Ted Baker Vs. Kate Spade Bags: Which is Better?

Is Ted Baker bags good quality?

Ted Baker and Kate spade are two exceptionally fashionable and luxury brands that offer a gamut of handbag collections to complement any outfit. 


When picking a brand to buy from, those who prioritize quality would find it conflicting to choose between the two UK-originated fashion powerhouses.

While both brands produce bags that have amazing quality to last for years without looking tired, the striking difference between them can be spotted in their image (brand reputation), cost, style, and how well they measure up to detailing and finishing touches.


Every fashion-forward fashionista can easily get torn between both brands, especially when the main focus is on aesthetics. They seem to have subtle logo designs that balance the overall glory and beautiful quality.

But, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain brand though, so we shall dive deeper into the differences, similarities, and comparisons of Ted baker and Kate spade bags across various viewpoints to arrive at a final verdict on which of the two brands is worth splurging on.

About Ted Baker bags

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands in the UK, Ted Baker boasts collections that had experienced tremendous growth since its first launch as a menswear brand in 1987.

Since then, the brand has metamorphosed into a manufacturer of high-quality bags that can be categorized under the affordable luxury group of global standards, offering designs that suit both men and women alike.

Most Ted baker handbag styles are silk, cotton, synthetic fibers, wool, or blends. In comparison, the production of its purses is sourced from different countries, including Bulgaria, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, among others.


Aside from the amazing quality, Ted baker bags are considered to have outdone themselves in terms of detailing and finishing touches. 

This is exemplified in popular styles the Maisyy Bow Circle Lock Shoulder and the phenomenal Satinii Mini Grain Bow Coin Purse, which is my favorite of all their collections.


  • Remarkably, all their designs have a nice appeal
  • They are made with decent quality 
  • Ted Baker takes an extra badge on Color coordination for their bags
  • Most of their styles are light to carry
  • It goes well with formal and casual attire


  • Ted Baker can do better in the packaging of their bags when delivered.
  • There is usually criticism about the fewer compartment in many of their bag styles
  • Depending on the style, TB bags aren’t stained proof

About Kate Spade bags

A staple attribute that can be seen in every Kate Spade bag is the mission to be stylishly practical. They are made to be reliable everyday bags, produced with high-end leather to make them stain- and waterproof.

However, unlike Ted Baker, Kate Spade bags are long-lasting when properly taken care of! While the bags are top quality, they do not measure up, which is compensation for the accessible price they are sold for. 

In other words, the not-so-great craftmanship of the typical Kate Spade bag is the sacrifice for its affordable price as a “luxury” bag.

Nevertheless, most of its designs appeal more to the preppy-ish people who prefer timeless bags and won’t go out of style by the next season. This is why the target market for Kate Spade is fashion women aged between 25-44.



  • Lots of color and styles
  • Low maintenance
  • Weatherproof
  • Lower Cost


  • Not as durable

Similarities between Ted Baker and Kate Spade bags

There are many reasons to like Kate Spade bags, and most of these reasons account for why you’d probably fall in love with Ted Baker bags. For example, If you like Kate Spade’s City Backpack, you will like Ted Baker’s Naome Backpack.

Now, that is an area of similarity.

Pointing out the areas at which both brand intercepts in their bag production lines can help formulate your decision on which of them suit your style and fashion sensitivity best.

1. Both Ted baker and Kate spade bags are known for being stylish yet practical handbags that can be worn every day.

2. The price range of both bags puts them under affordable luxury as most designs range from $60 to $300.


3. The logo placement and branding details of both brands on their handbags are similar because the details are minimal but cool, allowing for a clear display of their overall aesthetics.

4. Both brands are similar because they are ideal substitutes for one another without missing out on salient benefits. You are spoilt with more color and style choices except for Kate Spade bags.

5. There seem to be more gender-specific production lines in Kate spade bags (feminine), just like Ted Baker. Only that the latter also extends its production tentacles to menswear – its very founding foundation.

Comparing Ted Baker bags Vs. Kate Spade bags

Let’s get down to the head-to-head comparison across various viewpoints worthy of consideration.


Aside from price, Quality is the factor that draws a clear line between Ted Baker and Kate spade bags. The craftsmanship of most KS styles is lesser than what we see in Ted Baker handbags. The latter goes the extra mile in ensuring excellent detailing.


While both brands’ bags are sturdy but not bulky, it is safe to award this round to Ted baker, and this is very evident.

In terms of longevity (which is determined by the quality), both bags seem to do a good job of lasting without looking tired. Thanks to their high-quality leather.

Aesthetic Appeal

Kate Spade bag loyalists are spoilt with a wide range of color and style choices that will suit any outfit. The aesthetics are similar to Ted Baker in the simplicity of design, logo & monogram placement, and branding. 

However, Kate spade does it better in appealing to fashionable young women who love bright, quirky colors. On the other hand, Ted Baker does this but not as much as its counterpart. Nevertheless, it is a good thing that we see more of men’s fashionable cross and handbags in the TB collection than in Kate Spade.

Interior details Quality

Both brands do a good job in their stitching, lining, and quality of interior tags that serve as a point of authentification. The quality of their interior is great for their price category of affordable luxury. 


However, ted baker does it better. Kate Spade would have had the edge over TB in this category, but it had to be reduced for the affordability – so it seems.

Bag Weight

In terms of bag weight, it would be a draw. You won’t go wrong by choosing either Ted Baker or Kate Spade bags if you prioritize bag weight. Across various styles, both brands ensure that their bags do not strain buyers’ shoulders.

Even their big-sized totes do not weigh much. Sturdy but not bulky.

Price tags

Price is the number #1 factor that sets both brands apart. But not too far from each other because both brands join together is nothing close to top-tier luxury bags like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and the likes.

However, in terms of better affordability, Kate Spade takes the floor. They are known for offering well-made bags that do not cost a fortune. Ted baker’s price tags can still make you bat an eyebrow depending on your precious budget.

However, if your budget is placed before everything else, Kate spade is the right brand to turn to.

Ted baker Vs Kate spade bags? Pheew! It is quite a difficult buying decision. 

This is basically because there are not so many advancement gaps between both brands and the production of their bags across all conceivable viewpoints of purchase.

But with what we have seen so far, having placed bags made by both brands side by side…

If you are torn between Ted Baker and Kate Spade bags, I recommend going for Kate Spade bags. They are reasonably priced, have a wide range of color and style options, last long, and have a stronger reputation. 

Although they may not be better than Ted baker in terms of interior detailing, Kate spade bags boast longevity across all specifications.

On second thought, if the budget is not focal, you can indulge in Ted baker bags – Still, as an alternative, I’d opine.


What are the main differences between Ted Baker and Kate Spade bags?

Here are some of the main differences between Ted Baker and Kate Spade bags: 1. Brand Aesthetics; 2. Design Philosophy; 3. Target Audience; 4. Price Range;

Are there specific features that set Ted Baker and Kate Spade bags apart in terms of functionality?

Ted Baker and Kate Spade bags may have some differences in terms of functionality, but keep in mind that specific features can vary with each bag collection or model.

Is Ted Baker or Kate Spade known for better quality materials in their bags?

Both Ted Baker and Kate Spade are reputable fashion brands known for offering good quality products, including bags. However, their approach to materials and craftsmanship may differ, and there might be variations within each brand’s bag collections. It’s essential to keep in mind that quality can vary depending on the specific bag model, price point, and manufacturing practices.

Do Ted Baker or Kate Spade offer limited edition or seasonal collections for their bags?

Both Ted Baker and Kate Spade have been known to offer limited edition or seasonal collections for their bags. These special collections often feature unique designs, exclusive patterns, or collaborations with artists or other brands, making them highly sought-after among fashion enthusiasts.


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