Gucci Vs Louis Vuitton Bags: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better Lv Or Gucci Bags?

The comparison between bags and purses made by Gucci and those made by Louis Vuitton may never end.


This is because both fashion brands have been contendingly pulling the right strings to stay afloat in business.

Gucci is recognized and praise-washed for producing innovative collections that quench the thirst of fashionistas who are willing to splurge thousands of dollars on a single fashion piece.


Placing both brands side-by-side and making a constructive comparison in terms of design, style, aesthetic appeal, target audience, and pricing will help us identify how Gucci and LV bags measure up in terms of worthwhile luxury fashion.

First off, some hard-to-ignore details mark the difference between the two fashion giants and the bags they make.

The striking difference between Gucci bags Vs Louis Vuitton bags

Both brands have maintained the top position for over two decades in producing elegant, timeless, and simple luxury bags.

However, Gucci is the world’s fastest-growing luxury brand, down to every accessory they sell, including bags and purses. Despite this, Louis Vuitton is more expensive than Gucci regarding bags.


The latter brand takes the crown in terms of a higher pricing scale, and this is because LV has a stronger reputation in manufacturing bag and trunk for almost two centuries – Long before Gucci got into the game.


If you observe the trend of Gucci bags, you will realize that they don’t lose the Italian chic in all their fashion accessories. The Italian designer never disappoints in defining new fashion trends with newer collections.

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton is more of a fashion house that has respect for traditions and heritage. This is exemplified in every one of their bags such that their handbag styles feature iconic prints and silhouettes invented more than seven decades ago.

Remarkably, many LV bags never go out of style or fashion. Gucci bags, in contrast, are released seasonally to quench the immediate taste of what the current fashion rave is demanding.

This explains why many of their bag styles exhibit an extravagant show of luxury and bold statements of classic designs.

There is more to these key differences, however. To get a clearer idea, we will look at each brand’s bag’s individual detailing and then make comparisons in constructive categories.

What you should know about Gucci bags

Gucci is younger than LV by about seven decades, making it less of a stronger reputation. But this is not very obvious in their bags and purses since these specific accessories command a relatively different target audience.


Often embedded with the bold double ‘G’ intertwined as the brand’s monogram and signature, Gucci bags are often designed with a green stripe that has a red strap dividing it.

Gucci bags’ style and design expression focus on creativity, modern fashion, zero stereotypes, and of course, Italian creative luxury.

It is important to also highlight the high rate of counterfeit Gucci bags currently present in the market.

Buyers purchase fake Gucci products and then go on forums to give negative reviews on quality and durability when they actually purchased a fake product. This is why real Gucci bags are characterized by their expensive cost.

What you should know about Louis Vuitton bags

Louis Vuitton has been in the bag-making business for a very long time. The exclusivity and luxury of their bags are influenced by their strong historical prestige.


The French brand also focuses on small leather goods, shoes, watches, and designer clothes.

Generally speaking, just a few famous luxurious brands can compete with LV bags in terms of real quality.

The fashion house is globally celebrated, particularly for its purses that feature the LV imprint and bold logo and materials to create a design that never goes out of fashion.

The brand hires the best artisans and exquisite designers to work on each of their bags’ detail, which partly explains its expensiveness since those already established designers needs to be reimbursed heavily.

Unlike Gucci bags, purses and bags made by the French fashion powerhouse are focused on heritage, traditions, collaboration with famous artists, and brings iconic patterns to its target audience.


LV bags may not be major in giving unusual fresh looks like Gucci, but it is a sure brand to consider if one chooses to invest in luxurious bags and purses.

Again, LV bags never go out of style and can be listed on pre-loved with profitable returns even after years of usage.

Now, let’s get down to a contending side-by-side comparison…

Round one: Logo & aesthetics

The logos of both brands can be easily recognized at first glance. Even a newbie in the fashion world can identify the prestige and worth of any bag carrying the intertwined double “G” monogram or the “LV” logo.

However, the aesthetic of Gucci bags is more audacious and bold with the view of experimenting with new styles. Whereas every new collection of Louis Vuitton is to feel relaxed for its designs.

Each of the new bag styles created by Gucci is always innovative to chart a new course on what is trendy in fashion. On the other hand, LV aesthetics usually have a simple, timely touch with boastful quality.

Round two: Design & materials

Both Gucci and Louis Vuitton make durable bags worth their insane prices. However, LV bags are more durable in this context.

The design of the Gucci bag is fashioned to wield stronger appeal from buyers between the ages of 20 to 50 years who are usually high net worth individuals, celebrities, and fashion models.

On the other hand, the general design of every Louis Vuitton bag targets middle-aged men and women who are above 30 to 80 years of age. It generally appeals to wealthy individuals who can afford the luxury.

Perhaps, a point of equality for both brands is that their bags will deliver maximum comfort and longevity.

Round three: Pricing and exclusivity

As for the pricing scale, Louis Vuitton takes the crown hands down. This is due to the Italian fashion house’s rooted reputation of bag manufacturing in maintaining ageless styling and elegance.

The remarkable attribute that argues the higher luxury of LV bags rests in their top-notch premium quality.

While Gucci bags share a similar reputation of being luxury, they do not cost as much.

In terms of exclusivity, every design is unique in its own way and has the potential of being limited to only a few individuals who can pay top dollar to own them.

This can be seen in both LV and Gucci bag limited editions. However, when you need exclusive classic designs that will never go out of style, LV is the right brand to turn to.

Gucci is a sure bet to get a bag that will give you an unusual, fresh look… Which often changes per season.

On similar grounds…

Despite the highs and lows of each fashion brand, it suffices to say that they both sell luxury products recognized globally.

Also, there is no deficiency in any of the brands as to the calibre of celebrities they collaborate with within the fashion industry to promote their bag styles and collections of other accessories.

Most remarkably, despite the few highlighted advancement gaps, Gucci and Louis Vuitton have been among the fashion brands at the forefront of the industry’s innovation without any deterioration in their quality.

Here, we close the curtain on the battle between bags made by Italian fashion powerhouse Gucci and French prestigious fashion brand, Luis Vuitton.

In summary, Gucci is the right brand to go for if you prefer novelty, brave and bold designer style. While fans of timeless elegance won’t go wrong by choosing Louis Vuitton Bags.

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