though it is costlier to produce in Europe than in China, Dior hasn’t moved to China. It is refreshing to see a European brand focusing its production in Europe alone.

Dior handbags are handmade from the best materials and artistry skills, hence their expensive price. Purchasing a Dior handbag is cheaper in Europe, than in any other continent. Next time, you are visiting Europe; you can branch over to purchase a Dior bag in an authorized store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is every Dior bag handmade?

No, not all Dior bags are entirely handmade. Dior, like many other luxury fashion brands, uses a combination of handcrafted and machine-assisted processes to create their bags. While some parts of the bag may be made by skilled artisans through traditional craftsmanship, other aspects of production might involve the use of specialized machinery for efficiency and precision.

Which Dior bags are handmade?

Dior’s high-end and limited-edition collections often feature bags that are predominantly handmade. These exclusive pieces are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans to ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail. However, Dior also offers more accessible lines that may involve a combination of handcraftsmanship and automated manufacturing techniques.

How can I tell if a Dior bag is handmade?

Determining whether a Dior bag is entirely handmade can be challenging, as the brand does not always disclose specific production details for each design. However, certain clues can indicate a higher likelihood of handcraftsmanship, such as intricate embroidery, hand-stitched seams, and fine detailing. Limited edition or haute couture bags are more likely to be handmade.

Why are handmade bags more expensive?

Handmade bags are more expensive due to the intensive labor and time required for their production. Highly skilled artisans meticulously create each piece, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The exclusivity of a handmade bag and the limited production also contribute to its higher price tag.

Are there any advantages to choosing a handmade Dior bag?

Yes, opting for a handmade Dior bag can offer several advantages. Handcrafted bags often exhibit superior craftsmanship, unique details, and a level of individuality that sets them apart from mass-produced items. Additionally, they may hold more value as collectors’ items and showcase the brand’s commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship.


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