Are Fiorelli Bags Leather?

Are Fiorelli Purses Real Leather?

You may like the look of the Fiorelli bags, especially their tote and shoulder bag designs. However, you will agree with me that the quality of the material must be worth your love and money.


This is why many people wish to know whether or not the UK-based fashion brand produces leather bags to ensure its durability and longevity.

Fiorelli has always produced non-leather handbags in time past, but they announced the release of a real leather collection – Marla grab bag – in 2013 which marked the first bag of choice to kick off the new range.


So yes, there is a collection of Fiorelli handbags made with leather, even though the brand has the reputation of producing lightweight and waterproof non-leather bag styles in the past.

Being a high street favorite for years, the introduction of the First Real Leather Collection was a dream come true, which now justified why their product appeared to be overpriced and worth splurging on.

However, there is more to know if you are considering any of the leather bags made by the fashion brand, which we shall look at in the rest of this post.

Where are Fiorelli leather handbags made?

All Fiorelli bags are made and designed in London. The brand deploys a talented team of fashion accessories designers for unique craftsmanship for its real leather collection.

Fiorelli has strived to retain its image of offering designs that the street craves. Each season, they produce influential bags and become the rave of the moment.


Not until when the brand started the production line of real leather bags, most of its materials have been sourced to promote the manufacturing of vegan handbags and ones made with faux leather.

I will consider the few Fiorelli leather styles as hard to find because most catalogs show non-leather products that underline the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability through recycled materials and ethically sourced fabrics.

Are Fiorelli leather waterproof?

The concept of waterproof in handbags is one of the significant areas that turn our interest away from choosing leather bags.

Not all leather handbags are waterproof, and Fiorelli styles aren’t an exception.

However, there are leather bags made by top-tier fashion brands like KS and MK that use saffinao leather to ensure the bag exterior handles scratch, water, and several environmental conditions.

But, aside from its leather bags, Fiorelli is known for its Recover collection – the vegan Waves backpack range, made from recycled plastic bottles and extremely waterproof. These styles feature metals and polyester for enhanced hardware.


There is not much to boast about when it comes to Fiorelli leather bags when waterproof becomes the topic of discussion.

Where to buy Fiorelli leather bags?

Marla, the recent leather handbag collection of Fiorelli – can be purchased from the brand’s official website.

Styles under this catalog are presented in burgundy and the classic black and cost around £149.

There are also many more related gorgeous piece on their website that takes brilliant hardware and other key shapes that will be adopting the real leather collection.

How I care for my Fiorelli leather bags

I am yet to add the Fiorelli real leather bag to my collection of bags, but I have loads of Fiorelli non-leather bags and have always found them to be a good everyday bag for a reasonable price.


There is not much to say about their longevity, but some of the ones I use less often lasted years, while the rest were so affordable that replacing them whenever they wear out won’t even scratch.

Maintaining leather Fiorelli bags is the same as other handbags with leather. It also applies to whatever style or design of the Fiorelli bag you are using.

Some of the tips for taking care of Fiorelli bags include:

1. Be careful of putting things that could leak or spill into your Fiorelli leather bag at some point. Stains on the lining of Fiorelli leather handbags are really difficult to remove. I suggest having an extra makeup bag where you can put those things.

2. The outside of your leather bag is where attention is demanded the most. All you need is warm soapy water and a damp cloth. Do this at least once in seven days to retain the radiant look of your leather bag. It helps the leather material to look as good as new.


3. I recommend you store your Fiorelli leather bags on a shelf or flat spa instead of hanging them on the wall to save space. The latter can result in scratches and strain on your bags, eventually cracking and breaking.

The pros and cons of Fiorelli leather bags

There are two sides to using leather bags of Fiorelli. While it can’t be compared with top tire luxury leather handbags with fewer downsides, the leather-made collection of Fiorelli bags has advantages and disadvantages.



The leather-made version of Fiorelli handbags tends to be more durable, taking a long time to be broken than their faux leather or suede designs.

This saves you money in the long run because you won’t always have to buy cheap ones to replace when they are worn out.

Improved appearance

Generally speaking, leather bags look better than non-leather, which we see when comparing Fiorelli’s two handbag production lines.

The brand’s leather designs age beautifully, while its non-leather collection bags tend to be just torn apart.

You can wear the Fiorelli Marla grab bag for formal occasions. However, it can be a bad decision when you pick cloth bags. The latter is best for casual events.

Another advantage of buying Fiorelli leather bag collections is that it guarantees Biodegradability, longevity, and worth the price.




The smallest Fiorelli leather bag can weigh more than the biggest faux leather bag. Leather bags are generally characterized with extra weight than other fabric types.

This is not to mention the essential items you will be putting into the bag to add to the weight. If you are not bothered about the heavy load (depending on the style), you don’t have a problem.


Unlike its non-leather styles, Fiorelli leather bags need extra care and caution, especially regarding exposure to water.

When maintaining leather bags, you need some things extra like damp cloth and leather cream, whereas all it takes to clean your Fiorelli canvas bag is a washing machine.


Having compared the cost of most Fiorelli leather bags with non-leather, there is a drawback of reduced affordability when getting leather styles.

Choosing Fiorelli leather bags is not optimal for those with a defined and non-flexible low budget.

Thankfully, there are options in the second-hand market, but plying such a route demands extra caution and examination, so you don’t purchase counterfeit.

Fiorelli is a vegan handbag and accessories brand. Hence, the launch of its leather-made handbag can be termed an innovation.

So yes, you will find a few selections of bags made by Fiorelli featuring real leather material.

But the trust is that there are other better brands to turn to if you prioritize high-quality leather handbags.

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