Where Are Kate Spade Bags Made?

Do Kate Spade Bags Say Made In China?

Kate Spade bags are made in the USA, Italy, Vietnam, Rwanda, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, China, Indonesia, Philippines


All Kate Spade bags made after 1996 come with the Country of Origin tag, so you can easily check the tag to ascertain the country of origin, and the country must fall within the nine countries mentioned below, if it does fall within, the bag is a counterfeit. However Kate Spade bags made before 1996, do not feature the country of the original tag, here you have to authenticate the bag to confirm its originality.

Where Are Kate Spade Leather Bags Made?

Kate Spade bags are all made of leather, however, the nature of leather varies to the location where it is made. Kate Spade bags made of calf hair and suede are made in Italy, with a few of them from the Dominican Republic.

While the Kate Spade bags made of straw and wicker materials are made in Taiwan and the Philippines.

 Where are Kate Spade Leather Handbags Made?

It is important to note that all original Kate Spade leather handbags made after 2002 are all produced in Italy. This is because the Kate Spade handbags are made from the best and finest quality leather. Specifically, the Kate Spade leather is made with the Safflano leather, which is extra distinctive leather featuring an elegant crosshatch textured with precise beautiful finished edges. This leather is one of the most expensive Italian leather known to be one of the best kinds of leather for making luxury handbags and other leather accessories.

Also, Italy is respected for its excellent craftsmanship, as every leather work produced in Italy is greatly respected.

Are Kate Spade Bags Made In The USA?

Yes, some of the Kate Spade bags are made in the USA, specifically in New York City. The Kate Spade bags made in New York comes with a label indicating, “Made in the USA” that is situated in the inner pocket. Also, Kate Spade made in the United States has a slightly different logo design and the brand name is written in lower case, while New York is written in uppercase under the name Kate Spade. Also, most of the bags made in the United States between 1996 and 2002 are nylon bags. However if the bag is made from a different country, the name of the country will be indicated.

Are Kate Spade Bags Made in China?

Yes, China is one of the countries that make Kate Spade. Kate Spade bags made in China after 1996 have the “Made in China” tag on them. This tag is located in the interior part of the bag.


It is important for you to know that most of the nylon bags were made in the United States between 1996 and 2002, while those made from 1997 – to 1999 is from Taiwan.

Currently, most of the Kate Spade bags in the market are made in China and in Indonesia.

How To Tell If A Kate Spade Bag Is Original?

Knowing the location where the Kate Spade bag is made isn’t the only thing that guarantees the authenticity of the bag. In addition, to knowing the production location, you have to have knowledge of how to tell if a Kate Spade is real.

Below are some of the ways in which you can tell that a Kate Spade bag is original.

  1. Check Out the Bag’s hardware

The hardware of the bag is one of the major indicators of whether the bag is real or not. In a real Kate Spade bag, the shape of the bag’s feet is generally small, round, or flat, they must not be cone-shaped or triangular. The hardware parts are made in silver or gold tones. The hardware parts never tarnish or fade off.

  1. The Stitching and Materials Should be of Exceptional Quality

The material used for making the Kate Spade bag looks qualitative and supple when felt. The bag can be made of nylon, leather, canvas, or suede. In a real Kate Spade bag, the stitching is exceptionally precise, even, and neat. The color of the stitching is consistent with the remaining part of the bag.

  1. Check out the Label

One of the first things to do while confirming the authenticity of a Kate Spade bag is to check out the label. The label is usually located in the interior part of the bag. In a genuine bag the sides of the fabric where the label is durable, and the label is stamped/embossed. While, in a fake bag, you can easily pull off the sides of the fabric where the label is placed.

The stamped/ embossed labels are more used in leather handbags, situated at the bag’s front side, on tip of the bag center section, or right under the bag’s handle. While the fabric labels are stitched directly on the handbag.

You should note that the leather bags never use fabric labels, they only make use of embossed or the leather label in gold-tone letters. So if you see any leather bag with a fabric label, just know that it is fake.

While, the nylon bags, have the logos embossed on the rectangular-shaped patch situated at the exterior front of the bag.

  1. Lettering and font on the label

In real Kate Spade bags, the brand name is written in lowercase letters and spaced evenly. And all the Kate Spade bags make use of the same font styles. This is an exception to Kate Spade New York, where it is written in uppercase. The lettering and spacing are very important for authentication. The T in Kate Spade is written in alignment with N and K in New York.

  1. Kate Spade Bags Features Tag

An authentic Kate Spade bags feature green retail tags which have the name Kate Spade New York printed on them and the lettering is clear and precise.

Do Genuine Kate Spade Bags Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, every real Kate Spade bag should feature a serial number on the interior linings of the bags. The serial number consists of 4 to 5 unique digits. Specifically, the serial is found on the square leather patch sewn into the bag’s lining, and it differs in each bag.

Is Kate Spade Made of Real Leather?

Most Kate Spade products are from a quality leather called “saffiano leather.” This leather is durable, strong to break, water-resistant, scratch-proof, and hardly gets dirty. Also, the leather isn’t cheap or easily found around.

What is the Difference between Kate Spade and Kate Spade New York?

There is no difference between Kate Spade and Kate Spade New York. Both of them belong to the same brand, while Kate Spade New York is specifically made in New York, USA. While in the case of Kate Spade, the country tag will indicate the country it is made in.


When purchasing a Kate Spade bag, ensure you purchase it directly from a reliable luxury store, not just any street vendor or online vendor. Also, you fully authenticate the bag before paying for it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are commonly used to make Kate Spade bags?

Kate Spade bags are crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, including genuine leather, fabric, canvas, nylon, and sometimes PVC or synthetic materials.

Are all Kate Spade bags made from leather?

No, not all Kate Spade bags are made from leather. While leather is a popular material used in many of their designs, the brand also offers bags made from non-leather materials like fabric, canvas, and nylon.

What type of leather is typically used in Kate Spade bags?

The brand primarily uses cowhide leather, which is known for its durability and luxurious appearance. Occasionally, they may use other types of leather, like lambskin, for specific collections.

Are Kate Spade bags made from genuine leather?

Yes, most Kate Spade bags are made from genuine leather. The brand prides itself on using high-quality materials, and genuine leather is a hallmark of their premium handbag collections.

Are Kate Spade bags made with a focus on sustainability?

Kate Spade has been making efforts to improve sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. They have introduced collections using sustainable materials and have implemented responsible sourcing methods. Keep an eye out for their eco-conscious collections.

Are all Kate Spade bags made in the USA?

No, not all Kate Spade bags are made in the USA. While the brand was founded in New York City, it has expanded its production globally to meet the demands of its diverse customer base.

Are Kate Spade bags made in China?

Yes, some Kate Spade bags are manufactured in China. The brand, like many others in the fashion industry, collaborates with factories in different countries, and China is one of the countries where production takes place.

Can I find information about the manufacturing location on a Kate Spade bag’s label or tag?

While Kate Spade provides information about the materials used in its products, it may not always disclose the specific manufacturing location on the label or tag. You can contact Kate Spade’s customer service or visit their official website for more detailed information about a specific bag’s production origin.


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