Fake Coach Bags Vs Real: What You Should Look Out For

How Can You Tell If A Coach Bag Is Real Or Fake?

Those who fall victim to counterfeit Coach bags do so often due to their unfamiliarity with what to look for when buying presumed authentic Coach bags. 


There is an influx of replica versions of the luxury bag. The best way to outwit counterfeiters is by researching the product to become educated on the qualities of real Coach bags.

The real tragedy is that many fake Coach bags are becoming nearly perfect, which has made the authentification process beyond mere appearance. 


Since fakes are becoming closer to the real deal, I have developed this article to expose you to the vital things to look for when distinguishing between imitation of the real Coach bags and purses.

To successfully do this, we must start from the things that make American fashion luxury bags unique. What are things that set it apart from replicas out there?

Difference between fake Vs. real Coach bags

Having grown into one of the most successful luxury brands, Coach produces bags that have been individually handcrafted to perfection. While this makes it hard not to fall in love with the style, it also indicates authenticity.

The craftsmanship of every real coach bag is a product of the effort that the brand put into its quality control process during manufacturing – a process that counterfeiters can never emulate accurately.

Well, the striking difference(s) between real and fake coach bags and purses can be easily spotted, first, in the retailer where the bag is being purchased, followed by the quality of the bag’s craftmanship, the stitching details, which must be symmetrical, and then the hardware and tags.


The details of the ‘C’ pattern logo on every coach bag is also an area of focal distinction between fake and genuine products. Similarly, the interior lining of the bag is another area of difference. 

Speaking of the interior, the creed patch, serial number, and features of the interior tag have a significant difference when observed in fake and real Coach bags, and so is worth checking out before making a purchase.

We will then look at this specification in real Coach bags across various styles and how they sharply contradict counterfeit ones.

How to distinguish between original and fake Coach bags

Flooded would be an understatement when describing the presence of counterfeit Coach Handbags in the market. If the situation were not as worse, checking for authentic Coach bags would have been limited to all we have mentioned earlier.

If you are about to purchase a Coach bag, here are six key areas you should not ignore so you don’t fall victim to another fake product.

Step 1: Check the seams in the middle. 

Starting from the obvious, you want to first check the seams in the middle of the Coach bag. Original Coach bags have their “Cs” alight through both sides of the seams. On the contrary, replica Coach bags miss out on the alignment detail.


And even when they don’t, you can always tell they are fake when the signature pattern takes another similar letter like “O”, a “G”. Original Coach bags stick to the iconic, famous Coach signature of “C”. This leads us to the next step.

Step 2: Check the pattern on the material

In many Coach bag styles, they have their signature pattern imprinted on the exterior and sometimes interior fabric material. Here, you want to check for the pattern’s horizontal and vertical accuracy. 

In what sense? Original Coach bags have imprinted patterns with two vertical and two horizontal “C” patterns. Replica ones have one pattern. They also often have crooked letters and imperfections.

Step 3: Examine the bag’s hangtag.

Another focal point you shouldn’t miss out on is the hand tag. Here, you want to ensure that the lettering details of the brand label are the same as in other Authentic Coach bags in terms of being uniform and brief. How?

The two “Cs” in the COACH spelling look the same. The “A” is pointed at the top while fake ones have their ‘A’ rounded, while the “H” has all four legs intact in original Coach bags hangtag, but fake ones have the ‘H’ either pointing up or down at the end. 


Still, on the hand tag, original Coach bags have the inscription of the label positioned centered, while fake ones often position the lettering towards the punch hole or otherwise.

Step 4: Inspect the bag’s zipper.

Another area many counterfeiters of Coach bags fail to replicate exactly is the specification of the bag’s zipper. When you examine real Coach handbags, you will see that their zipper pull has ” YKK ” letters.

In some styles, this is seen in the interior zipper. An original Coach bag should have that somewhere on the zipper wherever it is located. If not, you are probably about to splurge on a fake product.

Step 5: Checking for authenticity – interior tag

The easiest and, most times, one-stop place to verify the authenticity of your Coach bag is by examining the details of the interior tag, both in the context of quality and lettering details.

For example, original Coach bags have all the letters written on the interior tag expressed in Upper case, English language, and error-free. Also, Original Coach bags have serial numbers in the bags, and it should start with “No”, followed by the abbreviation for number. 


Note: Serial numbers of original Coach bags are four digits coming after the dash. Fake ones often have just three numbers.

Step 6: Stitching quality 

Lastly, examine the Stichting quality of the bag and ensure that it is not overlapping. This is a major difference between fake and real Coach bags and purses.

In connection to this, it is worth inspecting the overall quality of the interior details. Especially on the tag, you want to ensure every letter is centered and uniform,

Design, quality, and durability make Coach bags stick out among many entry-level luxury handbags. However, the insanely high prices of many Coach bags and purses are a topic for another day.

It is a tragedy when you spend thousands of dollars on what looks like a Coach bag but isn’t.

While this is almost inevitable to come across, especially in the retail market, we have been able to touch on six critical areas of consideration when purchasing a Coach bag.

In summary, you want to pay attention to the retailers you are dealing with, the logo placement and specifications, the details and stitching quality of the interior tag, the zipper details, and the imprint pattern on the bag’s exterior.

Finding it hard to verify the authenticity of your Coach Bag? I can help you. Send a quality image of both the interior and exterior of your bag in a close-up shot. 

Please accompany the images with the useful specification of the purchase, and I won’t be hesitant to help.

Thanks for reading.

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