Where Are Louis Vuitton Bags Made?

Where are most Louis Vuitton bags made?

The Louis Vuitton leather goods, including the handbags exclusively produced made in Louis Vuitton workshops in the United States, France, and Spain


Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest and most respected luxury brands in the world that has shown consistency in its quality. Louis Vuitton started up in France, and currently, it is operating over exclusive 4,000 workshops across several countries where different LV products are produced.

Apart from bags, Louis Vuitton produces other goods, and each of them has its specific production sites.

  • The Louis Vuitton footwear and ready-to-wear are exclusively made in France and Italy.
  • Louis Vuitton watches are exclusively made in the timepiece workshop.
  • Louis Vuitton’s jewellery collections are only made in France, Switzerland, and Italy.
  • Louis Vuitton Sunglasses are only made in France and Italy.

Is Louis Vuitton made in China?

Unlike other luxury brands, Louis Vuitton does not outsource its production. It does it exclusively in its workshops spread across a few countries, and China isn’t one of them.

It would have been beneficial for Louis Vuitton to have a production site in China due to its high demand there. Also, China has a cheaper business model due to its mass production capabilities. But with all these factors, Louis Vuitton still restrained from opening a workshop in China.

Over the years, China has been known for its ability to mass manufacture products at cheaper prices, and also the home of counterfeits. Louis Vuitton doesn’t want to be associated with such, a luxury brand. However, this is not to say that China does not produce quality or luxurious products. It does, and many luxury brands produced their products there. This is just about the value system. To Louis Vuitton, scarcity is very important to quality promotion.

So the point here is that you can’t see any authentic Louis Vuitton bag saying, ‘Made in China.”

Are Louis Vuitton bags made in the USA?

Yes, Louis Vuitton does have workshops across several states in the United States. There are three Louis Vuitton workshops in the United States; – San Dimas California, Irwindale California, and the latest one which was opened in 2019 is located at Keene Texas. The workshops in the United States USA are mainly dedicated to producing only canvas products – Monogram and Damier prints.


The Texas workshop which is the newest LV workshop is named the “Rochambeau Ranch.” It was established in 2019, shortly after LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault met with former President Trump. They agreed to open a new workshop in Texas to create jobs for the indigenes to keep up with the demand of the US customers. The establishment of the workshop in Texas has led to the creation of about 1,000 jobs for the Texas indigenes. However, the Texas workshop functions as an assembling center for the LV bags using foreign materials.

It may safe to say that any brand new bag from an LV boutique within North America may be made in the United States.

Is Louis Vuitton made in Spain?

Yes, Louis Vuitton is made in Spain. Spain houses four leather products workshops in Spain, – starting from Barcelona to Girona.

Each of these workshops has its own unique functionality. Some of the workshops simply deal with raw materials, while others are designed to make certain styles of bags. For example, the newest location in Spain that was opened in 2017, and located in Barcelona is designated for cutting and preparing leather only – nothing more. Once they are done preparing the leather, the leather is transferred to the other workshops for the transformation process to finished goods.

Are Louis Vuitton Bags Made In France More Luxurious?

Louis Vuitton started out in France in the 1800s and up to this day, France still remains the headquarters of the brand and produces higher percentages of the bags.

There are 16 LV workshops in France, with some being very old, the newest workshop in France was a 65,00 square foot facility opened in 2019 in the Pays de la Loire region located on the west side of the country. This workshop is a modern structure designed to reduce waste, and be more environmentally friendly.


Despite the fact that LV bags are produced in other countries, there is a huge demand for France made LV bags. The customer base of LV feels that LV bags made in France are better off in quality, and durability, and are more genuine.  Some customers have gone the extra mile in spending extra dollars in pre=ordering LV bags from France, they want their bags to bear the “made in France” tag. They usually associate true genuine artisanship of Louis Vuitton with France because that is where it started. But is that so?

In no way LV bags produced outside France is of poor or lesser quality. All Louis Vuitton craftsmen all pass through the same strenuous and thorough training before being allowed into the workshop to work. So the expertise is equal, this has nothing to do with where production started from. Basically, you can’t tell any difference between the LV bags made in France and the ones from other designated countries. The only way you can identify that a particular LV bag is made from a country is through the made-in tag, and nothing more.

So LV bag is LV bag, none is superior to other in terms of geographical locations.

However, if you are still adamant about purchasing a made-in-France Louis Vuitton bag, you can simply head to an LV boutique in France. It is very much possible that the LV boutique in France will be stocked with made in France bags. However, it is not certain that all the bags will be made in France, so you need to check the made-in tag.

How to Check Where My Louis Vuitton Bag Was Made

There are two ways to check where your LV bag was made. The first is a stamp that clearly states the “made in.“ These stamps are located in different areas of the bag, and it varies depending on the style of the bag. Sometimes the stamp can be found on the exterior part of the bag, sometimes, on the interior part of the bag, specifically on a small leather tag on the lining.


The second is the code stamps on the bags that tell exactly where the bag was made.

However, in March 2021, Louis Vuitton discontinued the use of date stamps and replaced them with microchips to tighten up the security of the bank

Above all, knowing where an LV bag is made from does not guarantee its authenticity. You have to know how if a Louis Vuitton bag is real for you to be sure of your purchase.

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