Are All Coach Bags Leather?

Are All Coach Bags Made From Leather?

Bags made by the American fashion house Coach are considered luxury bags, as many of their styles feature flawless finish and modern, exciting aesthetics. While the brand does not compare with top-tier designers like Chanel, they are still a high-quality luxury brand.


But are all coach bags leather?

Yes, most of the bags made by Coach are produced with premium leather. However, this does not apply to some styles. Generally, Coach’s primary focus of fashion accessories is on leather goods that are not just beautiful but also practical.


In addition, the American mid-luxury fashion house offers one of the broadest range of handbags for men and women alike. Many of their styles are designed to suit every occasion and outfit, from their shopping-friendly totes bags to trending mini bags and purses.

Aside from their handbags, Coach prioritized the use of premium leather also on other goods such as luggage, accessories, and ready-to-wear.

Where is Coach bag leather sourced from?

Checking for the leather used in making the supposed Coach bag you are about to buy is one way to validate its authenticity. However, knowing where the leather is sourced from adds to the item on their premium leather.

Coach bags are crafted by artisans around the globe, including Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where the leather is professionally treated to result in those your favorite designs.

The quality control process has shifted from New York to these places due to the rising demand in other parts of the world in the last decades. For example, Coach leather belts are made in India, aside from handbags.


However, you can still find some of Coach bag limited editions with their production origin in New York here – the Headquarter workshop.

Will Coach bag leather deteriorate?

Coach bags are synonymous with quality. Most of their vintage designs have great resell value because you can buy them, use them, and resell them after many years of usage at decent prices.

So yes, when you get original coach leather bags, you can rest assured that the quality will last you for a lifetime. This is because of the brand’s conscious use of natural full-grain leather to construct their bag, enhancing longevity. 

Meanwhile, how long your Coach leather bag will last depends on how you take care of the material.

How do I take care of my Coach leather bag?

Unlike other material types used by Coach, bags of the brand made with leather demand its skincare routine. Given that it is a ‘skin’ material, cleaning every three months is recommended to protect and preserve its plush, radiant look.

If you are going to splurge on a Coach leather bag, you may want to also invest in a leather protection spray. This helps protect the bag’s exterior material against sun damage and watermarks. 


Also, thankfully, original Coach bags come with a dust bag that helps prevent stains in the handbag’s interior lining.

On the other hand, Coach bags made with coated canvas are much easier to clean since they already feature a protective coating.

The process for cleaning coated canvas Coach bags include wiping with a dry cloth first, placing a gentle fabric detergent into warm water for gentle cleansing, and then allowing it to air dry (not under direct sunlight)

Step-by-step process to clean Coach leather bags.

Apart from using a protective leather spray on your Coach leather bag from time to time, it would help if you also cleaned the accessory from time to time, following the right procedures, so you don’t alter the bag.

The general process for cleaning Coach leather bags include:


Step 1: Get a gentle, dye-free fabric cleaner in warm water and wipe the interior lining in small circles.

Step 2:  Afterward, do the same thing for the exterior, except you have a special leather cleaner for the exterior material. Whichever the case is, make sure you wipe gently.

Step 3: Some leather Coach bags feature metal components. To clean this hardware, use a surface polish on a small cloth. 

Step 4: There is no specific way to dry your Coach leather bag after a deep cleaning. You only have to leave the bag to air dry fully.

Meanwhile, I occasionally use leather conditioner for my Coach leather bags, precisely two times a year. It helps take care of any little scratches or scuffs on the surface so that there isn’t cracking of the leather material in the long run.


Besides leather material, other ways to spot fake Coach bags.

As mentioned earlier, most Coach bag styles are made with premium high-quality leather material. This serves as one of the ways to validate the authenticity of the supposed Coach bag you want to buy.

However, there are other factors you want to keep in mind when shopping for the designer bag, especially with the view of the rising influx of counterfeit in the market.

For example, when buying Coach handbags, a golden rule of thumb to buying the real thing is to pay attention to the following:

  • The retailer you are buying from
  • The quality of the craftsmanship of the bag
  • The symmetrical stitching of the Coach bag should be present
  • The material of the hardware and interior tags
  • Coach bag lining is usually made from either quality cotton, satin, or canvas.
  • Correct details of the creed patch and serial number 
  • Accurate details of the iconic horse and buggy logo and then the brand label lettering 
  • The price

Who should have leather Coach bags?

The style most leather Coach bags are presented appeals more to affluent fashionable women who have a taste for timeless design and not an extravagant show of luxury. 

Coach prides itself in simplicity while retaining the prestige of mid-luxury. Most of its handbag designs have remained a favorite for celebrities’ collections for years. 

We have seen Jennifer Lopez, Tabby, and other top models like Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande identify with some exquisite leather Coach bags.

Premium leather is an essential material for many luxury fashion brand that produces quality bags and other ready-to-wear accessories. Not all Coach bags are made of leather, but the majority of their style feature such material.

It is one thing to invest in leather Coach bags happily; it is another to be ready to bear the maintenance cost of some of these leather types. 

So far, we have touched on where Coach leather is sourced from, how to take care of the leather material of Coach bags, as well as other things to look out for besides leather quality when buying real Coach bags.

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