Where Are Tory Burch Bags Made?

How Can You Tell If A Tory Burch Bag Is Authentic?

Tory Bruch bags were formerly made in the USA but now they are made in China. Currently, Tory Bruch bags and clothes are made in China, and their shoes are made in Brazil.

Tory Bruch is an American brand that first started production in New York. Formerly its bags feature a “Made in USA label.” However, the Tory Bruch brand was one of the first American brands to transit to China. Despite the fact that China is called the home of counterfeits, Tory Bruch has proved that quality products can be made in China, not just only in Europe and the US.

Tory Burch moved its production to China in 2011, and despite having its production done in China, it has become a globally successful brand just like Kate Spade – the only New York brand to survive that long with its production done in China.

Over the years, a number of mid-tier fashion brands are gradually transiting to China because of the cheap cost of production. To produce an item in China is cheaper than in the United States, Italy, or any part of Europe

How To Tell If A Tory Burch Bag is Original

Authentic Tory Burch bag features logo-stamped zipper pulls and clasps. The zipper pull is stamped either with the “TORY BURCH” or the double T logo written on all sides of the Zipper.


Below are the top four ways you can fully authenticate your Tory Burch bag.

  1. Check out the Texture of the Material

Tory Burch pride itself in the use of original material ranging from leather to canvas, down to nylon. The leather use is luxurious, textured, and scratch-resistant. You can easily examine the leather by touching the bag, and for an authentic bag, it should feel supple and soft.


In an authentic leather Tory Bruch bag, the leather has a fine cross-hatching pattern throughout the body. The edges have a clean casing that is visibly clean and smooth.

Another way to examine the leather is to smell it. An authentic Tory Bruch leather bag should smell natural and pleasing, unlike fake Tory Bruch bags that smell like PVC or cemented chemicals.

One of the leather commonly used for Tory Bruch bags is the Saffiano leather. Faux leather is an indicator of a fake Tory Bruch bag.  Please note that the Tory Bruch bag is never made with Faux leather.

  1. The Lining Should be Branded with the Logo

Moat authentic Tory Bruch bag makes use of nylon lining branded with the logo. Nylon is the most common material used for lining, and it is soft when touched. Also, the circular double T logos are printed throughout the bags. The T logo is printed in different shapes throughout the bag. Oftentimes, the nylon lining is consistent to the exterior color of the bag.

  1. The Tory Burch stitching Should be Straight and Evenly Spaced

Authentic Tory Burch bags feature straight-lined, uniform, and evenly stitching. The color of the stitching is consistent with the rest of the body, except in a few special bags where there is a contrast for esthetic appeal. Even in those cases, the features are consistent.

  1. The Logos and stamping should be Symmetrical

Most authentic Tory Bruch handbag features a double T logo emblem on the interior, exterior, or both. The logo is made of pure gold – Tory Bruch never used metal. The tone and size of the logo may vary, but it must all be symmetrical.


Newer Tory Bruch bags have the brand name written the upper case. And in an authentic bag, the lettering must be clear and readable.

How Much Do Tory Burch Bags Cost?

The cost of Tory Burch differs and it is dependent on the style and the material used in the bag. Most classic styles of Tory Burch go for around $500 full price, such as the popular Kira bag. You can get some for $400, an example is the Miller clutch bag. The most affordable Tory Bruch bag is retailed at around $180 at full price, which is the Ella Mini nylon tote.

The most expensive Tory Burch bag is the Lee Radziwill woven leather double bag, which goes for about $1,600. There are other several styles of Lee Radziwill bags that you can get for around $1000.

Classic styles that are harder to find are usually on the high-end side, while the most common Tory Burch bags are usually cheaper.

One exciting thing about this American brand is that you can often find discount codes and seasonal offers. During this discount or special offers, you can purchase Tory Bruch bags at a 10-20% deduction.

Also, Tory Burch also conducts the semiannual sale, which is done both online and in-store. During this period, most of the seasonal bags drop in price, as low as 50%. If you visit the outlet store to purchase it directly, you will save even more money off your Tory Burch bag. This allows you to buy your favorite bag and save more money.


Tory Burch is not a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag, as such, it does not have the capacity to retain price over a period of time. If you want to save more money while buying Tory Burch bags, you can go for second-hand ones. However, when purchasing this, ensure that you check the bag and confirm it is an authentic one.

Where Can I Purchase Discounted Tory Burch Bags?

Tory Burch has several outlet stores that regularly host sales throughout the year. To keep in date with the various online sale or promotional sales in-store, you have to sign up for their newsletters online.


One sure thing about the Tory Burch bag is that it goes on sale at the end of every season. You can also check out Amazon as they offer Tony Bruch bags at discounted prices.

Is Tory Burch a High-End Designer?

Even though Tory Burch bags go for hundreds of dollars, and even thousands of dollars to purchase, it is not a high-end designer brand like the Prada, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. It is safe to say that it is within the category of Coach and Kate Spade.

ITory Bruch is a mid-tier brand as its bags are more expensive than that of Zara. In simple terms, the Tory Bruch bag is the definition of attainable luxury.  If you want a designer-branded bag without paying much, you can settle with Tory Bruch bags. Also, Tory Bruch is durable, so you have nothing to be afraid of.


Is Tory Burch Made in the Philippines?

Tory Burch currently sources production in China, which has branches in India and the Philippines. The industries in both the Philippines and India are owned by Chinese companies in the quest of searching for lesser production costs.

Tory Bruch bag is a high-quality bag that you can easily get online or in-store. Always ensure you authenticate the bag before purchasing it. When purchasing online, ensure you go through the right channel and reliable sites. Avoid sites that offer Tony Bruch bags at ridiculously cheap prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Tory Burch bags manufactured?

Tory Burch bags are manufactured in various locations around the world to meet the demands of their global market. The company has production facilities in countries known for their skilled craftsmanship, including Italy, China, India, and the United States.

Are all Tory Burch bags made in Italy?

No, not all Tory Burch bags are made in Italy. While some of their high-end and luxury lines may be manufactured in Italy, the brand also produces bags in other countries as part of their diverse manufacturing strategy.

Are Tory Burch bags made in the USA?

Yes, some Tory Burch bags are made in the USA. The brand prides itself on supporting American manufacturing, and certain collections or limited-edition items might be produced domestically.


How can I know where a specific Tory Burch bag was made?

To find out the manufacturing origin of a particular Tory Burch bag, you can check the product tag or label inside the bag. Often, this information is printed on a small tag or label sewn into the lining or inner pocket of the bag.

Does the country of manufacture affect the quality of Tory Burch bags?

Tory Burch maintains strict quality control standards regardless of the country where the bag is produced. The brand ensures that all products meet their high-quality requirements, regardless of the manufacturing location.

Is there a difference in pricing based on the manufacturing location?

Generally, the pricing of Tory Burch bags is influenced by factors like materials, design, and brand positioning rather than the manufacturing location. However, certain limited-edition or luxury lines made in countries with higher production costs might be priced accordingly.


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