How To Tell If a Michael Kors Bag is Original?

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How to tell if a Michael Kors bag is original? A real Michael Kors bag uses sturdy hardware to fasten the bag’s handles to the bag. Also, the joint hardware features the expanded logo stamped on one side and it is slightly rectangular with rounded edges.


Michael Kors bags came into the limelight when the founder, Michael David Kors, joined Project Runway as a judge at the reality show’s popularity. Through this show, his brand of bags became a household name in the United States.


Today, Michael Kors-branded leather products are purchased by both males and females around the world. The brand is becoming popular globally, and counterfeiters have started popping their noses. According to The Fashion Law, the Michael Kors brand is one of the most counterfeited brands in the United States. This calls for extra carefulness when purchasing a Michael Kors bag.


9 Ways To Tell If A Micahel Kors Bag is Real

  1. Michael Kors Bag is Made of Saffiano leather

Michael Kors pride itself on the use of Saffiano leather in making its bags. Saffiano is calf leather with a fine criss-cross pattern, with a slight gloss on it. Saffiano leather is the official trademark material of the Michael Kors bags.

A real Michael kors bag is structured and rigid, and looks luxurious, while a counterfeit Michael Kors bag is soft.

  1. Purchase Only From Authorized Retailers

To get an original Michael Kors bag, you have to purchase it directly from a Michael Kors store, Michael Kors website, authorized retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, and any authorized fashion outlet.

To purchase Michael Kors bags at discounted prices, check out AmazonNordstrom Rack, and Saks OFF 5TH.

Avoid purchasing Michael Kors bags in the flea market, among online and offline street vendors, always go through authorized retailers to avoid being scammed with a fake product.

  1. Michael Kors Makes Use of Two Official logos

Michael Kors makes use of two official logos – the expanded one and the circle emblem.

The expanded logo is precise with sharp edges, and the letters are evenly spaced. This logo is embedded into the leather, and perfectly centered.

The circle emblem features the letters M and K at the center, and the lettering is distinct and circled perfectly.

When you notice that the logos are embedded at one side, and the lettering is unsymmetrical, you should know that you are dealing with a fake product.

Also, the logo hardware should be substantial, and heavy in weight. Sometimes Michael Kors uses a plain MK to embellish some of its bags. Lastly, it never makes use of coated plastic.

  1. The Zippers and Zip Closures Should Have a Brass Finishing

One of the ways to tell if a Michael Kors bag is real is to check out the zippers and zip closures. The zippers should have a brass finish and pair with an elongated zipper pull. The Zipper pull is engraved with the expanded brand logo carefully centered.


Most fake Michael Kors bag uses the rounded logo which is made out of plastic with a metallic finish. This type of pull looks cheap, and it is prone to chipping and breaking.

Also, ensure you run the zippers. In an original bag, the zipper remains rigid when you run it both ways, and the structure of the bag is intact, while in a counterfeit bag, the bag gape wide open when you run the zippers.

  1. Michael kors Handles are Qualitative

The structure of the handle is a major indicator of a real Michael Kors bag. An authentic Michael Kors bag features sturdy hardware used to fasten the handles to the bag. The hardware is slightly rectangular with rounded edges, and the expanded logo is stamped on one side.

The handle is made from premium leather and doesn’t wrinkle around the foam tube. In an authentic bag, the leather tabs neatly hide the handle edges instead of exposing the edge stitching.

  1. The Lining should be Light with Beige Shade inlining Materials

Real Michael Kors totes use a light beige shade inlining materials, aginst fake MK totes that are lined with logo print material, and feature telltale signs.


Both linings of the MK totes are synthetic, the difference is that the fake tote lining feels stiffer than the original one.

The newer Michael Kors bags make use of the expanded logo. It can either come in a cross-hatched form with a chain pattern, or in a standard horizontal pattern.

Also, Michael Kors uses suede and Saffiano leather to make linings, and these linings are without the printed pattern.

  1. The Shoulder Strap Should be Sewn Appropriately

In an authentic Mk bag, the shoulder strap loop should hold the strap to the tote body. In some classic MK bags models, the loop is stitched above the seam. However there are some exemptions, some classic MK bags get their straps sewn into the seam for aesthetic purposes.

If you notice that the loops are sewn into the seam, it is an indicator that the bag is a fake one.


In some newer Mk bags models, the straps are sewn neatly on the outside of the tote body. The stitches must be precise and leather tabs must conceal the handle ends.

Furthermore, newer Mk bags make use of grommets, clasps, and buckles, instead of shoulder straps. The shoulder straps in most of the newer models are removable.

  1. Examine the Inside Pockets

Most times, both sides of the Michael Kors bag feature open pockets. The classier bags do have a flat pocket on the right, and a cellphone pocket on the left. The opposite side does have two flat pockets. In most fake MK bags, the pockets on both sides are all cellphone pockets.

Larger totes like the Hamilton feature one side of the lining as a zippers pocket that consists of a piece of leather framing the zip. A fake MK will feature a cheaper leather piece that is more rounded than the authentic one.

You should understand that structure of the pocket varies from one bag model to another. The major premise of authentication here is that regardless of the bag model, all open pockets are beautifully lined with leather at the edges. The only exception is the Mk bag models that are lined with suede.

  1. Stay in Touch

Similar to all designers, Michael Kors keeps reinventing and restructuring its bags. So it is important you keep in touch with the brand. You can subscribe to their newsletter.

Where are Michael Kors Products Made?

Most Michael Kors products are made in China. Apart from China, Michael Kors also outsource its products in countries namely Korea, Italy, Turkey, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

How Much Do Michael Kors Bags and wallets Cost?

Michael Kors bags are affordable luxury bags. You can get an authentic MK bag starting from $50 to $18,000, while the Mk wallets range starts from $30 to $895.

To know the exact current price of any of the MK bags and wallets, do visit the official website. They constantly update it with the latest products, together with their prices.

Michael Kors bag is an affordable designer bag brand. Always ensure you fully authenticate the bag before paying for it, regardless of where you purchase it from.

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