Are Burberry Bags Made In China?

Is Real Burberry Made In China?

Some fashion items by the renowned brand, Burberry, are now being manufactured in the company’s factories located in China. So, yes, you could come across authentic Burberry bags that says “Made in China”


However, the majority of the items manufactured in China by the company are smaller bags and accessories. You don’t have to bat an eyebrow when you see a Burberry was made in China.

What you should be more concerned with is being able to differentiate fake from authentic because all real Burberry bags, regardless of the country where it has been made or assembled, are distinctive and stand out with certain features.


In this vein, while shopping for a new Burberry bag, you should know that handbags and other fashion pieces made by the brand are manufactured in only four countries as of 2022 which are Italy, England, Scotland, and China.

But, most Burberry items such as menswear, womenswear, and leather goods are manufactured in a factory owned by the label in Scandicci, near Florence, Italy.

Are all Burberry bags made in China?

Not all Burberry bags are made or assembled in China. The company manufactured in designated factories across the world in selected countries for territorial market expansion. However, most of the authentic Burberry bags you’ll find on the market today will most likely say “Made in China” on the metal plague of leather tag.

While the label takes pride as a British brand, most of its newer models of handbags are manufactured in China.

What you should know about Burberry bags and their country of Origin

It all started with the manufacturing of Burberry trench coat at the label’s newly purchased factory in Castleford around1972. It was a significant development that earmarked the presence of Burberry in the UK as its origin. That was then.


Today, if you visit the official Burberry website, you’ll see it stated that not everything is made in the UK. So, there should be no cause for alarm when you see other countries like Spain, the USA, or even Romania on the bag’s tag.

It is true that bags that say ‘made in China’ automatically triggers a perception of a red flag. However, the case is different with some brands like Burberry that have experienced a change in countries of origins and unusual practice of making bags in China.

For brands like these, you can’t rely totally on a ‘made in’ stamp to make or break the authenticity of your bag. You may want to channel your assessment to the bag’s year of origin, and then examine the font used for the world ‘Burberry’. (More on this shortly)

Counterfeit Burberry bags can carry any country of origin, not only China. Most fakes will have inferior quality stamps contrary to original Burberry bags that will always take pride in neat stamps and seamless calligraphy.

Comparing the craftmanship of Made-In-China Burberry bags

It is a popular argument that there is a quality gap between Burberry bags made in factories of its home origin and other countries of manufacturing such as China. How true is this?

The first port of call is that Burberry stitching will always be neat and even. This attribute runs across every authentic Burberry bag, no matter the country it was made as they all usually work in a straight line or curve that matches the shape of the bag.


Although some Burberry items are not produced inside the UK, the label is known for its quality and craftsmanship. Those who have experience with loose threads or mismatched needlework in their “Made in china’ Burberry bag probably purchased a fake.

Burberry bags made in China factors and other places across the world are identified with their polished metal and even and sturdy stitching.

If you don’t have the opportunity to see the bag in person while shopping, perhaps online, you can ask online sellers to provide close-up photos of the stitching.

Comparing prices of Made-In-China Burberry bags

Across all countries of origin where Burberry handbags are made, the price has a general range. However, some are more affordable than others due to the nature of the market in those countries where it is produced.

For example, you could pay a premium to purchase any Burberry item outside the UK. Whereas, it is more affordable when you buy it from the UK – whether the bag is pre-loved or brand new.


Generally speaking, the comparison price between made-in-China Burberry bags and other country origin revolves around the style and era the bag is from. For example, older models of Burberry bags will drop in price, especially those that were made in the early 2000s.

Made-in-China Burberry bags or otherwise, be ready to pay a higher price tag when the design is readily available and more of a recent bag, particularly if it’s a trending silhouette.

The common Burberry Stripe ECONYL Packaway Pocket Tote can set you back for around £380 as similar current Burberry handbag cut across a wide price spectrum. Burberry is considered an alternative to brands like Gucci and Prada if you don’t intend to break the bank while investing in a luxury bag.

For in-store purchase, you could get a new Burberry bag for as low as £580 and that will most likely be the bum bag available in a variety of prints and material options. On the peak, you could come across Burberry bags selling for as high as £2, 200, and that will be the Medium Quilted Monogram Lambskin TB Bag.

Note: For Burberry bags manufactures in China and other factories outside UK and Europe, you may pay a premium to buy them.


Bonus: 3 key ways to spot fake Burberry bags

Examine and compare the pattern

Burberry bags are known for either the Classic Check or the Nova Check. While the Classic Check features a tan background, The Nova Check pattern is slightly different, but it has no faded knight insignia and the background has a slight yellow undertone.

Classic Checks are presented in black, white, and red stripes of both horizontal and vertical patterns. One can also observe a pinkish hue on the red lines of the Classic Check.

Check for these patterns details on the Burberry bag you are about to cart, as anything contradictory to the standard is likely fake.

Check the Burberry Stitching

Closely examine the stitching of the Burberry bag. It is one of the accurate to spot a fake product. Original bags have stitching details that are straight, neat, even, and clean with no loose threads running from the handle to the lining details in the bag’s interior.


Look out for the interior plaques and tags…

Real Burberry bags have either metal plaque or a leather tag. Suppose the bag you are buying has a metal plaque, in that case, it should match the color of the bag’s hardware, plus an engraving reading ‘Burberry – London’ in the brand’s signature font.

Pay more attention to the font of the logo on the stamp or engraving. It is one area many counterfeiters fail at their work. Whether the bag features a metal or leather stamp, the left side of the U in Burberry and the Y are slightly wider.

While some items of the Burberry fashion brand are made in China, others are produced in the label’s factories across different countries including Italy, England, and Scotland.

Since some Burberry products are manufactured in China, you can’t use the country of origin as the core basis for your authentification. And so, should not be surprised when you see a product with a “Made in China” tag.

This is not to say that there aren’t a lot of counterfeits out there. Even with the tips shared above, it could be a tricky attempt to spot a fake Burberry bag from the original ones.

If you’re in doubt, we recomend you get in touch with an expert. Or, you can reach out to us to help you examine the Burberry bag you are about to splurge on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Burberry bags made in China?

No, not all Burberry bags are made in China. Burberry is a global luxury brand with manufacturing facilities in different countries. While some bags may be produced in China, the brand also has production centers in the United Kingdom, Italy, and other regions.

What is Burberry known for?

Burberry is renowned for its luxury fashion items, especially its iconic trench coats, distinctive check patterns, and high-quality accessories, including their stylish and sophisticated Burberry bags.

Are Burberry bags made of genuine leather?

Yes, most Burberry bags are crafted from genuine leather. The brand prioritizes premium materials, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.

Does Burberry offer a warranty for their bags?

Yes, Burberry provides a limited warranty on their bags against manufacturing defects. The warranty period may vary, so it’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

Are Burberry bags suitable for everyday use?

Yes, Burberry bags are designed with both style and functionality in mind, making them perfect for everyday use. From spacious totes to crossbody bags, you’ll find options that fit your daily needs.


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