How To Spot A Fake Kate Spade Bag

How Do I Know If My Kate Spade Is Real?

Kate Spade bags go through a strict quality control process before being released to the market. However, like every other luxury fashion brand, Kate Spade bags have remained a prime target for counterfeiters.


The situation would have been trivial if spotting a fake designer was all about appearance or poor hardware. But, nowadays, replica Kate Spade bags are nearly perfect such that most uninformed buyers end up wasting hundreds of dollars on fake products, especially from unauthorized dealers. 

It is a good thing that you’ve taken a step further to learn how to spot a fake Kate Spade bag or purse before making a purchase.


Identifying a fake designer doesn’t take too much technicality or wit. Starting with the obvious, fake Kate Spade bags are usually identified by loose threads, uneven stitching, weird colors, poor craftsmanship, and suspicious font details on the bag’s interior label.


While these factors are the top priority of consideration when buying Kate Spade bags (or any other designer), there are other areas you shouldn’t ignore to prevent the unfortunate instance of buying counterfeit Kate Spade handbags.

Key steps to spot a fake Kate Spade bag

Step 1: Check the bag’s material

Depending on the collection, Kate Spade handbags can be made with different fabric materials. However, the fashion brand uses Saffiano leather, nylon, canvas, and suede for many of its styles.

Whatever the catch is, you want to be sure that they are flawlessly high quality, indicating authenticity. For instance, the Nylon and Canvas material have a smooth texture. Fake bags with this material will have bumps.

Step 2: Compare the Logo and Labelling

Still, on the obvious, the next area where counterfeit products can never always crack is the consistency of logo and flawless labeling details. Original kate Spade bags or purses features labels with lettering in lower case, safe from the ‘NEW YORK’, which is positioned under.


Any supposed Kate Spade bag that uses glue for its labels is fake! Original ones have their labels attached with real stitching. You also want to ensure that the logo is consistent on every side of the bag, with the appropriate spacing between the characters.

Step 3: Examine the hardware

No matter the production date, the hardware on every original Kate Spade bag or purse (mostly purses) is either silver or gold. Replica Kate Spade bags usually have unmatching hardware and will feel light. Ones in original bags may feel light, depending on whether it is engraved or not.

The real deal is that if the bag hardware does not feature a smooth, high-quality finish, it is most likely counterfeit. In addition, check that the zippers showcase the brand name. Fake ones don’t.

Step 4: Observe the stitching and lining details

Like every similar luxury fashion bag, the stitching of Kate Spade bags and purses are even and consistent, usually taking the color of the bag. In other words, aside from uneven and inconsistent stitching details, replica Kate Spade bags can also be produced with stitching that has a contrasting color.

Relative to this is the lining of Kate spade bags. At the same time, it is hard to use this as an indicator to differentiate between Original Vs. Fake Kate Spade bag, it suffices to know that genuine ones are commonly presented with nylon lining. Besides taking a different lining material, fake ones will also not be smooth or have harmonious colors with the bag.

Step 5: What about the Fabric Tags?

When buying a Kate Spade designer bag, one of the indicators to spot fake Vs. Original is the fabric tags. Unlike what we see in many replica products, the original Kate Spade bags are designed with their name embossed on leather instead of using a fabric tag. 


In this vein, it is recommended to compare the bags under review with those available on the Kate Spade website to identify the authenticity of tags.

Step 6: The country of origin matters, too!

I have discovered over the years that Counterfeiters seem to easily miss out on faking the country of origin when replicating designer bags, and this has been seen in many fake kate Spade. This detail is listed on the interior label of the bag. (Not outside, take note).

For example, the original Kate Spade bags and purses can only bear production from the USA, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Italy, Dominican Republic, China, or the Philippines.

Fake ones will have their country of origin outside these eight countries or may have their production origin from more than one country. Only original Vintage styles of Kate Spade bags, like those of the 1990s, will have a contradictory country of origin detail.

Step 7: Check the bottom of the bag/purse

Depending on the collection, Original Kate Spade handbags, especially smaller designs like purses, are known for the large metal feet integrated on the bottom of the accessory. These feet are usually pointy 14-karat light gold plated studs.


Looking out for this feature is another way to know whether the Kate Spade product is genuine or not.

P.S: Styles such as nylon Sam, Claire, Amy, Messenger bags, and diaper bags will not have this feature, even being the original.

Step 8: Think about the price.

Lastly, and perhaps ultimately, the price of the Kate Spade bag you are buying can singlehandedly convince you about the product’s authenticity. While bags made by the fashion brand are considered durable for a lifetime, they are not sold for cheap prices.

Any deal that presents a Kate Spade bag for an irrelatively low price should raise a red flag. There are authorized dealers to get affordable pricing options, but the cost will still be relatively close to the actual retail price.

In addition, unlike original Kate Spade bags, the fake ones are most likely not to come with a warranty – a two-year warranty.


Is Kate Spade fake leather?

The leather quality of Kate Spade bags is usually questioned when fake vs. Original arise. Well, the high quality of Kate Spade bags accounts for one of the many reasons why it is recommended as a must-have for any lover of durable handbags or tote.

The exterior material of many Kate Spade styles is called saffiano leather, which does a good job handling specks of dirt, water, scratch, and even the test of time.

However, for the totes bag, the designer uses materials like canvas, nylon, crosshatched leather (Saffiano leather), pebbled leather, or even Italian smooth leather.

How to secure the original Kate Spade bag?

The straightforward way to ensure you place your hands on authentic Kate Spade bags whenever you want to buy on them is by purchasing from reputable sellers and authorized dealers.

Those who end up getting scammed into buying a counterfeit bag do not purchase from renowned sellers. Going through the official Kate Spade website is sure to look for original bags.

However, you can consider authentic retailers like Farfetch, Zappos, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and even Amazon.

At these popular sources, you will be able to see an avalanche of bag style options that match your lifestyle and personality.

The bottom line in spotting a fake Kate Spade bag involves paying attention to details and not just aesthetics. These salient details include the bag’s material, label, lining, logo, hardware, fabric tags, interior label, details, and price.

Also, you should keep in mind that the fashion brand maintains just a single font style for all its bags. The font also plays a vital role in comparing the logo. Counterfeit products don’t always match in these areas.


What are the key signs that indicate a Kate Spade bag might be fake?

Several indicators can suggest a Kate Spade bag is fake, such as poor quality materials, inaccurate logo details, misspellings, and inconsistent stitching.

Are there specific parts of the bag to check for authenticity?

Yes, crucial areas to examine for authenticity include the logo, hardware, interior label, zippers, and overall craftsmanship.

How can I verify the authenticity of a Kate Spade bag online?

When buying online, ensure you are purchasing from an authorized retailer or the official Kate Spade website. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true or buy from sellers with questionable reputations.

What are common design elements that counterfeiters often get wrong?

Counterfeiters may struggle to replicate accurate logo fonts, hardware finishes, and interior lining patterns, among other design details.

Does the price of a Kate Spade bag indicate its authenticity?

Not necessarily. While authentic Kate Spade bags come with a certain price range, counterfeiters might try to mimic higher-priced designs, making it important to assess other authenticity clues.

Can I trust the authenticity of Kate Spade bags sold at flea markets or street vendors?

It’s risky to buy from unauthorized sellers, especially at flea markets or street vendors, as they may sell counterfeit goods. Stick to official stores or reputable retailers to ensure authenticity.

What should I do if I suspect a Kate Spade bag I purchased is fake?

If you believe you have bought a counterfeit bag unintentionally, try to return it to the seller. If you encounter difficulties, contact Kate Spade customer support or the relevant consumer protection authorities.

Are there online resources to help verify Kate Spade bag authenticity?

Yes, Kate Spade’s official website and reputable authentication guides can be helpful in understanding key authenticity features.

What steps can I take to avoid buying a fake Kate Spade bag?

Purchase from official Kate Spade boutiques, authorized retailers, or their website. Be cautious with online marketplaces and always research the seller’s reputation before making a purchase.

Does the packaging and labeling of a Kate Spade bag reveal its authenticity?

Authentic Kate Spade bags typically come with branded dust bags, hangtags, and proper labeling with accurate information. Counterfeit bags may have inconsistent or poor-quality packaging.


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