Are Coach Bags Made of Real Leather?

Does Coach Sell Real Leather?

As a fashion brand, Coach has been able to woo the minds of young audiences, particularly with the production of their timeless bags and accessories. 


With its presence in the industry dating as far as eight decades ago, the New York fashion house has produced bags that appeal to every need, every style, and everyday companion.

This is evident in their travel-friendly totes and in-vogue mini bags, among many others. Many people usually wish to know whether or not Coach bags are made of real leather.


Knowing the type of leather the fashion house uses to design its bags will enable users to uphold the proper maintenance routine for the bag and spot a counterfeit product effortlessly.

So, Does Coach use real leather for bags?

Depending on the style and design of the bag, most Coach bags are made of premium leather. If you buy an original leather Coach bag, you can be rest assured that it is high-quality and crafted to last a lifetime.

Suffice to say, Coach fashion bags are synonymous with quality leather materials. This underscores their initial branding identity as the Original American House of Leather.

It has also been that the brand is eyeing a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach in producing their prominent leather bags in a few years by sourcing 90% of the leather from Silver- and Gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries.

Meanwhile, some Coach bags styles are coated canvas, giving it the advantage of being waterproof and protected. 


Does Coach use animal leather?

Yes, some Coach products are designed with materials sourced from animal origin. However, on its website, the brand has reiterated its commitment towards “ethical practices in the capture, keeping, breeding, raising, transport, handling and slaughter of live animals in our leather.”

They also source from animals to produce materials from the fur and exotic skins supply chain.

Nevertheless, Coach uses different types of material for their purses and bags, which range from leather to jacquard, and even silks in some cases.

Other fabrics Coach uses for their bags

Being a company that produces and retails luxury leather products, Coach adopts a wide variety of high-quality leathers and some other fabrics, especially to produce a collection of its handbags. 

Some of the top-notch materials include:

1. Laser Cut Op Art Leather


2. Reflection Sparkle Leather

3. Rainbow Patent Leather

4. Garcia Leather

5. Herringbone weave

6. Other fabrics


Natural cowhide is the source of Rainbow Patent Leather, showcasing a two-tone effect due to the closely spaced color variations. It is similar to the Garcia leather developed from natural tanned Italian cowhide.

Also, the Reflection Sparkle leather is sourced from cowhide that is buffed using sandpaper, making the material appear softer. It shares a similarity with the Laser Cut Op Art used to make many Coach purses. However, the latter is made of Apache leather.

Other styles of the Coach handbags are designed with different fabrics and materials ranging from denim to canvas, patent leather, sateen, embossed python leather, herringbone weave, and even embossed crocodile leather.

Coach’s free lifetime leather care

Although, it is expected that an original Coach bag will last for a really long time if well taken care of. Maybe that is why the brand does not offer a lifetime warranty, because ‘you won’t be needing it.’

Instead, buyers have access to lifetime leather care at Coach retail stores free of charge. Customers for this purpose will be attended to as per appointment booked or scheduled ahead of the date.


In this regard, many usually ask whether there is a need to register a coach purse once purchased. Well, there is no way to register your Coach purse. 

But you can address any complaints or issues related to quality within the specified time frame after purchase by visiting any nearest Coach store with a valid receipt of purchase.

How to clean leather Coach bags?

I’d say that the way to clean Coach leather bags is a similar maintenance routine to most bags made of leather, as well. For example, leather needs its own skincare routine, such as going through a deep clean at least once every 120 days to keep it in its pristine look.

If you have a Coach bag made out of leather, I’d advise you to invest in a leather protection spray and use it on the product one the day of usage. Leather protection sprays help protect the material against damage from watermarks or the sun.

Is Coach bag worth the money?

The various bag styles available in the Coach collection have made a choice endless for those looking for a travel-friendly bag to carry essentials or just to fit in their phones and purse for an event without ruining their outfit.

The brand combines luxury, style, class, and functional utility. However, some high-end Coach handbags cost several thousand dollars, especially those made out of luxurious genuine alligator leather or exquisite materials.

Like some elite french fashion brands, Coach does not sell products via street vendors or in kiosks in malls. Is it reasonable to forgo their bags for options that are relatively lesser in cost? This obviously depends on one’s budget and preference.

Still, the real Coach bags usually last a lifetime and are worth their prices.

Bonus: How do you know your Coach bag is real?

Spotting a fake Coach purse is not always easy, and the same thing goes for other luxurious bag lookalikes. The influx of fakes in the market is becoming rampant and nearly perfect.

So, as we bring this post to an end, I want to share with you some things you can look for that indicate your Coach bag’s authenticity or otherwise.

To begin with, many people believe that knowing the actual country where a fashion accessory is originally made is one of the key ways to spot a real or fake product. But, this does not apply really much when purchasing Coach handbags or purses.

Coach products are made in factories across the globe under the umbrella of Tapestry, owner of Kate Spade New York, and Stuart Weitzman. So, most of the Coach bags are made in China. Still, some Coach bags, wallets, and other ready-to-wear items come from factories in Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Hence, the best way to spot a fake Coach bag and differentiate it from a real one is by considering the following factors:

The logo and design must display the Cs signature (not Gs or Os as used in many fake ones)

Fabrics and materials – Coach, never uses plastic or plated materials (Take note)

Creed and serial numbers – an authentic Coach bag has its serial numbers stamped into the fabric of the creed

Price – the least you can get an original Coach bag for is around $300. Many counterfeits sell for a very much lesser amount.

The common Coach bag styles that have many of their production lookalike in the market include the popular Signature Shoulder Bag With Monogram Print, Crossbody or Shoulder Purse With Full Logo, and even the Duffle Shoulder Bag With Turnlock.

There are just a few ideal places you can think of to get original Coach bags, wallets, purses, or accessories without any doubt of purchasing fake ones. These are either Coach stores, Official Coach Outlets, any Authorized department stores, or its official website.

It is easy to point out why so many women love bags that display the iconic C logo. The reason is constructed with the perception that the Coach brand has been able to create in maintaining the highest standards for materials and workmanship. 

If you have been in doubt, we have seen how many coach leather bags are manufactured with real, premium leather.


What is your experience with using any Coach bag? Would you love to strike an interesting comparison with rival fashion brands? 

I’ll be in the comments!

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