Are Kate Spade Bags Leather?

Are Kate Spade Products Leather?

Have you fallen in love with Kate Spade Bags? One of the first things you’d appreciate about the popular designer is its choice of material in designing its bags across all styles.


Suppose you have been searching for the right Kate Spade bag and have finally found one. Knowing whether the bag should be made with leather or not maybe the one confirmation that validates the bag’s genuine.

But are Kate Spade bags leather?


Not all Kate Spade Bags are made of leather. The American luxury fashion brand also uses other materials like calf hair, wicker, straw, canvas, and nylon to make its bag styles.

In other words, it is possible to find some Kate Spade Bags that aren’t leather, and then some feature such material. In the latter case, the bags are composed of either saffiano or cross-hatched leather.

Kate Spade Bags could also be presented in other leather types like pebbled leather or smooth Italian leather.

No matter the main material, Kate Spade uses certain types of leather for some styling details like straps, handles, trims, interior tags, and so on.

While there are just a selected number of Kate Spade bag styles that are leather, most Kate Spade purses and bags use authentic leather of different kinds.

Let’s look at how the brand uses leather material for some of its bag styles.


The types of leather used for Kate Spade bags

In most Kate Spade Bags and purses, we see the dominant use of cow-hide leather.

In addition, the brand uses Saffiano leather as its primary material. This is similar to the styling of major luxury handbags.

Saffiano leather is among the best materials to consider when shopping for bags because it is waterproof, hard to scratch, and durable.

But that is just the primary leather material used across all Kate Spade handbag styles. Other leather types include:

  • Suede
  • Pebbled leather
  • Italian leather
  • And in its recent designs, Crocodile-embossed leather or mock-croc

Where is Kate Spade leather sourced from?

Kate Spade gets the leather they use for their handbags are purses from a couple of Asian countries. Precisely, their leather is sourced from Italy.


The brand extended its production process to other countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. However, the main products of the brand manufacturers in these countries are purses and bags made of other materials aside from leather such as fabric, nylon, wicker, etc.

The calfskin, suede, Saffiano leathers used for Kate Spade bag production are mainly produced in Italy.

In connection, there has been a drastic shift over the years by the company towards using more animal-friendly and environment-friendly materials.

For example, the brand products fashion piece that is fur-free and features more natural components than one sourced from animals.

In other words, you can come across some Kate Spade bags that feature Vegan leather, but such styles aren’t Marketed as such.


Typically, Kate Spade Bags with vegan leather is composed of polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The same thing goes for its use or faux leather. While both materials are nearly identical, they are not marketed under such labels when used to make KS handbags.

Do Kate Spade leather bags and purses last?

The brand’s trademark materials are used to create bags that will serve as reliable everyday bags.

In a recent post where I compared the performance of Kate Spade leather bags with another rival brand’s, I uncovered how the durability of Kate Spade Bags, thanks to its leather material, applies more to the modern woman.

Kate Spade leather bags are constructed with high-quality and premium craftsmanship to ensure that they serve a lifetime.


This is why bags of this catalog are considered ideal for commuting women who need a reliable work bag.

How to check for original Kate Spade leather bags?

Now that you know Kate Spade doesn’t only use leather for its handbags knowing how to check for original kate spade leather bags becomes necessary.

One of the things you don’t want to ignore when inspecting the bag you are about to buy is the material and how it measures up with the brand’s reputation for high-quality products.

You also want to check for the stitching quality in the same vein. Replica KS leather bags will usually have snag stitching details that will be loose over time.

The authentication of KS leather bags also extends to the features of the bag’s hardware. Original ones do not have feet at the base. And even if they do (depending on the style), they are often small, circular, or flat.

Other areas worth looking at to detect a counterfeited Kate Spade leather bag includes:

  • The interior tags and their details
  • The font and lettering on the label
  • The details of the brand’s logo
  • Ultimately, the place where you are buying from.

Where to buy original Kate Spade leather bags

Buying a Kate Spade leather bag is a good investment. The material is very reassuring for great longevity and durability no matter the condition.

If you want to get a new, original Kate Spade Bag or add to your collection, it is ideal to go to popular online stores (if you aren’t going through their official website.)

With the influx of counterfeited KS bags in the market, only a few popular sites assure to be selling original ones. These platforms include

  1. Nordstrom
  2. Zappos
  3. Amazon
  4. Farfetch
  5. Macy’s

Among others…

How I maintain my Kate Spade leather bags

Maintaining your leather bag is not the same as with other material types. However, there is an easy routine that you can observe which applies to any other type of leather.

What I do to maintain my Kate Spade leather bag is occasionally run the exterior of the leather bag using a warm damp cloth and mild soap.

It is an easy and effective way to remove surface dirt. Please do not adopt any means to dry the water off the bag. Allow it to air dry fully.

Sometimes, I have oily and greasy patches and scars to deal with when cleaning by leather bags. In this case, I use this leather cream and a damp cloth to rub it off gently.

I usually have a dry towel around just in case there is a need to wipe down any water or soap.

Please note that the leather cream won’t work well with Kate Spade Bags with saffiano leather coating.

But the general maintenance routine will work well for any leather bag across all KS handbags styles.

Those who are not so so familiar with kate spade and want to get a real leather purse without eventually wasting money on faux ones would like to know if Kate Spade is made of real leather or not.

The bottom line is that Kate Spade uses different materials across its handbags styles, and real leather is part of these materials.

In other words, not all KS bags are made of leather. But all the styles usually feature an element of leather such as in the handle, strap, tag, etc.

Remember, some KS bags are faux or vegan leather. But many of these styles aren’t marketed as such labels.

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