Are Dooney And Bourke Bags Made In China?

How Can You Tell A Fake Dooney And Bourke?

Yes, Many bags and purses by Dooney and Bourke are made at the company’s factories located in China. Meanwhile, the fashion brand also assembles its bags in other countries like Italy, Puerto Rico, and the USA.


However, most of the materials and supplies to make the bag, such as the closures, leather, and metallic accessories are sourced from the United States. 

Unlike some similar designers, Dooney and Bourke have been able to push its manufacturing of bags and purses offshore. This is a drive to expand its market, reduce the cost of closing the consumer gap, and also work with a team of designers and craftsmen across these producing countries.


Hence, there is no cause for alarm when you see that a particular Dooney and Bourke bag is made in china. There is a selection of their models that carry China as the country of origin. 

The company’s bags and accessories were made in Italy until the mid-1990s when they moved to the United States. However, many of the bags sold on television through companies such as QVC and HSN are made in China. 

Is Dooney & Bourke made-in-China bags quality?

The argument over the quality of Made-in-USA versus Made-in-China will not end because almost all bags are made in China now. 

However, position differs when it comes to buying bags like Dooney and Bourke that has different production origin in the name of keeping prices down. I have seen in popular forums that when brands like this move production overseas, quality declines, and prices sky-rocket. Is that so for made-in-China D&B bags?

I used to have two Dooney and Bourke drawstring bags. One is made in the USA, the other in China. To realize an answer to this question of quality, I had to stand both bags side-by-side to see if there is any decline in quality, and here is what I observed:

  • The made-in-USA bag appears larger and has heavy leather on the sides and bottom while the made-in-China bag has a floppy cardboard bottom with leather ties on the sides.
  • The leather on the made-in-USA bag is much nicer and more substantial compared to the China bag which is as stiff as cardboard. 
  • Also, the color of the leather on the made-in-China bag did not stand the test of time.

I took this discovery to my favorite designer bag forum and, from the comments of my peers, I realized that I had bought a counterfeited made-in-Chine Dooney and Bourke Bag. 

So, I had to re-evaluate my judgment on the quality of Dooney and Bourke bags made overseas. Most times, it could be that we are comparing with a counterfeit.

Should I buy made-in-china Dooney and Bourke bags?

If you are sure that you are getting an authentic Dooney and Bourke Bag, you should not worry about it being assembled from China. 

D&B bags that say “Made in China” does not mean it is a fake handbag. Many of the newer bags of this brand are manufactured in China. 

The only conceivable place of a red flag is when you want to purchase vintage D&B handbags. These old models are expected to say “Made in the USA”. 

Dooney and Bourke is not the only fashion brand that has made a production shift (or expansion). Brands like Coach have also made the change from the USA to China.


How do I know where a Dooney and Bourke Bag was made?

When you get a D&B bag, check for the label in the bag’s interior to see where the bag was made or assembled. As mentioned earlier, authentic Dooney & Bourke bags are made only in the United States, China, Italy, and Mexico. 

For D&B bags made in the United States, the label where the bag’s details are written comes in either red, white, or blue colors, while bags made in China have black or white labels. Leather labels are used in D&B bags manufactured in countries located in Italy and Mexico.

Checking for the place of assembly of the Dooney & Bourke handbag you’re about to buy is one of the other things you need to check to ensure authenticity before shelling out cash.

How to know if a Dooney and Bourke Bag is Authentic

Aside from checking for the place of assembly, there are other things you need to take note of while shopping for a new D&B handbag to ensure you aren’t buying a fake product. These aspects include:

  • The overall quality of the handbag
  • The details on the label
  • The accessories on the bag
  • The pipping

The overall quality of the handbag

This involves evaluating the inside and outside of the bag. Original Dooney & Bourke handbags are crafted with high-quality stitching, straight lines, and no extra needle holes. There has been an increased influx of counterfeit products such that you’ll be able to recognize a fake quality when you see it.


The details on the label

Secondly, you need to examine the details on the label, and the appearance of the label itself. The label, in every authentic bag, is always positioned inside the bag. Most fake ones are usually glued on the inside. Check that the label is stitched not glued.

The accessories on the bag

For the extra accessories located on the bag such as Buckles, they should display “solid brass,” while rivets read “Dooney & Bourke.” Fake ones will usually have contradicting details. Also, the Charms included with fake Dooney and Bourke bags are attached to chains instead of leather.

The pipping

The piping is the rounded edges of the handbag, which is expected to be constructed with high-quality leather. 

Some counterfeit D&B bags will have quality piping but the stitch lines associated with the piping will be otherwise. Hence, check that there are no uneven stitch lines along the rim of the piping leather. 

Fake handbags are identified with their wobbly or asymmetric seams due to sloppy and rushed stitch lines.


Where to Buy Genuine Disney Dooney Bags

The solution to falling a victim to counterfeiters is to purchase your Disney Dooney bags directly from Disney Parks, ShopDisney, or a trusted personal shopper. 

Whether it is the Letter Carrier, White Sketch Small Satchel, or Bambi Collection, it is not always safe to get it from a reseller, or secondhand is not advised. 

Aside from the features to look out for as discussed earlier, the price can also be a telltale red flag. For instance, you could find counterfeit Disney Dooney & Bourkes selling for around $45, while the real handbags are between $180 and $200.

Meanwhile, there are many outlets of Dooney and Bourke that carry a full inventory of Dooney & Bourke merchandise, including handbags, wallets, and accessories. With the aid of Google Map, you could locate factory stores in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Florida, Delaware, Virginia, New York, Nevada, Washington, and Texas.

Authentic Dooney and Bourke handbags are only manufactured in four places in the world: the United States, China, Italy, and Mexico. While most newer models are made in China, you should expect all vintage D&B bags to say ‘Made in the USA”

The downside to buying Dooney and Bourke, however, is that there is no lifetime guarantee. While all products are built to provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment, the warranty covers just one full year of normal use.

On the brighter side, the company will repair any bag or accessory that has become damaged or worn. There will be a repair cost, but it won’t exceed half of the current retail price for that particular model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in Dooney & Bourke bags?

Dooney & Bourke bags are crafted using a variety of materials, including genuine leather, signature fabric, nylon, and coated canvas. The brand is known for its use of premium-quality materials that ensure both durability and a luxurious look.

What styles of bags does Dooney & Bourke offer?

Dooney & Bourke offers a wide range of bag styles, including totes, satchels, crossbody bags, hobo bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, and clutches. They also have collections designed for various occasions, such as casual, formal, travel, and everyday use.

How do I care for my Dooney & Bourke bag?

To care for your Dooney & Bourke bag, it’s essential to follow the brand’s guidelines and the specific care instructions provided with your bag. Generally, you should keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture, avoid contact with sharp objects, and clean it gently with a damp cloth when needed. For leather bags, using a leather conditioner periodically can help maintain its beauty and prolong its life.

Are Dooney & Bourke bags covered by a warranty?

Yes, Dooney & Bourke bags are covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period may vary based on the specific product, but it typically lasts for one year from the date of purchase. Be sure to retain your proof of purchase to avail of the warranty service if needed.

Where can I buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags?

You can purchase authentic Dooney & Bourke bags from their official website ( or their authorized retailers, which may include department stores, specialty boutiques, and certain online marketplaces. Be cautious when buying from third-party sellers to ensure authenticity.

Are Dooney & Bourke bags suitable for everyday use?

Yes, Dooney & Bourke bags are designed to be durable and functional, making them suitable for everyday use. The brand offers a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best fits your needs and preferences.


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