Are Louis Vuitton Bags Leather?

Are Real Louis Vuitton Bags Leather?

Most Louis Vuitton bags are made from 100% real leather. However, this is often mistaken for LV canvas due to its toughness. Louis Vuitton’s handbags are coated canvas known to endure years of use. 


In addition, the brand termed Louis Vuitton leather as “Vachetta” used to make their luggage and handbags. This material typically takes the place of the top, bottom, trims, and handles.

While the fashion brand is known for quality across all its production lines, people usually confuse the material used for Louis Vuitton trunks, handbags, and other accessories. It is good that the LV brand is recognized globally as one that releases classic handbag styles that effortlessly become a must-have for every fashion-forward enthusiast.


We have seen that leather is the parent material of most LV bags. In the rest of this article, we’ll beam the focus light on the materials that Louis Vuitton bags are made of.

For every unique collection of LV bahs, there is a particular number and types of material put together. Many people don’t know that most Louis Vuitton bags do not use equal fabric composition.

Does Lous Vuitton have fake leather?

Checking the authenticity of the leather used for the LV bag is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake one. In this understanding, many enthusiasts usually ask whether or not LV uses fake leather in its original bags.

Many erroneous terms as fake leather used by LV in their bags is Coated canvas – a layer of cotton canvas coated with a plastic derivative called PVC. Yeah, Louis Vuitton bags feature coated canvas, making it a better investment since the material gives more durability and is lightweight. Louis Vuitton does not use fake leather in producing their bags.

The source of Louis Vuitton bags’ leather

A vast majority of LV leather bags are specially produced in the company’s workshop. Louis Vuitton workshops are located in the United States of America, France, and Spain. 


Bags made by the fashion powerhouse is synonymous with luxurious quality. This is a result of the high cost of acquiring the best high-grade leather, including crocodile, boa, lambskin, camel, and lambskin for its bags, luggage, and other accessories where it uses its special leather.

What about LV bags canvas?

As mentioned earlier, Louis Vuitton uses Canvas for some of their bag designs not made from leather. However, many of these LV bags coated with canvas are trimmed with leather. 

An excellent example of this style is the popular LV OnTheGo bag characterized by fully coated canvas. Bags under the Monogram and Damier lines are also examples.

Most luxury designer brands use canvas, for example, the Gucci Boston, the Saint Louis PM Bag, and the gorgeous Goyard Anjou Tote.

Understanding the main types of LV bags’ leather

The leather used in making Louis Vuitton bags come in three main types (although there are many more variations.) 

  • EPI leather
  • Monogram Empreinte
  • Monogram Vernis

Knowing about this unique specification can also guide choosing the right LV bag in terms of leather quality.


Louis Vuitton Epi leather

Bags made with the Louis Vuitton Epi leather are presented in various colors, including rose nacre, rogue, etc.

A collection such as the Neverfull, Alma, and others use this leather to reflect elegance effortlessly. Significantly, LV bags with this leather material are ideal for everyday use as they are designed to be timeless.

I particularly love how most LV bags with this leather have rigid, two-toned quality for a more classic and luxurious appearance.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis leather 

Those LV bags with a smooth and shiny finish are made with this monogram Vernis. The dazzling material appeals to LV lovers who like the brilliant sparkle that bags give when carried under sunlight.

With any LV bag that features this material, you won’t need much to elevate your outfit to the next level since the soft calfskin coated with sparkle does the magic. Aside from handbags, other Louis Vuitton accessories adopt the monogram Verni’s leather design.


Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte

The Monogram Empreinte leather of Louis Vuitton was first released about a decade ago. LV has been using it to design some handbags, wallets, cardholders, and other accessories.

The smooth leather seems to have more weight than the usual LV canvas bags but is special for being easy to maintain, assuring longer years of usage. Bags made with this material are usually patronized to match buyers’ plush tastes and fashion sense.

Other things to know when shopping for LV bags

Regarding Louis Vuitton bags’ leather is not the only material to consider when shopping for LV bags. There are many bags made with other materials that may pique your interest.

For example, besides leather, Louis Vuitton bags can feature other materials like Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene and Damier Azuar, Monogram multicolor canvas, and then the Damier canvas print.

Besides leather in authenticity, there are other aspects to look out for besides leather when shopping for an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. These salient specs include the Trim, color quality, Stamp details, Logo, Stitching details, and the purchase receipt.


Generally speaking, the material used by Louis Vuitton in making their high-quality bags varies from style to style. However, most of their designs are made full of EPI leather. Although, there are bag options that feature fully coated canvas.

For some designs, they integrate the two materials. For example, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag is made of Monogram Coated Canvas on the body, Vachetta Leather Trim on the handle, and leather trims. You’ve got other specifications about LV bags that seem unclear to you? Feel free to share in the comments.

Meanwhile, you may want to check out a recent post where I compared the quality of Louis Vuitton bags with that of a rival luxury brand, Gucci here.

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