Are Telfar Bags Waterproof?

Are The Telfar Bags Real Leather?

Telfar is a black-owned, non-gendered fashion brand. Unlike other fashion brands that are strategic about price and scarcity, the Telfar bag is about bag accessibility and community. The Telfar brand is 100% self-financed and usually plans its production six months before time because its bags are sold at fast rates.


Telfar bags are made of Vegan leather, which is less durable, and tend to be thinner than the original leather. This makes it more susceptible to wear, tears, and cracks. So it is safe to say that Telfar bags are not 100% waterproof. Most Telfar bags are crossbody bags that come with shoulder straps.

What Material are Telfar Bags?

Telfar bags are 100% made of Vegan leather and lined with polyester. The vegan leather is very supple, soft, and smooth when touched. However, these bags are less durable as they tend to soften over time. As a result, they take on a less structured appearance which can cause a tear, wear, or thinning of the material.


Are Telfar Bags Easy to Clean?

Telfar bags are lightweight bags that are easy to clean. You can easily remove a stain using an alcohol wipe. You don’t need to break a bank to clean your Telfar bag. Below are the procedures to clean a Telfar bag.

  • Firstly, clean the bag with cool water mixed with a mild diluted detergent. Never use bleach, or add it to the water.
  • Next, use a soft white cloth carefully removes marks or stains.
  • Please do not dry clean the bag
  • Do not wash the bag in a machine

Also, avoid using any heat sources on the bag as it can damage the soft faux leather. The same goes for the bleach. The soft faux leather is thin, and the strong effects of the bleach can penetrate the leather. Furthermore, avoid colored or dark clothes as they can stain your bags during the cleaning process. After cleaning and fully drying the bag, ensure you keep them in cotton drawstring bags to prevent any possible damage.

Are Telfar Bags Nice?

Telfar bags pride themselves on their simple, classy bags that come at relatively affordable prices. It produces its bags in mass, and it does not take time for its bag to be sold out. Their bags can be affordable even for the middle class. The idea behind this brand is community and affordability.

Are Telfar Bags Real Leather?

Telfar bags are not made from real leather; they are 100% vegan leather. They are well known for their feature straps, handles, and adaptability for both work and casual outfits. Original Telfar’s bags feature an embossed “TC” logo in three different sizes and nine different colors, including tan, dark olive white, black, and oxblood.

Are Telfar Bags Unisex?

Telfar bags are classy unisex bags that came into the limelight in2020. The styles of the bags are neither too feminine nor masculine. Both genders can carry a Telfar bag and look cute with them.


Are Telfar Bags Made in China?

Telfar bags are made in China. This is because China is the ideal location to mass-produce leather goods at an affordable price. The availability of human resources in China makes production cheaper. So it isn’t unusual to see a “Made in China” tag on the bag.

Does Telfar Bag Have Zip?

The iconic Unisex Bag is a regular companion for everyone. It features a double strap (cross-body and handles straps), an internal laptop-sized compartment with zipper closure at the back, an embossed logo, the main compartment with magnetic snap closure, and an internal pocket located in the front.

Is Telfar Sleek Mini Bag Vegan Leather?

Like the regular Telfar bags, the Telfar sleek mini bags are made in vegan leather and embossed with a logo signature “T. ” You can get the sleek mini bags for around  $150 to $257.

Where To Buy Telfar Shopping Bags?

From the comfort of your home, you can order one of the iconic tote bags with its T logo on the Telfar website. Also, they have weekly drops. To know when the bags will be available on the online platform. All you have to do is to sign for their mailing list.

You can also purchase them from Amazon however, it doesn’t take only on the marketplace as they are been sold out quickly.  Online retailers such as  Farfetch and Shopbop also sell original Telfar bags. Similarly, sign up to their mailing lists to be notified of when the bags will be available.

Due to the fact that the bags are fast selling, you may have to pay more, this is the fastest way to secure a Telfar shopping bag for purchase.


7 Ways To Tell If a Telfar Bag is Real

Due to the fact that Telfar bags are fast selling, and relatively affordable, they have been a lot of counterfeit versions online and in the marketplace. As such, you should be able to tell the difference between a real one from a fake one. Below are the top 7 ways to tell if a Telfar bag is real.

  1. Examine the Material
  2. Check out the Shape
  3. Examine the Interior logo
  4. Examine Brand tag
  5. Look out for the Logo
  6. Check out the Stitching
  7. Straps

Examine the Material

All Telfar bags are made of 100% vegan leather featuring a  synthetic twill interior.

Check out the Shape

Telfar bags have a boxy, structured silhouette. However they can vary in colors, but their shape is the same throughout.

Examine the Interior logo

An original Telfar bag features a single jacquard square logo that is attached to the back wall and is only reinforced on the sides. The upper or bottom walls do not contain any stitching, however, the upper corners contain small stitches.

Examine Brand tag

Inside every original Telfare bag, you will see an additional brand tag that states “TELFAR / EST. 2005, NYC”.


Look out for the Logo

All real Telfar bags feature a single debossed logo at the front of the bag. This logo looks similar to a diagram of a T inside a C.

Check out the Stitching

The stitching is machine-sewn at a 45-degree angle on the bottom corners.


All original Telfar bags feature two types of straps which are the double top handles and the double shoulder straps.

Are Telfar Bags Handmade?

Each piece of material is hand-sewn onto another after which it’s sewn to another piece of cloth. This helps in creating a composite layer of material. Using an industrial sewing machine, these composite layers are stitched together thereby creating highly durable bags with an artisanal feel. So Telfar bags are made from the combined process of handcraft and machine sewing.


If you are in the middle class, or you can’t afford top luxury fashion brands like Hermes, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton, you can settle for Telfar bags. Telfar bags are luxury bags made accessible and relatively cheap, so in this way, you won’t be left out of the fashion sphere. Ensure you only buy from authorized sellers listed above, to avoid getting deceived.


Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are Telfar bags made of?

Telfar bags are often made from various materials, including vegan leather, canvas, and PVC. The specific material may vary depending on the bag’s design and collection.

Can I use a Telfar bag in the rain?

While Telfar bags may have some degree of water resistance, they are not completely waterproof. It’s advisable to avoid exposing the bag to heavy rain or prolonged water exposure to prevent damage to its contents.

How do I care for my Telfar bag regarding water exposure?

If your Telfar bag gets wet, gently pat it dry with a soft cloth to remove excess water. Avoid using direct heat sources like hair dryers, as they may damage the material. Allow the bag to air dry at room temperature.

Are Telfar bags suitable for outdoor activities or beach trips?

Telfar bags are stylish and functional for everyday use but may not be the best choice for outdoor activities or beach trips where significant exposure to water is expected. Consider using a separate waterproof bag or cover to protect your Telfar bag in such situations.

Do Telfar bags have any water-resistant features?

Some Telfar bags may have water-resistant coatings or treatments, but it is essential to check the product description or label to confirm if the specific bag you’re interested in has such features.

Are there any specific Telfar bag models that offer better water resistance?

While some Telfar bags may offer better water resistance than others due to their material composition, it’s essential to refer to the product information or consult with Telfar’s official website or customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

Can I wash my Telfar bag to remove stains or dirt?

Telfar bags have specific care instructions depending on their materials. Always check the care label or guidelines provided by the manufacturer to determine if the bag is machine washable or if it requires hand cleaning.


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