Where Are Longchamp Bags Made? (Answered)

Where Is Original Longchamp Made?

According to Longchamp, Longchamp bags are made in France and abroad, primarily in the brand’s workshops located in the west of France, Maine-et-Loire, Vendee, Mayenne, and Orne.


Longchamp was founded as a luxury leather company in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. Jean Cassegrain made the first premium leather-covered pipes in the world before moving over to making small leather products like wallets and passport covers. The brand women’s handbags were made public in 1971 and this quickly establish Longchamp as one of France’s top leather fashion producers.

A few decades later, Longchamp created Le Pliage – a world-famous women’s handbag. Le Pliage was and still remains the company’s best-selling product. Le Pliage is a foldable purse for women and it comes in diverse forms, colors, patterns, and textiles. Longchamp gives re-inventing this product to meet the current needs of the consumers.


How To Tell if A Longchamp Bag is Real

Counterfeiters did not spare the Longchamp bags, as the market is flooded with fake versions of the brand’s bag. If you are a lover of Longchamp bags or you want to purchase one, it is necessary for you to know how to tell an authentic Longchamp one from a fake one.

Below are the top effective ways to tell if a Longchamp bag is authentic

  1. The Pattern of the Bag Should be Straight Diagonal Lines

An authentic Longchamp bag is patterned with a diamond design that consists of straight diagonal lines. While in a counterfeit bag, the texture may be an irregular pebble or indented fish scales.

  1. Longchamp Bag Features a Subtle Uneven Color Finish

A real Longchamp bag has a deep tan/cognac color which has touches of reddish-orange undertone. The exterior features a subtle uneven color finish that consists of lighter and darker areas. It is sometimes tough to notice the subtle unevenness; you have to look at it carefully.

On the front snap button is written “LONGCHAMP” and “1948” with a jockey logo in the center of both words.


If you observe that the color of the bag is a single solid color without no light or dark area, there are chances that the bag is fake.

  1. The Leather Flap Should Feature the Jockey Logo

In an authentic Longchamp bag, the jockey logo is indented on the leather flap. The jockey logo is in beige color but turns tan after a while. It comes with very short hairs that make it look smooth. The depression is hardly seen in small Jockey bags, but enormous in big jockey bags.

  1. The Handles are Flat

The handles of real Longchamp bags are relatively flat and made of thick leather folded in half with nothing added in between. The side edge of the handle is painted black/dark brown. When the bag is new, the hands are rigid, but over time, they become smooth.

Most fake Longchamp features synthetic leather that is too flimsy to form and rips easily.

  1. The Stitching should be done

In an authentic Longchamp bag, Brown stitching is used on the flap’s backside. The stitching on the corners and edges is oftentimes double. It features brown stitching underneath the leather flap and beige stitching on the front.

Most fake Longchamp bags feature white stitching on the front and backsides of fake flaps.

  1. The Buttons Snap are reinforced

In an original Longchamp bag, the button snap is reinforced with a translucent disc. The translucent disc surrounds both snaps located inside the pocket and at the bottom of the bag. When the snap isn’t reinforced, the bag is fake.

Is Longchamp Bags Made In China?

As stated by Longchamp, its brand products are made in France and abroad. Due to an increase in demand for its products, Longchamp opened a store in China in 2006, and currently, there are over 20 Longchamp brand stores across the country. The business permanently shuts down two outlets in 2013 and opened six more outlets in China

Yes, Longchamp products are made in China. Longchamp has been silent over the number of outlets they want to open in China, but obviously, it is going to be many.

Is Longchamp Bags Made In Tunisia

Formerly Longchamp bags were only made in France, but currently, Longchamp has outsourced the production of its bags to China and Tunisia.

Which Color Of Longchamp Bag Is Most Popular?

Longchamp bags are available in several colors, namely red, graphite, bilberry, navy, and black which is the most popular color.


Is Longchamp a Luxury Brand?

Longchamp is known globally for its high-quality leather bags, since its inception in 1948. It is a French luxury brand known for its elegant leather and non-=leather fashion products. It has a reputation for quality craftsmanship, inspired design, and the use of durable materials.

The most popular of them is the legendary Le Pliage collection. The non-leather products include wallets, totes, and accessories. The tote bags are made from light nylon, and it is simple, sleek, and functional. Although it appears like leather, it has the durability of plastic.

Furthermore, the Longchamp handbags are expensive, due to their luxurious nature. It cannot be afforded by everyone. The leather bags cost around 370 euros (USD 510). The foldable bags are cheaper, and you can get them starting from EUR 100 (USD 138).

What Is Special About Longchamp Bags?

Longchamp bags are special among the public for their great form and adaptability. It’s no surprise that Longchamp bags are regarded as the best travel handbag brand

Also, its legendary Le Pliage is one of the most adaptable travel bags globally, as it can serve various purposes and events. A larger one can serve as a travel shoulder bag, which is very convenient. Many upper-class individuals who travel with children find the Longchamp bag as the ideal travel bag for them, as you can easily pack baby supplies (food, diapers, wipes, toys, medications, etc.) in them. On arrival, the bags can be converted into shopping bags.


Also, most mothers use it as a breastfeeding bag when traveling. You can pack in your toddler’s basic supplies in it, and easily carry them around.

Are Longchamp Bags Cruelty-Free?

Longchamp is resistant to water with an average sustainability rating. Longchamp bags vegan approved by PETA

What Kind Of Leather Does Longchamp Use?

Longchamp uses quality leather that exclusively comes from animals, both ovine and bovine, for the production of its bags. Its non-leather bags are made from nylon which has the durability of plastic. They don’t make use of synthetic leather.

Is it Cheaper To Buy Longchamp In France?

Longchamp bags are slightly cheaper in France due to the fact that there is no importation or delivery fee added to the original cost. However, on a larger scale, it depends on the exchange rate. Do your findings in your home country and compare the price with what you will get in Paris

Is Longchamp Worth The Money?

Yes, Longchamp is worth the money. It’s a luxury handbag which is super affordable price and convenient to carry around. Its adaptability is top-notch and can serve for various occasions – you can use it for a lunch date, and a groceries bag altogether.

Longchamp bags are super convenient luxury bags that you can use for all occasions. When purchasing a Longchamp bag, ensure you thoroughly authenticate, so that you won’t be given a fake one.


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