Kate Spade Bags Vs Coach Bags: Which Is Better?

Is Kate Spade More Luxury Than Coach?

Are Kate Spade bags better than Coach? This is one question that has remained on the lips of various fashionable women who consider a functional handbag and purse to be as much of a statement piece. 


While Kate Spade and Coach are both ranked top luxury fashion brands, they have individual differences, beyond price tags, that make one more preferable and recommended than the other. 

For instance, Coach bags are the best to turn to for classic and stylish aesthetics. However, Kate Spade bags tilts towards trends with the use of popping colors and designs. 


A significant difference can also be seen in the quality of each brand’s bag. The quality of Coach bags is, by far, higher than that of Kate Spade bags. 

As we progress into constructive comparisons, you will see how one fashion brand is doing better than the other, which will influence your perception and final choice. 

P.S: Keep in mind that Kate Spade became a subsidiary under Coach a few years ago which means they are the same brand. But, this review is in the context of the independence that Kate Spade still has in producing its bags

About Kate Spade bags

As an American Luxury fashion design house, Kate Spade produces bags that are produced from durable materials. And interestingly, most of its iconic new york designs, like the swan logo and classic tote, were released in their first line of products and have remained a force to reckon with ever since. 

Bags made by the fashion house have defined fashion taste that appeals to women between the ages of 25 to 44 years. It offers luxurious designer bags for women who appreciate them without having to splurge hundreds of dollars to secure one. 


Aside from being moderately priced, most Kate Spade bags (totes) are made from good materials such as canvas, nylon, Saffiano leather, or pebbled leather. 



  • Does not measure up when compared with some similar top-tier luxury bags in terms of durability. 
  • The influx of counterfeit products in the market. 

About Coach bags 

Unlike Kate spade bags, Coach bags take the approach of being both modern. Vintage and high quality. The American fashion houses have not been able to produce bags that can confidently challenge top-tier luxury fashion houses like Chanel, Louis, or Hermes, but it comes close to them. 


The reputation of Coach bags is reflected in the brand’s rich history of great design and style.

Bags made by Coach are also considered a better investment because you can purchase them for a great price, use them for a few years, and resell them for about the same price you initially bought them. 

Thriving well in the mid-range luxury brand, Coach bags are made with high-grade leather, and that is what makes its styles stick out from the crowd. 

The quality of Coach handbags, coupled with the high level of skilled craftsmanship put into the manufacturing process, makes the bag a good contender with top-tier luxury fashion brands.


For example, Styles like the Coach Shay Bag, Coach Willow Bag, and even the Coach Tabby Bag have been doing well in the fashion and accessories market since the date of release.


  • Coach bags are simple, classic, and easily suits most outfit ideas 
  • It has a remarkable solid design backed by the brand’s reputation 
  • Significantly classic among its peers
  • Boasts of high-quality leather. 


  • Most coach bags require high maintenance 
  • High price tags compared to other mid-range luxury brands. 

Similarities between Kate Spade bags and Coach bags 

Most of the similarities between bags made by the two fashion houses revolve around their performance and position on the scale of the American designer bags market. 

  1. For instance, both Kate spade and coach bags have earned their position in the hands of celebrities, influencers, and the general public. 
  2. Both brands have sold retail locations and outlets everywhere where their quality handbags are sold. 
  3. They both have their fair share in the battle against the influx of replica/fake bags in the market. 
  4. Kate Spade and Coach are among the common brands that come to mind when one wants to spend on luxurious designer handbags. 
  5. Bags produced by both brands do not showcase an extravagant display of the brand’s logo or unique components. However, Coach does more in the area of simplicity while receiving luxury. 

Comparing Kate Spade bags Vs. Coach bags 

Let’s get down to the head-to-head comparison of both brands’ bags across various significant viewpoints. 


Bags of Kate spade and Coach brand have two contrasting approaches to styling. For many people, this is all that should settle the matter. 

Kate Spade bags have a special sense of style such that they feature different colors, designs, and unusual features that separate them from the traditional black and brown bags or purses. 


This makes it better to catch young fashionable women who like designer bags. It is more like a colorful accessory that can be outfit-selective. 

On the other hand, Coach handbags prefer to keep it basic, classic. That is why its style is much preferred by affluent older women. 

Material quality 

The quality of material used in producing Kate Spade bags and Coach bags reflects another wide advancement of bags. 

For instance, Kate Spade uses durable leather and materials to make its bags, but these materials are not as luxurious as the ones used by Coach.

It is a telltale difference when you touch each bag to feel the utmost quality. 


Most recognized reviews opine that Coach bags and purses outlast those made by Kate spade because of the quality materials. 

Be that as it may, Coach bags require higher maintenance costs because of the various conditions that these high-quality leather need to be kept. 


Generally speaking, bags from both brands can be classified under those that last long. However, when durability is prioritized as a factor of purchase, Coach’s becomes the prime. 

This is not only because most of its designs are made of durable and soft leathers with good-quality, but also because the outstanding and consistent hardware can not be compared with that of Kate Spade. 

The durability and quality of the material are what sell every Coach brand. 

Kate Spade Bags are durable but do not measure up to that of Coach’s when closely examined. 


In most comparisons of luxury fashion brands and their product, it is the reputation of the brand that usually draws the line. 

Where style, material, and durability seem to still be a difficult consideration, the reputation and image of the brand can settle the matter. 

Coach has been around for much longer than Kate Spade. But even with the age gap, the image of Kate spade’s bags targets a wider audience, especially younger ladies in a more playful styling approach.

Meanwhile, Coach bags carry the reputation of a long-established brand, effortlessly exuding standards. 


Lastly, the price is among the major factors that change the perspective of fashionistas towards a particular brand and its product. 

Coach Purses and bags cost more than those of  Kate Spade. On average, you can get an Original Coach bag between the price of  $100 and $1,000, whereas Kate Spade bag pricing is between $100 to $500. 

There is an advantage of affordability when Kate Spade bags are considered, allowing you to buy as many colors that will match each of your outfits. With that same amount, you will only need to purchase a single Coach Handbag that will go with every outfit.

We have run through the performance of both Kate Spade and Coach bags in areas of style, design, material quality, durability, and price. At this point, it is quite certain that you must have preferred one from the other as per your lifestyle. 

If it was left to me, I’d recommend that you go for Coach Bags. Aside from being the best in high-quality materials, Coach bags have a strong reputation to justify the cost you will be splurging for luxury. 

On affordability, Kate Spade bags are more economically friendly than Coach’s. But hey, every dollar saved is a dollar to be spent another day. 

So, splurge on the best. 

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